High. Many drivers are looking to switch to an electric vehicle with the model 3 being on a lot of peoples shortlists in this video im going to outline everything i enjoy about this car as well as some of the things i think could be better lets. Do it Music, Music, Music, Music? This is the model 3 long range, which i think represents the best value offering in the lineup. You obviously miss out on the ludicrous acceleration track mode and the upgraded brakes and alloys that come with the performance version, but thats pretty much it. It shares the same. All wheel drive dual motor drivetrain and you also benefit from the upgraded steering system and quality of life. Upgrades such as front fog, lights and reheated seats, so were looking at a pretty impressive 351 brake horsepower, giving us another 60 of just 4.2 seconds according to tesla. This is upgradable to 406 brake horsepower. If you get teslas official acceleration boost firmware further closing the gap between the long range and the performance version, which stands at 466 bhp ill, be filming content all around this upgrade in the next few months, so make sure to subscribe. If you havent already to ensure that you dont miss out on that video, now its one thing to talk numbers, but you really need to feel what this car is like when it gets moving its always ready to run and even at motorway speeds, it still jerks.

Your head back when you push the accelerator, the dual motor versions of the model 3 weigh around 1 850 kilograms. So, while its not particularly light car, it never really feels cumbersome and it handles surprisingly well, albeit with a lot less character than other options available at this price point. When people ask me what its like living with a car with this much velocity, the honest truth is that its incredibly easy to live with, although the power is always there its much more subdued during everyday driving than youd expect, especially when the acceleration mode is set To chill, in addition to this, the model 3 is an extremely comfortable car and has five spacious and supportive seats, all of which can be heated and have their own ac controls ive, yet to feel stiff after a long journey. And although you dont get the adaptive air suspension that you see on the model s and x, the coil springs still feel pretty good and dampen most shocks with relative ease, because tesla uses a skateboard chassis design. Where the motors are placed on the wheels that theyre driving theres no transmission running through the middle of the car like youd, expect to see this makes it much more comfortable for rear passengers and allows much deeper sensor storage because theres, obviously no engine theres, also a Boot at the front of the car ive only ever used this as a stowaway for charging cables and wiper fluid, because the rear boot is surprisingly massive, so ive, yet to really find a situation where i havent had enough room for storage, as this is my first Experience of owning an electric vehicle, how far i could drive on a single charge was obviously one of the areas i had reservations about.

Tesla have a projected range of 340 miles for this long range version. However, after a few months of getting to know this car, my actual range is somewhere in the region of 250 to 280 miles, depending on a number of factors, i will say that i drive exactly how i want to, and efficiency is really something that i prioritize. These numbers might sound alarming, but most people just arent covering that much distance on their daily drives and the reality is that youre probably going to want to stop for a break on longer journeys anyway, during which the car will be filling up here in the uk. We have a pretty established supercharger network and third party charging points are plentiful online. Its never really been a problem for me, even with the amount of driving that i do and as battery technology improves its only going to get easier to live with. Since taking delivery of my model, 3 tesla has begun using lithium ion phosphate batteries in a number of their vehicles. These batteries have slightly different performance figures, but are generally more efficient and provide slightly more range compared to the earlier counterparts. Tesla has also made some changes to their pricing, since i initially made my order. I purchased this car for 49 590 pounds. However, the equivalent lfp version with all the same options well now set you back an additional fifteen hundred pounds for a total of fifty one thousand and ninety pounds Music.

I really like the styling of this car, particularly those flared arches, on the front quarter. There are some really nice design choices here, and the model 3 is definitely up there when it comes to looks compared to a lot of other ev options. Im. Also, a big fan of the fact that since last year, every model 3 has been dechromed and i think it looks so much better, especially on this solid black paint option. Thats, not to say that i wouldnt make any changes, though theres a couple of criticisms. I have which i think are justified. For example, i think the back end is a bit weak and the standard and long range model three come with clunky arrow covers, which annoyingly hide a set of these sick grey alloys. So first thing i did was take these off. I also didnt love how far the front number plate bracket protruded from the car, so i replaced it with a vinyl plate which i think better complements the smooth front. Bumper, the interior is where tesla has done their best work and its where youll get the biggest reaction from your passengers. It really does give you the sense of this car being from the future, and while it does take a bit of an adjustment looking away from where the steering cluster should be having everything visible and controlled from one central point keeps the rest of the car. Looking beautifully clean and minimal, there are just two trim options available: a stormtrooper esque white interior or this black artificial leather.

With wooden accents. I personally opted to keep everything, muted and stealthy and im glad. I did because ive noticed that the white seats are really bright and pull your attention into the cabin from outside of the car. This is further emphasized by the fact that theres no tinted windows on the model 3 range. The sunroof has this gradated effect, which tesla claims is to reduce uv, ray exposure and therefore cabin heat, so theyve clearly got the means to do this and its a bit confusing why they dont just include it as an option. The model y has just started a ship in the uk and ive started spotting them out on the roads. I have noticed that these do have tinted rear windows, so im hoping to make a full comparison on these two cars at some point in the future. If youre the proud owner of a brand new model y – and you want to help me out – drop me a message on instagram and hopefully we can figure something out. The model 3 is packed full of features designed to make drivers lives easier and over the air software updates help build on this over time. There was recently a significant update to the user interface, which carried over some design elements from the new generation model. S and model x sounds great in theory, but its not. My favorite, though functions that were previously easily accessible, are now buried in the menus, which isnt ideal when youre driving and need to keep attention on the road.

Certain elements dont behave in the way you expect them to, and you can only save three apps in the dock, which makes this feature feel redundant id also like to say the voice. Controls in this car are shocking, and even when it does understand, you commands that feel obvious to include such as turning on our fog lights and setting the driver profile just arent supported. Despite these complaints theres a lot that tesla does really well. One of my favorite features is autopilot, which is like an enhanced version of cruise control. With cameras covering every angle. The car knows exactly when to slow down turn corners and even emergency brakes in case of a potential collision. Youll have to enable auto steer before it can be used, but it genuinely improves the motorway experience, especially on stretches of road, with an average speed check. These cameras also serve as a security system entering sensory mode when the car is left parked. If anyone gets too close, the headlights flash and the touchscreen displays an alert to show that its keeping an eye on things. You can also now access a live feed remotely through the tesla app, which i mostly use to check. If the free ev charges near me are available yet features like this elevate, the overall experience and are often credited to the community so its nice to know that tesla are listening to feedback and seem to care about the end user. Electric vehicles have been a point of curiosity to me for a while.

Now i definitely consider myself a motoring enthusiast and ive had an interest in cars, motorbikes and everything in between for as long as i can remember, moving away from internal combustion engines wasnt a straightforward choice, but given how much the world is changing and how many benefits And savings there currently are for ev drivers. It definitely felt like the right one. The problem with reviews like this is that theyre, inherently subjective ive had a largely positive experience with this car, so my thoughts are obviously going to reflect that. However, my needs arent going to be the same as yours or anyone elses for that matter, and i think for such a considered purchase you need to establish whether your current circumstances are best suited to live with an electric vehicle if you do feel ready to transition. I think the model 3 is one of the best options available for a lot of drivers right now and offers many of the modern motoring luxuries that make up the tesla experience at a sensible price. It was a lot of fun making this video, so i hope you found some value in it.