The address for the showroom will be given as it is as usual in the description go check it out, and you have already seen the thumbnail. So you know about which card im going to talk so lets get started without any further ado with the intro Music Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Music, Music, so Music, so guys this is the only zs ev. This is the car key. It gets a mg logo at the back and lock unlock and boot release. Button lets unlock the car, so this is the front profile as soon as you unlock the car. The headlamps gets turned on, and these are the drls, which is also the indicator. Its a very cool unit fully led moving down. It gets no fog lamp because these are all weather headlamps and these are real air intakes. I mean the real air intake grooves for better aerodynamics and also to cool the tires. During long rides, it gets a silvery finish along with the piano black element. This is the full fiber finish with no grooves at all. It gets the front camera here mg logo, and this is the place where youll find your electric charging point. This is the battery level for the car lets close this one. The look is fully carried away. I mean taken from the aster, of course, its a really very great looking car. It has got a hell lot of character lines as its evident moving on on the bonnet.

It gets one and two character lines which kind of merges with the front profile of the car, and the headlamps also does gets a character line which again gets merged with the front profile, its a very, very great looking car. It has got the sensors up there and also a sensor below for your adas system. That was pretty much everything and one more interesting fact or thing about this. Car is like the wiper. Washers are kind of hidden here, so its not visible. That was pretty much everything over the front profile and now lets switch towards the side profile. This is the side profile of the car, starting with the wheels. These are not alloy veins. These are a plastic finish, of course, its just a wheel cap for better aerodynamics, and it gets plastic wheel arches to enhance the look and another cataline to enhance the look as well. You get the electric badging on the cheek of the car talking about the or vms. This is the indicator which is integrated and at the bottom it also gets a camera for 360 degree view, and it also gets a window lining in the bottom, in chrome, for better elegance and then the c pillar. I mean the b pillar is blacked out. Of course, the a and c pillar are not. It gets a functional roof rail as well. The chrome handles i mean the door handles are in both chrome and body, color combination.

It gets a request sensor as well. There you go moving down, it gets a side. Cladding in silver finish as well: there you go if you can see yep now its visible Music mg logo in the wheels. Now that the wheel caps, it gets a character line which runs like this and gets merged on another character line which completely comes in the front and gets merged with the headlamps, its a very, very good design from mg. This is the side profile at a glance and now lets move towards the rear profile of the car. So this is the rear profile of the car. You guys, Music. It gets the zs ev badging your internet inside badging mg logo, which is also the lock for your boot. I mean full lever talking about the amenities it gets. A high mount stop lamp, a shock, pin antenna defogger and a wiper a fully led tail lamp setup at the bottom. It gets your reflectors and rear fog lamps. Of course it gets your rear parking sensors along with the camera. Again, the same design is carried away. I mean carried on here as well as a design which includes silver, finish and glossy black element as well, and now lets open the boot ill open the boot with the key there you go, the boot is so this is the boot space you guys it gets A boot lamp it gets space to keep your belongings here as well, which is pretty deep by the way.

This is the charger which is provided by the company ill. Show you one. Second, there you go. This is a traditional wall charger you can just plug it. In your pluck point, lets keep this aside ill fix it later on. It gets a huge deep space here to keep your belongings same goes for this side as well, and also it gets a spare wheel along with the tool kits. The seat is 60 40 ratio. Split is its its splitted in 60 40 ratio, so you can flip it for more boot space, so that was pretty much. Everything now lets close the boot and lets go inside of this car. So here i am going inside the car. This is the drivers side, door layout, lock, unlock button, your pull lever to open the door silver finish. This is a carbon fiber leather kind of finish with red stitches window controls grab andrew and this part is soft touch at the bottom. It gets your bottle holder and you can also store an umbrella if you want to. This is the speaker, and this is the interior at a glance. This is a fully electrically adjusted seat. It gets everything along with height and all everything is electrically adjusted. It doesnt get any under thigh support, so anyways now lets get inside. So here i am inside this car, its a really gorgeous setup from mg. This is the leather wrapped steering wheel with red stitches, which gives a sporty feeling.

