Dont work too hard, my breaker back bone return to the mac. The king is back, though, covering the cash. I never liked those she saw the stone. You know how that go: fatality, my diamonds, that cold versace Music out the line like this, a probate you hit the line and tried to locate this for the time, got time for no day, one too many ongoing too crazy, and i got bad ones and they Ready a good time so now is, ladies gentlemen, and everyone in between welcome back to the electric garage im, your host declan cave and today, im showing off my ctnt city 2 from 2010, an all electric, basically golf cart korean car, and not only that this car Is actually for sale at the time of this video going up, you can go place. A bid on this car on ebay motors. The link will be in the description below now. You guys might be asking yourself declan. Why would you sell such an amazing beautiful little practical, not at all garbage car? Let me explain that to you. If you would shut up for two seconds, i am a full time college student im, a film major here in los angeles. I know big surprise la devotee is a film major shut up. Dont judge me: i do what i want anyway. This car has an issue and i dont have time to fix that issue. I have plenty of other car projects to work on at the moment, and this is not one that i wanted to be a project car.

I brought this car in perfect working order, or so i thought no fault to the previous owner. I unfortunately did buy it broken. He had no idea that the car was broken. It was not his fault at all, but nonetheless the car has a problem which i will get into right now to explain the problem. We have to look under the front hood and theres really not much here. The motor is in the back of the car, along with the controller inverter and all the other parts and little bits of this car. Under the hood. We mainly have some relays and fuses and the brakes the brakes are where the issue is now its not a big issue and the car still drives perfectly fine without this issue being fixed. The brake booster for the power brakes is bad, and that is awful, because this car has a little over 400 miles on it, not four hundred thousand four hundred 400.00. The brake booster on this car has gone bad after only 400 miles. I cannot explain how awful this car must have been designed for it to break that quickly, sure its a 12 year old car, but its been sitting around for most of its life theres. No reason that brake booster should be bad, but it is the problem with it is when the brake booster goes bad, the car knows it, and so it limits your top speed to 20 miles per hour, which is not the worst thing.

This car has a top speed of 35 when its working properly, but honestly, i never drive it faster than 20 because it is absolutely terrifying. 20 miles per hour is not that bad and the car is light enough that you dont need the power brakes. In fact, the power brakes were actually an upgrade. They were an option now. That brings me to talking about this car a little bit more in depth. This car was made by ctnt in korea and at the time of this cars making in 2010 ct t claimed to be the largest manufacturer of electric cars in korea. Now i have no way of saying, if thats, true or not, but thats what they said. Ctnc wanted to break into the american market, hoping that there was a market for electric cars. Unfortunately, when your car is little more than a glorified golf cart its not going to sell too well. Luckily, this was the top of the line model that they sold in the u.s, the e zone city 2.. This thing got special features like power, brakes actual doors, a lithium battery pack, the option to upgrade for a climate control system and a top speed of 35 miles per hour. So, even though its little more than a glorified golf cart, they sold cars that were infinitely more golf carts than this golf cart. Here i have some pictures of them. Look at them. Look at these things. These are golf carts, and this is little more than one of those, but nonetheless it is a street legal not only that highway legal vehicle here in california.

Yes, this car, despite having a top speed of 35 miles per hour, can legally go on the highway. I dont know who decided that was a good idea, and i myself am not brave enough to test that. Although the previous owner told me that he did do this and it was absolutely terrifying, i imagine i wont do it so. Yes, this is a golf cart that is not only street legal but also highway. Legal. Someone needs to to look into this actually thats a really bad idea in the back. You have a fair amount of room for keeping groceries or whatever the heck else. You would use this car for, but under the floor we can get access to the motor and reduction gear drive. This is an ac motor made by presto light in asia. It is a 7 kilowatt hour, 48 volt motor. It is very weak and makes hilarious sounds when driving, but at the end of the day it gets the job done here. In the back of the car we have a power tailgate, which is fancy. I guess. Ah, you got a good amount of storage back here. Actually, to put your groceries – or i mean maybe a small body – i dont know i dont think you can fit. I mean i might ive never tested this there. This was not planned. This was poor. This was a poor decision, im not going to get in there because i am going to get stuck, and there is nobody else out here with me.

