In fact, the best selling ev for well a very long time was the leaf. Well, now, theyre back with a second ev, the 2023 aria Music. The all electric crossover is expected to land in u.s showrooms in the fall of 2022, starting at around 40 thousand dollars ahead of that im taking the latest nissan ev for a spin in spain. But what im driving today isnt exactly what were going to get in the united states? In fact, this is the european version and it is a pre production car. The us will get two versions: the less expensive front, wheel, drive one will ship with either a 66 kilowatt hour or 91 kilowatt hour battery pack and a range of up to 300 miles. According to nissan on the power front, itll have 238 horsepower and 221 pound feet of torque thats, essentially what im driving now or what im about to be driving? This is the european spec version, though, so the suspension tuning is a bit different than what well get in the united states. Meanwhile, the more powerful wheel drive version with 389 horsepower and an impressive 442 pound feet of torque. When outfitted. With the 91 kilowatt hour, battery pack will have a target range of 265 miles, so instead im driving this uh, the two wheel drive version um, but not on a road. I am in spain, but i am on a track, a track that has been set up to recreate different driving environments.

So we have a little city environment. We have a mountain road environment, we have a highway environment, its all very a lot of cones. There are a lot of cones that im dealing with right now its hard for me to really judge what the suspension is going to be like in the u.s spec version, but so im just going to try to guess. I should be fine. This car doesnt have too much body roll so far. They kept repeating that this is not a a rocket ship, its not a missile and thats totally fine. To be honest, because most people dont need an ev thats a missile. They need an ev thatll, get them to work and they can use to take their kids to soccer practice and go to the football game on the weekend. No one needs well, most people dont need. You know plaid right now, just in the short time ive been in this vehicle, theyve sort of pulled it off. The acceleration feels nice, its not too its very nice. Its nice and smooth the braking feels solid. The interior design is actually quite nice. They are using a minimalist feel which most automakers are doing that with their evs, but it still feels really nice. In fact, it feels nicer than your typical nissan. You have these haptic controls right here that are just sort of lights here in the center dash. You have this center console that you can actually move forward and back so you can set it up the way you like it.

Instead of a glove box, you have this center uh storage area that just pops open, like this uh, its powered on the higher trim levels on the lower trim levels. You just sort of pull it out and it has these great little design elements that include what looks like a japanese lantern here in the footwell overall, the entire experience feels more like an infinity than a nissan. There are some things that are missing from the vehicle because it is a pre production, its these are prototypes european prototypes that were driving right now, so there there are things that are missing, for example, the voice assistant, alexa integration and, more importantly, pro pilot pro pilot Assistant, their drivers, assistance system, they have a 2.0 coming out, thatll be available for this vehicle and its hands free like super cruise and blue crews. So, at some point, once this vehicle comes, the united states and its production vehicle well be able to test and see how well it does against the offerings from gm and ford in the aria. Nissa says that it will support charging up to 130 kilowatts. Now that is a bit lower than the 150 were seeing on more vehicles and a lot lower than the ev6, the onyx 5 and the model y and 3, which all four of those support 250 kilowatts. Now what nissan says is that, thanks to thermal management, the charging curve of the aria at 130 will actually charge pretty well, because, instead of getting that spike that some cars get were hitting the top of the supported charging and then sort of tapers off the aria.

Will go up to the top and then sort of stay there a bit longer, so it should charge, hopefully in the real world. At the same time, ish as a 150 kilowatt supported vehicle at home, itll offer ac charging up to 7.2 kilowatts. I have faulted the nissan leaf for being boring. Its a good car theres theres, nothing wrong with the nissan leaf, its a great little ev, but it just doesnt have i dont know it just feels like its. It feels very vanilla, this vehicle again its not a fast car theyre, not building a mock e competitor, theyre, not building a model y performance competitor, but it theres something it does feel special and a lot of it has to do with the interior design. You know the interior design on this vehicle is really nice. The exterior design, its you know its essentially a really nice rogue a futuristic. Rogue is what uh i can say, but it does. I i i so far im actually enjoying this vehicle. Its got the jazz hands that the nissan leaf is missing. Jazz hands is a technical automotive reporter term. The 2023 nissan aria will show up in u.s showrooms.