My name is derek reilly today were joined by kevin and his brand new tesla model y part of the meet the owners series that weve done weve already done, one with roger and his kia e nero. So i have a look back on that and when i heard that kevin was getting his tesla model, why i said kevin? Can we have a chat about it? Its fairly new, but weve got a list of questions well get through them, probably about 10 minutes. You can see the timestamp downstairs anyway, uh underneath the video kevin. How are you im very good? How are you very good, brilliant well get straight into it lets go. Why did you decide to buy an ev good question? I i think ill really extrapolate this too far now. But if you go back id say like honestly, 15 years ago i had a friend who was deeply deeply into evs, so ender its all about you um, and it was the thing like that was an era where there was none of them around, like particularly in Ireland and but if we saw like a leaf taxi, pointed out, look at it then talk about the like collecting the leaves and all that kind of stuff it was just like. There was a bit of an obsession with theres, something here and its going to be. The future and it felt like looking at frankly the iphone before the iphone, came out thats kind of what it felt like so skip hop and jump through the years.

Obviously, more more evs come along. I think you start to see the rise of mr musk and his crew and obviously the cars themselves start to evolve and the technology around them. The batteries start to get better and they became more and more viable and then theres. The other angle, from my perspective, where its just the sustainability piece, because i bought a house one of the first things we decided to do – is put solar panels on it like get ourselves into a place. Where were not consuming oil consuming gas, whatever we can get rid of lets just lets just stop with the fossil stuff, and so as soon as we could make it viable for ourselves to afford an eevee, we did, and so id say, ive been driving tv for Kind of four or five years now at the stage, which is not a huge amount of time um. But given our situation, where were buying houses getting kids all that kind of stuff, that made a lot of sense for us so and thats sort of why we got into it. So i think and ive never heard a story before so yeah. Does he get a commission around them? No hes uh? No god! No! Never did he drive with himself. Currently i dont think he drives anything. He moves to a country where they have public transport. The ultimus um. Second question i have for you is before you bought, and this is your second ev, so go back before you bought your first tv.

What kind of research were you doing because i talked to roger? He was like i consumed youtube and all the rest of it and turned into the eevee nerd same exactly like bjorn all those anyone on youtube. That does any amount of content that might be as silly as just putting banana boxes into the back of a car was consuming that, even though i didnt think would ever affect me and it still doesnt you dont have banana boxes. Dont have banana boxes, no children. Instead, similar situation, okay um but uh yeah, i consumed everything because again its a bit of a tech nerd situation for me, where its just like watching the technology evolve watching like the types of batteries and the density of the batteries and all that kind of stuff Evolve alongside how the cars can operate like this, its a very different type of vehicle, its like a petrol car when you get out turn the key and leave its off these arent theyre on all the time, so theres things they can do that are not standard For a car lock, i can heat this up overnight, its a terrible example to say, but like we can charge it whenever we want like these are things that are unusually different um compared to a petrol, so thats sort of, i think, going to youtube and consuming All that stuff is really cool theres. Also like theres a bit of crack watching lads.

You know speed down the road like racing against petrol cars and all that kind of stuff and speedways in the states theyre its good, and i did you find, as you got closer to the purchase date, you were focusing on more in depth reviews, i suppose what I do on my channel, where its pointing out buttons and all that kind of stuff, whereas the banana boxes and the speed tests ive never gotten into it. My audience is im about to buy or ive bought, validate it for me, yes, its the its the its exactly that its people doing road trips its stuff, like that its like, i watched too much of like the battery consumption videos, people just watching. You see the charge curves as theyre charging it and doing the thousand kilometer tests and stuff, even though in ireland cant really go a thousand kilometers just about like, but its its one of those things i i did consume all that stuff, but it was, i probably Spent as much time tracking ships um but yeah just clarify what he said: theyre tracking ships, ships, ships with a pee yeah, yeah um, but yeah. I i consumed way too much and by the time i went to buy the cash or that the guys were like theres no points. Just you know what you want there you go like youre, fine, um yeah. It was like, but i i still do, consume a lot of it when theres a new car coming along or a manufacturers.

First version ill still consume a bunch of content around that and so thats interesting, because some people make the purchase and they never go back again, whereas youre youre in that space youre in that tech space, you have an e bike and youre. You know yeah, you, like your gadgets and youre youre being an early adopter. The tesla model y, specifically, you havent, had it that long now, three weeks, obviously yeah so its its fresh yeah and so maybe tesla model 3 and model y. What do you like most about it yep and what you like least about it yeah so worth mentioning? I had a model 3. I had one of the first coming off the line, then in 2019 ish, okay and then i had i swapped that for this um again three weeks ago or so so i think the reason for the purchase was the model. 3 was brilliant car best car ive. Ever owned all that good stuff, but in the intervening years we had two kids, okay, and so, while the kids fit into the car and the cabins great and largely speaking, good and height, it feels the same uh. The boot. The saloon boot does not fit like a test. Every piece of my tetra skills to get all of the equipment and boogies and all that kind of stuff in there um luggage space, its a luggage, space situation, yeah, okay, yeah, so even with the frunk, it still felt like it was a bit cramped to put Everything in there and there was no wiggle room for other bits and bobs, and we do trips pretty regularly down to cork because most armys, all from there, so theres a bunch of times a year where we have to pack the car up and get it off.

