Now the compact suv has seen its second major update since it was first launched, and this one is a little more significant than the one seen last year ever since its petrol sibling, the aster was launched in 2021. We were expecting some of its features to be carried forward to the zs. That is exactly what mg motor has done with this update. Amongst other things, the car also gets an increased range. Now now, with this update of the zsev mj has tried to address the biggest concern that is there with the owners. That is the range of the car. Now the car comes with a bigger battery. That mg says is more powerful and safer than before, which means the range of the car has gone up and now on a single charge in idle conditions, you can drive up to 461 kilometers on the zsev. The company is also claiming that it has passed stringent safety standards across various parameters, so that generally makes the car and the batteries safer to use. So now, from this 50.3 kilowatt hour battery, you get a maximum power of 174 bhp, which is good. Looking at the segment the car comes in and you can reach the speed of 100 kilometers per hour from zero in eight and a half seconds which also isnt bad theres, no dirt of response when you want it from this setup, with around 280 newton meters available At your disposal, the driver within you will like being behind the wheel of this one.

The mtzs tv has always come across as a nice package when it comes to ride and handling. It is offered a good mix of both that continues on the facelift as well. There isnt too much of a body roll looking at the fact that this one is an suv at least the shape of it, and yes, the ride quality also is a good uh. The suspension is tuned well and even on the bad roads. The car does not disappoint you. It also helps that the car gets three drive modes, eco, normal and sport, and the response changes based on what you want: more increased range or a sportier drive. With this new update on the zsev, a lot of safety features and driver assistance features that we saw on the mg. Aster have made their way to the zs ev as well so features like blind spot detection. Very important, rare cross traffic alert lane chain assist. All of them are now given on the zsev, which means your drives, especially in the urban environment, will become safer and simpler. You also get features like tire pressure monitoring system, hill descent, control, 360 view camera and as many as six airbags. The features inside the cabin have also gone up when compared to earlier Music, so theres enough inside this cabin that will help you differentiate this car from the earlier version of the zs ev. You get an all black interior here. Well, almost, and you can see that theres new upholstery on the seats and on the dash this nice textured pattern, along with the red stitching, which you can see on the steering wheel as well, so gives you a more sporty feel in the car.

Now. Another big highlight: is this 10.1 inch bigger touchscreen on the car youve seen this on the aster before the zsev now gets. It has loads of features and is very accessible as well, very good on quality and great response times as well. The car also comes with the voice command features. You can give this card a lot of commands, youve seen that before in the hector in the aster. Now that is, evie gets it hello, mg im listening open the sunroof, and yes, you can also speak to this car in hindi, which is a great feature. Then you come to the new instrument cluster, its all digital. Now earlier it was mostly analog and there was one small mid screen. It gives you all the relevant information you require when youre driving an electric vehicle, so the range the battery status. All of them is right there in front of you, then the steering wheel, its again all new flat bottomed, and you also get a wireless charging point here on the front row. However, two major things that are missing on the zsev that i would have liked to see. First, this mirror is not auto dimming, its manual, so thats some sort of disappointment, and yes, i would have hoped that mg would have added ventilated seats, at least on the front row of the vehicle. In all, the ismart system offers more than 75 connectivity features and apps. And yes, you can also start the car and travel by using just a bluetooth key something we saw on the aster as well: apple, carplay and android.

Auto connectivity is fired and, in all you get five charging ports in the cabin, including two c type ones. On the second row, theres a newly added rear center headrest rear center armrest with cup holders and rear ac vents. Fair share of changes on the exterior of the new zs ev, the grill has gone in for a complete makeover. It looks more like an eevee grill now, and the big change also is the fact that the charging point has moved towards the side of the mg logo. Earlier it was behind the logo. Now you can just open it from here and charge your vehicle. The bumper is also redesigned, and so are the led headlamps which get the new drls on the rear as well. You get a new set of led tail lamps. You see them on the aster before this. In all, there are four color options on the new zs ev, of which this ash and silver is new 17 inch hub design, alloy wheels and roof rails make the profile of the new zsev look appealing. The car has been launched in two variants: excite and the more expensive exclusive, which is the one you see here. It is priced at 25, black 88, 000 rupees ex showroom and can be booked immediately. The excite is priced at 21, lakh, rupees, 99, 000 and its bookings will begin in july. We will have to wait and see which of these features will go missing from that one.

At 23, lakh 79, 000 rupees, the only rival to the zsev, the hyundai kona is priced exactly between the two variants, but it now feels stated this mg, on the other hand, with its regular updates, has remained fresh and feels every bit of modern day car.