These are the light controls on the left side. It also obviously gets automatic lights. These are the wiper controls by the way guys. I forgot to mention one thing that this this car also comes with cruise control and the controls are given at the down at the bottom here, which is very interesting at the bottom. It gets the odd vm adjustment controls. This is the headlight leveler ac vent, which kind of is a really great finish like this. You can turn it off completely, and this is fully rotatable. There is a fully digital instrument cluster. Your start stop button. This is the infotainment system which supports apple carplay and android auto. These are the controls for that, along with the ac controls, home volume up down ac on off and everything is the controls are given here. It gets one usb type c and one usb type, a socket for your apple, carplay and android auto. This is your wireless card. I mean wireless mobile charger, 12 volt power socket. This is the gear lever which has your reverse, neutral and drive really, and this is the park button. These are, this is the mode selection button. This is the battery options and this is the kers button. This is the automatic handbrake button. This is the auto hold button. This is the two cup holder and its also, you can store your key here, and this cover is kind of nice. This openable armrest, which is pretty deep in Music.

This is the glove box. It is very good in size, so you can turn off the passenger airbag from there. I suggest you dont, auto dimming rear view, mirror few signs your sunroof control and like cabin light control. Your sos button, sun visor with vanity mirror, but no light same, goes for the core passenger side. The roof lining is very luxurious. Music and now lets turn on the car Music. There you go, the car is turned on so thats my phone getting charged there since its a wireless charging pack. The dashboard of the car is really very good. It gets soft touch, material, soft touch, material here, kind of that leather texture, again, leather wrap. This is hard plastic, it also gets hard plastic up there. This is soft touch pretty much everywhere. Where you will touch or your feet will touch, you will feel soft touch, but this is an hot plastic. This is again leather wrapped. The build quality is really very good. This one its an awesome front interior, so the steering wheel is of course adjustable for only tilt. No telescopic adjustments are given whatsoever, so there you can see apple carplay, android auto. This is the 360 degree view button ill. Just show you there, you go be happy for every moment. Yeah, you should be happy for every moment. This is the 3d view and thats kind of a nice thing. You can just tap it and it will show every corner of the car.

This is really awesome. I love it. Lets switch it to 2d and you can literally, you can see. Whichever part you want to thats nice lets close this, so that was pretty much everything about the front profile and these seats are really very comfortable. It holds me in a very good posture and since it gets a plenty amount of adjustments like the as you can see, im going down and ill come up its kind of a very playful thing anyways. So it gets a plenty amount of adjustments. So it kind of holds me in a very good position. I love these seats and so now lets go towards the rear seats. These are the pedals for the car. It gets a proper dead paddle as well. So here i am going inside the rear seats. The layout is more of the same, so nothing to explain this is the bottle holder. You can also keep an umbrella. This is the interior at a glance and now lets get inside. These seats are really uplifted. I mean its really upright, so you get a very good sitting position: ac vents for the rear passengers as well, one usb type, a and type c software to charge your mobile phone. Your magazine holders, in both the seats a center armrest with two cup holders, three individual headrests for better comfort, isofix child seat mounts – are also present. These seats are also very comfortable, so i can literally go for any kind of a long trip in this car and since this full panoramic sunroof is present.

So lighting in the cabin is not an issue ill show you how this thing actually opens and how much air can come in in a moment. So that was pretty much everything about the your seating arrangement in the rear and it also gets uh im. So sorry, it also gets a quarter glass for better lighting um. To be very honest. After this, that was not required, but its good to have one. These are the grab handles which softly closes. It doesnt get any kind of coat hanger or something so that was pretty much everything about the rear seats as well, and now let me show you how the sound system sounds: Music, Applause, Music, okay, so now let me show you the electric motor of the car.