Review Music, bmws top seller of the x3 has long been a fantastic machine, and now the era of electrification is upon us and ignoring the quirky i3, its the first mainstream model to get the full electric experience here in australia as the ix3, and i have to Say its a hell of a start Music on the outside the ix3 looks a lot like the x3 in which its based same body proportions same lines and overall, pretty much the same exact shell, but all with a little bit of eco flare. Take the shutoff grille on the front, for instance, and the m sport pieces, which a little bit more aero friendly underneath this body shelf, though, is a completely reworked system. Theres, a nice big battery pack down low electric motor out back and bmw, says still all the ultimate driving machine flare. So how is the bmw on the road? Well, as i said, bmw says its the ultimate driving machine dna stuck about, and i think it very much is, on the day to day life its a typical x3 it same size on x3 based on the x3. It feels very much like an x3, perhaps an even more buttoned down and sharper x3, but well get there for a second, and it feels its a great place to be because its electric, its quiet and its done a really good job of noise insulation in this Car, so even at highway speeds theres, not a ton of noise about you do have that hans zimmer, sort of motor noise that gets pumped into the cabin to kind of give you a sensation of speed, which is pretty cool and its much louder in sport mode And you have three settings on this car, so you have sport, which obviously gives more electronic response from the motor and the steering weights up a little bit.

Thats pretty easy going. You have eco pro, which is pretty much eco probe, just conserves as much battery as possible takes the climate down a little bit limits, your your throttle response and you have comfort, which is just kind of like a normal setting and comforts a nice. Well rounded piece. I normally drive this thing in sport because i like the response from the motor and overall, even a sport, around town, its a great car. You also have the ability to put the system into b mode on the transmission, which basically means you have a much much harsher regenerative braking system pretty much as soon as you lift off the pedal. The regenerative braking kicks in really hard and it creates a one pedal driving experience. Ive done that a couple of times now and its actually quite intuitive, but i find that i dont need it, because this car has adaptive ridge end of braking. So the camera out front, along with the gps system, knows when youre at a junction – or you know, behind a car in front of you. Thats, breaking and itll actually engage the regent of brake system, smartly to slow the car down faster and kind of give you that one pedal feel its a little bit smoother than just the you know, really harsh regen mode. So its actually my preferred piece and you can set how how sensitive that is within the idrive so day to day living brilliant car, a fantastic all rounder you get around 400 ks of range is what weve seen out of it this week and i dont drive Them nicely i dont drive for eco.

I drive it as if i was driving my own car, which at the moment is an i 20 in so it doesnt get an easy life when theyre in my hands press cards, but they say its rated to 100 or 460 ks, which i think is a Little bit optimistic as the wltp cycle tends to be, but overall i think its a good piece. You do have the option for dc fast charging, so you can go 20 to 80 in about 40 minutes on this car, and with this from bmw, you get a few years of charge fox membership as well. So you can use any charge fox point around australia, which is actually a pretty good deal price, wise youre, looking at about 114 000 before on roads, which undercuts most of its competitors by nearly 20 grand, and the range is a couple of ks. More than most of its competitors as well so overall, a really good package. Now, if you dial it back to dynamics thats where i think the ix3 really shines, yes, its heavy its over 2100 kilos of car sitting here, thats, mostly down to the battery packs, which sits super low in this platform, bmw kind of future proofed the x3 platform For this ix 3, you have a real rear wheel, drive engine rather with an e def on it, so it can actually shuffle power a little bit and a nice set ratio steering in the front and because you dont have a lump of aluminum and iron sitting Out over the front axle or sitting above the front axle, the car actually feels really light in the hands and the steering gives you quite a bit of feedback.

Now ive chucked this ix 3 about a little bit and i have to say i think it handles significantly better than a stock x3, mainly due to that weight. Being nice and low in the center of gravity being low and its not on those stupid run flat. Tires its actually got a great great chassis underneath it and you can feel it and then you add on the fact that its rear wheel, drive the the weight is really well managed, with good dampers a little bit stiffer than x3, but not too crazy. And you get a machine thats actually able to play with you. If you know what youre doing you can kind of coax it into a little bit of moving about lets, say, and i think it drives just as good as a 330 3 series. Bmw, i think it drives just as good as a 340. and thats high praise for a car thats twice as tall, and this is a very tall i should be. This is a family, hauling machine. You can put the kids and the dogs in the back and it feels like a three series in the hands. This is what an electric car or electric suv should feel like something thats athletic and easy to live with and enjoyable, and it actually engages you even with that. Hans zimmer, you know funky noise and it makes touch. I actually quite like, sounds like a spaceship to me. It engages you the all the right way and i have to say out of all the suvs in this class that weve driven.

