If you can call it that rear wheel, drive version of the taikan simply called taikan, now its not going to bother the affordability of the mg zs. But it does give buyers another option for getting into the taikan range before we get started. This video is split into chapters here are the time codes here and they are down here if you are watching it on youtube. My detailed review of the thai khan is online at carsguide.com today, you and if you are watching on youtube dont forget to like subscribe and hit the bell icon to stay up to date with all of our latest videos, the rest of the taikan 4 door. Sedan range went on sale in australia in early 2021 with variants, including the 4s turbo and turbo s, while the sporty gts is landing in the first half of this year, prices range from 194 700 before on road costs, up to an eye watering 345 800. For the turbo s, theres also three grades of the wagon, like tycoon cross turismo, starting at 176 600., but this latest sedan variant simply called the taikan. Is the only single motor rear wheel, drive model in the taikan range as the new range opener? The taikan starts from 156 300 before on road costs. Yes, thats still clearly very expensive, but its a good 38 000 cheaper than the 4s its hard to compare pricing with its competitors, because at the moment there arent many the tesla model.

S has been taken off. The local roster until the refreshed version lands possibly later this year and the mercedes benz eqs sedan is yet to be priced. Audis e tron gt is mechanically related to the taikan and it starts from 171 900, but its not offered with rear wheel drive standard equipment in the new taikan grade includes 19 inch, aero wheels power, folding, exterior mirrors, dual zone, climate control, pre entry, climate control, tinted Windows, partial leather interior comfort, front seats with 14 way, power adjustment, digital radio, apple, carplay and more the base taikan misses a lot of the goodies found in more expensive variants. As a result, youd struggle to call the standard features list generous. There are a lot of options, some of which should be standard at this price point, and there are some quite odd omissions. For example, it has a heated leather steering wheel as standard but heated front seats are a nine hundred and ten dollar option. If you want ventilated seats, thats an extra two thousand one hundred and twenty dollars, the example we drove at launch included a tick under 40 000 worth of extras, bringing the price to 194 800 Music. The taikan is one of the most desirable cars on the road and the design has become something of an instant classic. The front end is very reminiscent of the beautiful mission e concept from a few years ago. Now the new tychon variant, the entry level variant – is much the same as all the other taikan variants, but there are a few little differences here and there.

The entry level taikan gets led headlights, but the led matrix headlights fitted here will set you back about 3. 600, there are two ev charging ports right here and at the exact same place on the fender. On the other side, this variant comes with 19 inch wheels, but you can also get 20 and 21 inch hoops as options inside the taikan is all about minimal design. With clean lines, its quite cool to see all of the digital functions light up on the dash and the console when the car is on being a sports car manufacturer porsche has gone for a cockpit with a sporty bent. You feel very ensconced in the car, the materials appear to be very high quality and the clean design approach is visually appealing, but its not without its frustrations. Many of the functions are housed in the trio of screens here in the taikan and its very, very high tech, maybe a little bit too high tech. Sometimes the air conditioning, for example, great youve, got all the controls here, but if you want to change the flow of the events, you have to do that digitally through the screen up here. You cant just do it manually, which seems like a bit of an odd choice. It also feels like tech for techs sake in saying that the screen is actually pretty easy to use, theres, quite a logical menu structure and its quite visually appealing as well. As is this little screen down here, the main digital screen in front of you, the instrument cluster is also very clear and its adjustable.

You can change it, so youve got it completely with the sat, nav or youve got other things visible there. At the same time, in terms of storage, you can fit a bottle in the doors on either side here, and you can also fit coffee cup and bottles in one of the two cup holders. Here, the central bin is medium size. You can fit a few things in there. You will probably fit a phone and the glove box isnt massive theres. Also this weird space here, which kind of looks like it, would be quite useful, but if you put too much there its going to slide off the second that you accelerate, these seats are beautifully designed, theyre, absolutely stunning to look at and theyre incredibly comfortable theyre. Very very supportive – and i think porsche has done a smashing job. With these seats, i can easily sit behind my six foot tall driving position in the back of the taikan. As you can see, ive got a decent amount of leg, room toe rooms, a bit tight under those lovely front seats and head room is also quite tight back here because of the sloping roof line, its also quite hot in this car. At the moment, this panoramic sunroof looks quite lovely, but it doesnt keep the heat out as well as something like bmws ix, which i reviewed recently that has the electrochromatic situation, which is very fancy and keeps the uv rays out.

These seats are beautiful, theyre, not quite as supportive as the front seats, but they do have a little bit of bucketing and for those with kids, youve got the isofix points on the outboard seats in the middle. There is a an armrest here that will fit coffee cups, bottles and things like that or you can just use it as an arm rest. Now it is technically a five seater, but realistically i dont think anyones going to be using this as a five seat. Family car youve also got air vents for the rear passengers at knee level height a little bit of a storage container here and vents down under the seats as well its a really nice space. Although a little bit tight, if youre a taller human one of the benefits the taikan has over its pricier siblings is its actually got a bigger boot, it can swallow 407 liters, which is about 40 liters more than the other tycoon variants. As you can see, they do have one of the charging cables in a bag in the boot, which does take up quite a bit of space. There is underfloor storage as well with one of the other chargers, so im not sure why that doesnt fit in there. So just bear that in mind. The taikan has a power tailgate and the rear seats fold – 60 40, but theres no spare wheel. You have to make do with the tyre repair kit theres.