You could probably fit a grown man in there. If you wanted to. It does also have a cargo net, but it doesnt work because it was definitely an afterthought and they were just screwed directly into the plastic and they stripped again. This is a car with 400 miles on it, its not its not doing too well. For that now lets move it to the interior, its a two seater, as youd probably expect with these nice honestly, not too bad seats, theyre actually pretty comfortable, and they have the ct t logo engraved onto them, which i think is a nice touch and theyre. Also, this burnt orange and black kind of color dual tone interior, quite nice. Although whats weird is the orange doesnt carry over to the steering wheel? Actually, the steering wheel matches the paint on the outside and it is red, a red, shiny and fake leather steering wheel. Doesnt feel too bad, but it is very small, but you do have your ct logo right here in the middle up here. You just have your gear selector. You have a speedometer that goes up to a 40, which is very optimistic, and you have a charge meter below that. You have two air vents which i will get to in a second, then you have your switch to switch between drive and reverse and a button to turn on your hazards. You then have an am fm radio with the cd player in it, which was aftermarket.

This did not come basic with the car; instead, they have this little block that fits in there. So if you want to put a radio you can underneath that we have the climate control options which again i will get back to, and then you have power windows and a 12 volts power outlet. Underneath here below that, you have two cup holders and a little place for coins, not too bad, not too great its basic car stuff. Now you would think because this car has air vents and climate control knobs, that it has climate control youd be wrong. This car has no climate control whatsoever. Behind these vents is nothing i can look directly into these vents and see the wiring of the car. These knobs are not hooked up to anything, they are not plugged in the climate. Control in this car is for show only there is no climate control. Besides rolling down your power windows, which is weird that theyre powered honestly, but no, this car has no climate control, even if it looks like it does now, despite being a very small interior, its actually not too uncomfortable. The seating position is nice and the seats nicely hug, your body honestly, they put a lot of thought into the interior as long as you dont touch anything up here, which is extremely extremely cheap plastic. This is the cheapest plastic ive ever felt in my life and ive touched a lot of cheap plastic, nothing between these two, but they do come with seat belts and you have direct access to your rear trunk.

Underneath the seats are where you have your lithium ion battery pack, some of them came with lead acid. This one was an upgraded version that came with lithium ion, giving it a range of about 50 miles, which is not too bad for a golf cart. Now lets save the car for a drive because, yes, even though it is a little bit broken, it doesnt have power brakes at the moment it does drive first something thats. A little nice feature that you dont, find on. Many of these electric cars is a customized keychain. It says ct t all over it. I like that a lot of my cars dont have that just like a normal car, you stick the can turn it. You hear a little click from under your seat: thats the ignition relay and youre just pushing into drive lets go now. Like i said previously, this car is very, very dramatic when driving the motor is very loud. I hope you guys can hear it in the video, but the motor is so over dramatic, like i said, no power breaks, but it still stops fine because of how light the car is. Doesnt have power steering and none of them did come with it. It wasnt an option, but you dont need it. The car is so light you you dont, need it and you barely even notice. Even when youre parked, you can still turn the steering wheel fairly easily. Like i said, the driving position is actually not too bad, but visibility is actually terrible.

Uh top speed is currently limited to 20 miles per hour because of the brake issue, but when thats fixed and its a fairly easy fix, uh, this car can go 35 miles per hour, so which is good enough for most areas around here in the city. I live in los angeles, so its not too bad of a car. For me, like i said this thing gets about 50 miles of range, which is not too bad charge times are about three hours and it just plugs into a normal wall. Outlet ill show that in a moment, im going handheld here for a moment just because i have no better way to show this. This is where your park is. If you notice on the dash theres no park selector, you put it into neutral and you take this rod that flips over and you push the brake down and it stays it keeps the brake pushed down. That is your parking, but unfortunately, even though the car is off with the park on the brake lights stay on, so i opted to usually just put a wheel chalk under it, because this will drain the battery the charge port for the ctnt is just down here. Theres, a little flap uses a golf cart charger which does come with the car and it just plugs into a normal house outlet and thats. All there really is to it its a little more than a glorified golf cart, a highway legal golf cart for some reason: uh the ctnt ezone city 2 from 2010.

. As i said in the beginning of this video, this car is for sale. You can go check. It out on ebay motors link in the description below. If you were interested in buying this car, i am located in los angeles, california. Anyway, i hope you guys enjoyed the video. If you did please consider subscribing, you can also find my other channel declan cav live where i do video games, because cars arent, the only thing i do, you can find me on twitter at declan cav and on tick tock at declan cav live anyway. I hope you guys enjoyed the video go check this car ebay motors, and i will see you all in the next one bye. You feel a lot lets hit the dance floor. Dont work too hard, my breaker back bone return to the mac. The king is back, though, covering the cash. I never liked those she saw the stone. You know how that go: fatality, my diamonds, that cold versace trucks. I hate my backstroke knock on the door. All i really take is a little taste.