I cover all the latest tech news surrounding electric cars. I cover the background, feel and drive the current selling price and the specs and engineering that go into making each car. If you have an electric car that youd like me to cover, let me know in the comments below in todays video im reviewing the bike and k bite ill, be covering the most important features to see whether it crushes the competition or not with its interesting technology And affordable price for a luxury sedan, oh and one more thing before i start i open my electric car bill and my water bill. At the same time, i was shocked. Okay, now back to the video, did you know carsten breitfield, the founder and former ceo of electric vehicle startup biden claims he left the firm earlier this year because the chinese government exercised too much control following an investment from chinas oldest state owned manufacturer first auto works, While the arrangement with fall provided byton the legitimacy he desired and expanded access to suppliers, he claimed those gains came with restrictions and meddling during a media event hosted at faraday futures los angeles office brayfeld, who recently became the new ceo of the struggling ev firm faraday Future made the remarks after a lengthy career at bmw, where he was in charge of the automakers bmw eye program. Breitbart co founded biten 2017 byton has offices in munich and silicon valley, as well as its headquarters in china.

At the 2018 consumer electronics show the business unveiled a concept suv and stated an ambitious ambition to put the car into production by the end of 2019.. Last year, biden established a partnership with faw, and this year it stated that the state owned car maker was spearheading a large funding round to bring the startups electric suv into production. On thursday, though, brettfeld said that he didnt grasp adequately what it meant to receive money from a state owned manufacturer like fall, he also claims that foss stripped him of his responsibilities. Things will change if the chinese government joins your firm and exerts some influence of control, which they did at the end of the day, brett felt said they pushed biden in the direction that is not in accordance with what i believe we should do says bretfeld background In 2017 biden was formed in hong kong as an all electric vehicle automotive brand co, founded by former bmw and nissan motors executive biden, is a chinese german. All electric vehicle automobile brand that was launched in 2017, a concept automobile designed by biden, was unveiled at the public in the first time. In january 2018., initial plans were for the company to release its m byte suv model. First, with the start of manufacturing and sales expected to last 2019., however, development delays and financial difficulties caused the introduction to be continually postponed. The firm announced in june 2020 that it will cease operations for a scheduled six month period in order to reorganize its operations.

Biden filed for bankruptcy in 2021 and the companys collaboration with manufacturing partner foxconn was terminated indefinitely bitin. The chinese automaker has shown its second concept car an electric saloon and will be available for purchase within the next four years and is capable of level 4 autonomous driving biden has utilized a technology event to reveal a concept for the second time. Having previously announced the suv idea at ces in las vegas in january, the companys newly established nanjing headquarters and production plant, which will soon be capable of producing roughly 300 000 vehicles per year, is not far from the ces asia show in shanghai, chinas faw group just Invested another 500 million dollars in biden brett felt claims that this would allow the business to manage the cost of the battery significantly better than previously, which is a key element in the m. Bytes expected retail price of three hundred thousand one or forty five thousand dollars. Buytons management team includes several former bmw executives as well as ex alpine engineers and recent auto car award winner david twohey. It was founded by xbmw, ico, brett feld and daniel kirchert, former head of infinitis chinese subsidiary. The biking k, byte, is a concept automobile by bitin, thats, entirely, electric and powered by batteries. The 2018 consumer electronics show asia. Ces was the first time it was publicly unveiled. In addition, the company has revealed its naming policy. The m byte is one of bidens. First vehicles, an electric suv that was previously presented, the k, bite salon, which will be based on this design, will be built later because of the popularity of salons in china.

The product will be introduced there, initially its planned that both vehicles will be constructed. On the same design that they will be joined by a 7 seat, mpv design and engineering, you dont have to hide sensors, but you can absolutely stage them, remarked: benoit, jacob, the head designer of biden, electronics. According to him, this will ensure that the salon idea is appropriate for the future. The concept also has the same smart surface, animated front, grille, dashboard, filling touchscreen and steering wheel integrated tablet as the production suv, which is expected to compete with the jaguar. I pace when it launches in 2019. The jaguar i pace is scheduled to debut in 2019.. In a statement, karsten brittfield ceo of biten, described the k byte as an excellent new version of the salon that demonstrates the companys readiness for mass production. If you start with an suv, then youre able to demonstrate a sedan on the same platform, youve demonstrated a thorough understanding of platform technology. He added biden comes out as a corporation that did its homework before revealing their product to the rest of the world. Its evident in the design of the k, byte concept on the surface, it appears that its to be exactly what youd expect from the sedan. The front part is a touch disjointed im, not a fan of front ends that appear to be smiling, but the technology and unusual lighting fixtures give it a future feel. The grille in particular says smart surfaces that use various light strips to produce 3d graphics.