Also more storage here up front under the bonnet. It can swallow about 84 liters, which is enough for a couple of large grocery bags or a couple of gym bags, while the base tycoon might be missing a few in car tech and comfort features, porsche has not skimped on standard safety gear. In fact, all of the key safety systems like adaptive cruise control, auto emergency, braking and lane keep assist a standard fare on all taikan variants, regardless of the price and grade which is a welcome move. The only thing missing is a center front airbag to help avoid injuries in a side crash. The taikan has not been tested by ancap, but it was awarded a five star rating by euro end cap in 2019 for more detail on the safety features and how they function check out my review at the cars guide site, while other taikan variants have two electric Motors and therefore offer all wheel drive traction the entry level taikan has just one motor on the rear axle and is rear. Wheel drive the standard 79.2 kilowatt hour. Tycon battery offers up a total system. Output of 240 kilowatts of power and 345 newton meters of torque buyers can option a larger capacity, 93.4 kilowatt hour battery called the performance battery plus that increases those outputs to 280 kilowatts and 357 newton meters. They are impressive numbers, but they are well down on the 320. Kilowatts 640 newton meters of the taikan 4s also be aware that the performance battery plus will add twelve thousand dollars to the price.

Completing the zero to 100 kilometer an hour dash will take 5.4 seconds, which is about 1.4 seconds off the pace of the taikan 4s. The rear, wheel, drive taikan standard battery ensures a wltp driving range of 369 kilometers thats, just four kilometers less than the taikan 4s. Opting for the performance battery plus ups, the driving range to 434 kilometers for comparison, audis e tron gt can drive for 488 kilometers before needing a charge. All tycans come with cables for home and public charging and a charging dock a three year subscription to the chargevox network is standard, meaning free recharges. Across the network. The taikan was the first production car available with an 800 volt charging system, filling the thai car up with juice, from nothing to 100. Using an 11 kilowatt wall, charger will take nine hours or one hour less, with the performance battery plus using a 50 kilowatt fast charger to get from five to eighty percent capacity will take 93 minutes and an ultra rapid charger will fill to the same capacity in 22.5 minutes the same time as the audi etron gt. During our launch drive, we saw an energy efficiency figure of 20.5 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers that is well down. On the official figure of 26.2 kilowatt hours, the taikan comes with a three year: unlimited kilometer warranty, which is off the pace of the five year terms of rivals like mercedes, benz, audi, lexus and genesis being an ev.

The tycoon also comes with an eight year or 160 thousand kilometer battery warranty. The service intervals are every two years or thirty thousand kilometers. Whichever comes first porsche also offers either three four or five year capped price servicing plans, starting from 2995, which is a fair bit. Pricier than bmws offer on its electric ix suv, as is typical of an electric vehicle. The acceleration in the base tycoon is pretty swift, as i said earlier, a little over five seconds, doesnt feel as immediate as the crossturismo 4s. I drove just after this, but its more than enough acceleration for most people. If you want to up that theres, of course, sport mode as well as normal mode and an eco mode that helps save battery. If you want to up the ev experience, porsche also has the electric sports sound, which sounds very, very, very cool when youre driving the rear wheel, drive tycon is a little bit more playful than the all drive version a couple of times on our drive route. We felt the rear end kick out a little bit, not in a dramatic way, but just enough to kind of add a little bit of fun to the drive experience. It certainly doesnt take away from it at all it just it really adds something to it. I think its quite a different driving experience to the all wheel drive. I did drive it back to back with the taikan cross turismo 4s, which is a phenomenal car and planted, but theres.

Just something really special about this wheel drive version too. The rebel drive taikan is about 90 kilograms, lighter than some of the other taikan or drive variants. Now this comes as standard with steel suspension, but you can get adaptive air suspension as an option. The car were driving only has the steel suspension and the ride is perfectly fine, its not unsettled in any way shape or form. There are a few bumps that youll hit, that you can really feel it in the cabin, but honestly its not hugely different from the vehicle we drove back to back with adaptive air. The searing is weighted on the heavier side, but its still very sharp, particularly when youre on a twisty bit of road theres, no internal combustion engine, so its a reasonably quiet cabin in the taikan, especially if youre on a smooth road. But i must say when you get to some more coarse chip, roads, theres quite a bit of road noise that does penetrate the cabin, which is a bit surprising. The new entry level taikan is guaranteed to generate a bit of interest for porsche, given the lower price of entry. Whichever way you look at it, the taikan is an expensive car, but there are plenty of people willing to pay for that porsche premium. This new rear wheel, drive version doesnt, take anything away from the experience of the all wheel, drive versions of the taikan. In fact, it adds a bit of fun and excitement to the drive that you dont get with your wheel drive.

It might not be as quick, but it handles beautifully.