Yeah, so its a regular journey for you, yeah yeah, yeah, um, ill scoot you inside and well carry on with the questions, hopefully youre. Enjoying this make sure you subscribe to the channel, leave a comment below like the video, and if you want more content from kevin, i can direct you towards agent, but otherwise lets get them inside dont. Do it kevin. You talked about some of the trips that youve done down to cork to your in laws. Slash outlaws um. What else are you doing? What else are you doing? Is it pretty much standard enough stuff? Its pretty standard, like i wouldnt id, probably a weird use case that i wouldnt commute to work. You havent really commuted anywhere anyway um, but its ive occasionally gone into work to the office, which is in the city center other than that. Its really shopping, like its going to the shops going youre grocery shopping, all that kind of stuff, with the kids theres a bit of day tripping here and there and stuff like that, but its never its. Never that intense so like for me having the large battery and not having to worry about. It is the important part there. Okay, yeah youre, doing small stuff, but you dont have to constantly charge it, not that you would be an even for the smaller battery um. Well, as the kids get older, youll be doing more dad taxi and im sure theres a bit of that now, a crash but yeah as the other one one of them will go to school leader will go to crash thatll, be pretty intense.

For me, you get a taxi fare meter thing going on ill charge. Them back in the future, therell be an account. An invoice set up somewhere um now that youre well into your ev journey. If you were to go back how many years ago, did you get your model three, four five going back now? What would you say or were you happy with how you progressed or what what changes would you make to the oh younger, kevin yeah, yeah younger, much younger kevin um? I i dont think theres many changes im really happy. I got an ev that was always the plan. I was in the road map anyway, im really happy. I got a tesla and thats part of the techie kind of thing to be fair um, but i think the only thing i would change honestly its probably. I recommend this to everyone all the time i wouldnt have gotten the dumb charger on the side of my house and gotten a smart charger, okay to utilize, the solar panels better, so im just here changing amperage on my car, rather than it doing it all. On its own thats, the only thing, okay, so rather and sometimes its the costing people think im going to go for the less expensive charge or pay the money and its worth the to you now like. If again, i would get. I got the dumb terminal just because um it was there, it was available, it was i was.

I got it before the car. I dont think there were many smarts things there, but now i i always recommend people get like a zappy with their harvey and all that kind of stuff. Okay, thats, the only change. I would make interesting um its not all roses. It cant be all positive Laughter um what um? What are the negatives of evie life um in my case theres, not many to be very fair, um, the one that i would say on the eevee world generally speaking, i think, is the charging infrastructure in ireland. Okay, i think its decent, its well spread out. I think, on average, if youre anywhere in the country youre only like 20, 30 kilometers from a charge or somewhere, but were getting to that its not critical, mass and thats the worry its getting busy enough that youre. Seeing queues youre seeing somebodys if they go down youre a while getting to another one. So if youve, a big battery and youre youre grounded motorways its fine, but if youve got an older leaf or even a just, a car youve run the battery down completely like that becomes an issue for you. Okay, and we need to fix that. I think as a country, but i think overall, the ownership experience, i think, will actually change the way you think about um logistics and driving around and how you use the car what cars for. I love the fact that this is my second meet the owner interview and the last one.

There was a noisy combustion engine. Besides that interview and today its a big massive diesel bus spring, its phenomenal yeah, i choose the locations well uh, as we wrap up kevin. What advice would you give to prospective ev drivers that are watching my channel or are thinking about making the plunge yep? I think dont get married to a brand first go consume. All your videos see all the different types of cars that are out there see. What will fit you and your lifestyle and think about it in the future, dont be like me and having to change your car a few years later, um like if theres kids in the road or any kind of stuff, like think about that going forward. Have the car for a long time, i think most people today still buy an ev with the sustainability part of it. We cant have a million second hand, tvs on the road with new ones, replenishing them and its not actually that sustainable to be fair and thats. One thing ill say just consume as much content as you can, so you get a sense of what the future car will look like and then the other one is uh think a little bit about the cost of ownership. I think people are upset and this happens and every product and every type of of purchase everyone makes you think about the cost of the car on the ticket at the dealership. Well think about the long term ownership cost of the car.

You can probably afford a bigger car one with a better bigger battery, get more features all that kind of stuff. If you consider the fact that youre not paying for petrol and diesel and all the other stuff thats around that and then the other one, the other one id say to people is – and i think a lot of people think about this. If youve got a house or the ability to do it, get solar panels, okay, you will reduce your charging to effectively zero excellent kevin. Thank you so much. Thank you. Safe driving in your tesla model y. Absolutely good luck with all the children. No, hopefully, youve enjoyed todays interview, make sure. As i said, youve subscribed to the channel hit the like button and leave a comment.