This is probably my favorite that includes petrol suvs. Now we have a couple of high performance suvs coming down the pipe which you know are my cup of tea, but i have to say, bang for buck quality driving experience, theres no suvs at 150 000. That are electric that you know feel this good in the hands. I think – and i think this is an absolute winner from bmw and i hate that were getting it a year late because of covid, because now the ix is here and the i4 here and they just look and feel you know a leap ahead. But this is a fantastic suv, so if youve got 114 grand plus on road sitting around, i want to go check out an suv that you can actually enjoy and drive like a normal x3. You got ta go travel on these because this feels fabulous Music. So i was the interior on the ix3. Well, luckily, its a lot like the x3 in here, in fact its pretty much exactly the same, which means you have the bmw, family, interior, the super high quality of materials that were used to from bmw a nice big chunky m sport wheel. The full digital drivers display heads up display nice big screen for the idrive, which includes gesture control, as well as wireless carplay and android, auto download a couple of cup holders and a wireless charging pad for all your electronics. And then you have your drive modes here.

In the middle, you also have all this really cool part tech, which includes a 3d screen around the car front. Cameras, rear cameras, complete visibility around the vehicle itself. It will park itself completely without touching the accelerator or steering, as well as the full reverse assistance. Beyond that, you have all these lovely electric blue touches, which are kind of denoting the fact that this is, in fact an electric bmw and, if you werent sure, to begin with, it also makes a really cool noise when youre driving, which was tuned by hans zimmer Himself, the oscar winning composer, its not quite lion king, but its still pretty neat Music, so theres a back seat in the ix3 well as before its just like an x3, so theres plenty of space, plenty of knee and shoulder room plenty of headroom nice views out. Thanks to this massive roof, your own zone of climate, a couple of usbc points, beautiful materials, including speakers for the harman kardon nice comfortable seats, which were adjustable uh in rake as well, but not quite just sport in the front, which is fine plenty of space. But you do have cup holders and a nice cubby just in case you need some extra storage and overall beautiful place, Music, so hows the boot in the back of the ix3 well lucky for us its based on an x3. So you get a nice big electric tailgate and a nice low load floor, so you can get things in and out.

You can sit on the back and watch your game, get the dogs in nice and easy as well on the inside its plenty of room for luggage or baggage or whatever you may need, including trips to bunnings and or ikea plus. The seats do fold down flat. Now, the only downside is the fact that you dont have any storage under the load floor, or at least its not as much as the normal x3. But you do have a little compartment here in the back for storing your chargers and a first aid kit. To maybe some other small items, but overall the boots, nice and big and quite practical Music, so whats, the top bottoms and final verdict on the 2022 bmw ix3 well on the bottom are a few niggly things. One is the fact that you dont have any storage out front in what would be the front because thats, where all electronic major components are thanks to the fact thats, where the engine would be in the normal x3. Charging capabilities are a little bit hit and miss because we dont have all the infrastructure here in australia. So if you can charge at home or at work, that makes it great, but finding a charge fox charge point can be a little bit tricky beyond that. The car feels a little bit dated because the ix and the i4 are here from bmw and theyre a significant step ahead, but this ix3 is still quite special, so whats on top for the ix3.

Well, to begin with, you have all the fantastic electric, smoothness and refinement of this system, which means its quiet, easy to live with, and super relaxing to drive on top of that, its really responsive thanks to that electric motor, and it feels just as good as bmws, Legendary 3 series: on top of that, you also get the added bonus of this being based on the x3. So you get most of the x3 practicality, a very nice suv and its cheaper than most the competition about 20 grand less than mercedes or audi equivalent, and it has a little bit more range in them on the wltp cycle and ive seen about 400ks out of It and i drive a little bit aggressively so overall, a fantastic package so thats. My final verdict on the 2022 bmw ix3 was taken our favorite bavarian suv and gave it even more refinement. So if you want something with the normal practicality of a premium suv, but the smoothness of the electric revolution and you dont want to miss out on the ultimate driving machine, you had to check out the ix3 Music. Oh im gon na play with this.