The side profile is understatedly streamlined, while the back end has extended tail lights, a popular appearance among todays concept, automobiles, even though it has unusual protrusions. The overall profile is of high quality. The notion appeals to me because of the protrusions the k, byte concept fails to achieve its goal, although it does not appear to be a seamless cosmetically, you have to respect the companys courage in putting its cards on the table in general. The notion is marketed as having level 4 autonomy biting doesnt, distinguish or disguise its purpose, which you can see, because the hardware for autonomous driving is included into the concepts, aesthetic design. The live bio system which combines front and rear lidar and provides a panoramic picture of the car surroundings, is mounted on the top, the lye guard side, lighters and located just below the side mirrors and retracts when the car is parked or operated manually by a driver. These lies also light up the night, giving them an appearance, unlike any other autonomous driving design, ive seen interior, despite the fact that we only get a brief glimpse of the biden case inside bites. In this idea, we shouldnt be concerned because being a concept, its doubtful that well see the same design approach applied to a production vehicle. We may safely assume that the k cabin bytes was likewise created with level 4 autonomy in mind, based on the little images we have of it that we take, and we have, for example, the steering wheel its a simple device that does a lot putting a large Display screen in the center of the steering wheel is something that no car maker would do, at least not in the case of traditional automobiles.

Nonetheless, it is included in the kbyte concept, according to appearances, its not only a digital display, but its also an ipad. Of course, no matter how large that ipad is, it is dwarfed by the gigantic. I mean massive display that takes up nearly the whole dashboard space. No one is going to be perplexed as to what it is, especially on a vehicle thats meant to have level 4 autonomous capabilities. In addition to the lack of central tube. The k cabin bytes has a number of other unique features in order to achieve bytons objective of establishing a living area within its vehicles. It would offer drivers and passengers unparalleled freedom to go about their daily lives without having to worry about driving the vehicle. This was accomplished, a few classic pieces are also used in the remainder of the interior design. The seats have a modern appearance which is a plus, also included, is a huge panoramic sunroof and the inside is finished with high quality luxury materials throughout. There are no surprises here: either performance biten hasnt revealed the k, powertrain python specifications so its uncertain how much power it will have. However, the business has stated that the m byte suv would be built on the same electric vehicle platform. The rear drive version of the m byte has a single electric engine that delivers 268 horsepower and 295 pound feet of torque, so that should give us an indication of what the k byte is capable of.

It also has a 71 kilowatt hour battery that gives it a range of 248.5 miles. The m byte also comes in an all wheel, drive dual motor variant with 469 horsepower and 523 pound feet of torque. Thanks to the 95 kwh battery pack. It offers a range of 323 miles, despite the fact that performance is not the distinction point for our brand according to brittfield. This would give it more power than both the jaguar i pace and the tesla model x90d battery life. The k byte is built on the same platform as the m byte and features the same all electric drivetrain. When bitin announced the m byte, it stated that it will produce a rear wheel, drive vehicle with a 71 kilowatt hour battery pack at a range of 248 miles, as well as an all wheel, drive variant with a 95 kilowatt hour battery pack and a range of 328 miles according to bretfeld, the k, lighter bytes, more aerodynamic body might boost range price and model range. The budding china based startup, all electric manufacturer biden, has a lot to show in the united states and other global markets and to its investors its giving us glimpses of parts of its possibly game changing ambition. Over the last year, a 48 inch wide shared experience display a cloud based bike and life ecosystem and a user interface was built in amazon connectivity and among the features it has set. A target price of forty five thousand dollars for its next m.

Byte crossover and k byte sedan. This wraps up my review of the byte and k byte. Let me know what you think of it. Thank you for sticking it out through the very end of this video. Nothing helps out my channel more than yall watching the entire video. These videos take a long time to make and they are a labor of love.