The mx30 is a 35.5 kilowatt power battery. Its got 143 horsepower and torque comes in at 200 foot pound and its got a one. Speed transmission and its front wheel drive only peculiar at first, but if mazda launched their first ev that only has 161 kilometers of range with an all wheel drive system, the cost goes up, the weight goes up and then your range goes down level, 1 level, 2 And level 3 are available. Now all these figures are going to be the 20 to 80 range. So, on a level one charger, which is what you have at home, you plug your microwave, your air fryer, your guitar amp in my case, send them its 13 hours and 40 minutes. If you find a level 2 charger, which is what you can get installed in your home and the majority of public charging stations, that number goes down to two hours and 50 minutes and if youre fortunate enough to find a level three charger, the 20 to 80 Range is only 36 minutes on the road. The mx30 fares very well. It still has that initial burst of torque that all evs have but its not nearly as quick off the line as some of its competitors, its brisk, but not fast and mazda. Hasnt designed this to be a fast car twists and turns and cornering, are done pretty well its a lower car lower center of gravity. The batteries are in the floorboards, so you still have that impressive driving dynamic.

That mazda is known for just a bit of a different version here with an eevee compared to all of their other non ev offerings. Mazda has five levels of regen power here and theyre controlled by the paddle shifters attached to the steering wheel default setting is three which is right in the middle, so you get a little bit of resistance, but not too much that its gon na slow you down. As quick as it would be on level five, if you click your paddle shifter on the right twice its no resistance mode, and if my foot comes off the accelerator, theres, no tug, theres, no pull and the mazda mx30 will just keep coasting. And if i bring that down to level two get a little bit of tug on the flip side, if i use my left hand to pull on my left, paddle shifter, all the way down to five. There is a very noticeable reduction in speed now interesting. To note there is no one pedal driving here, so you could hold down that left paddle all you want. It will not bring the mx30 to a full stop, and i know some other evs do have that option. That is not available here, at least not right. Now, what i dont like is the new hvac system, its a 7.5 inch screen and its set way low down just in front of the gear selector. Yes, there are hard touch buttons, but every other mazda has it just below the vents you dont have to look.

You just know where things are, but here, if i want to put my heated seat on, if i want to put my heated steering wheel on. If i want to change the air direction and whatnot ive got to look down eyes off the road for a moment and then back up, i worry that this is going to be the future design language of other mazdas. I hope its not but well see the infotainment while i wish it had. A touch screen option is fairly easy to navigate through the rotary dial. Not a lot of menus to dig through mazda has made it fairly straightforward. So i dont mind that being a carryover as well looking at the dashboard i wish mazda would have given me a full digital dash. Instead of a digital hvac system, we have two analog dials, really easy to read in typical mazda form. You get that large screen in the middle. You always have your percentage of battery life left your kilometer range left and a few other relevant and important pieces of information. The materials used on the inside of the mx 30 are pretty interesting. Well start with the cork and if youre wondering why theres cork here well in 1920, mazda started off as a cork company and its paying homage to themselves. There are some cork inserts here from the tops of the cup holder lids to the storage cubby, just beneath the floating console and on the top gt trim.

You have it on the inside of the door panels. Speaking of the door panels made out of recycled plastic cool move there and the seats, which are very, very comfortable, have 20 percent of recycled thread. With the seats up, you have 431 liters of cargo space and if you fold the rear seats down, youve got 1050. Pretty respectable now the rear seats not the most spacious, its still Music manageable. If you want to sit in there, i dont know how long i would sit in there, for i think id be good for maybe half an hour, but i could not sit behind myself. Definitely an urban vehicle for a single person. Maybe a couple sure you could maybe squeeze a couple of kids in the rear or some very tolerant adults, but primarily this is going to be for two passengers, its their first dipping of the proverbial toes into the ev pool and theyve made this so its scalable. So i know theres only 161 kilometers of range. I know that almost every other competitor has much more nazda has made this so that they can scale up with it, and i think next year, theyll have something with either a rage, extender or a larger battery, or some way of upping 161 kilometers of range and Its not just going to be an mx30 theyll scale up in different models, as well as the world races towards electrification of their vehicles. Mazda just cant sit back and go.

Oh, we have an mx30. The reason the mx30 holds such importance for mazda as a brand is because it sets the stage for future plans taking a look at the exterior, its still a mazda from the front end, its not quite the same as their existing design, language and youll notice. Its a little more chiseled, a little more refined but still has masters design elements in it wheels, look pretty good, nothing, overly fancy about them and we go around to the rear and you get mazdas signature lighting and the top trim gt looks pretty sharp mazdas. Still a premium brand and i like that they havent gone overboard in designing their first eev lets, get into why mazda does not deserve all the criticism theyre getting for the mx 30 mazda, never intended this to be anyones primary car or only car mazdas meant this To be your second car, your city, car, your urban car, your run around town car. This is not a road trip car by any means, and a lot of people are really drawn to well. Its only got 161 kilometers of range, whereas the kona and the soul and the ionic 5 and the id4, and all of these other ev offerings have range that are at least double, if not more, of what the mx 30 has. But maz has never pulled any punches. That theyve never said this is the be all and end all of evs and when anything new comes to market in any kind of industry, its not going to be the latest greatest biggest and best – and i think mazdas approach here is a smart one.

Start off small, get ourselves into the ev market, get a better sense of what our customers want and then do the scalable architecture to create a longer amount of range through a different amount of vehicles. As it says, the average canadian drive is about 40 kilometers every day, theres, some plus minus there, depending on your lifestyle. What you do, if youre doing, errands all the time youre doing a lot of driving, but lets go with that average of 40 kilometers. With that, you could probably get three solid drives in before you have to recharge the vehicle in an urban dwelling, whether its a downtown metropolis like mississauga or toronto, or any other big city where there are readily available charging stations close to where you live. The mx 30 makes sense if you live in canada and you want an mx 30. You have to live in british columbia or quebec to get one. The reason mazda decided to launch there is, in 2020, 75 of all evs sold in the country were sold in those two provinces, so mazda thought well lets go to where the highest amount of consumption is for evs. The mx 30 comes in two trims theres, the gs which is 42150 and then theres. The higher trim gt, which comes in at 47, 150 and some of the highlights. There include a sunroof folding mirrors. You get a 360 degree camera you have traffic jam, assist you get the bose upgraded audio system.

Mazdas mx30 is a strong and smart choice for them to enter the ev world. Theyre not trying to be everything to everyone, and this is certainly not meant to be a primary vehicle, its meant to be a secondary vehicle and for those who are current mazda customers. Mass is hoping that theyll jump over into the eevee world through this for driving. God c im jay kanna for more news, reviews and information.