Well, maybe then this is for you. This is the comeback of lotus on a big scale. This is the lotus electra. Basically, a electric supercar suv. As you see it here, always in the front yeah, it has some lumber style doesnt it, but they use their own unique features. First of all, they have this blade here really sharp. The air goes on the top and also underneath for better wind efficiency, and they have a lot of open channels. A lot of carbon fiber use here – and you can see here this channel – goes all the way through, for example, and another one goes actually behind the lights and goes up here. So you have this, you know very strong design effect and can literally look through here. So my hands could actually meet so very dramatic features here for the lotus electra. By the way they write it with an e at the end, because it comes from a hungarian language and means to come alive so uh, i think they should. They would have used an a at the end, but that was already taken. Copyright wise, you always have to search for the certain name, but definitely what a strong look here, especially also with a very slim head lumps – and you might think like ah well – is that for real at that center right now. Yes, this is a prototype hand built car. However, it will come to normal series production almost identical the way.

It is here right now and there are more dramatic features even to come, for example, in the lower end you can see here. These here are adaptive air intakes and when its needed, when you need some cooling, then they open and leave some cooling air in actually to cool down, for example, the battery and stuff and well, you wont miss any carbon fiber here, definitely and youve. Seen some of the transformers features already in the front and more if you come closer here, are towards the side in the message eqs. These are here: wiper fluids, fillers, but here actually these are for the lightest. The car will be fitted with four lighters for level. Four autonomous driving, where allowed them, but its basically already prepared for that. Indeed, in this side circuit you can see it is this is the crossover is the suv they call it suv actually, and it is actually kind of flat. Still it gives you some headroom on the inside and the very strong line, also here hip area and once again, these air channels are being in place 23 inch wheels. You can see here really massive and already in the front 285 mil tires: yellow brake calipers. As a contrast, and then you have this air channel right here, where the air flows through and once again forms this negative line, this will be the charging flap to actually 22 kilowatt ac charging and 350 kilowatt dc charging. So in about 18 minutes you can get 400 kilometers or 250 miles of new range.

Then you have here as an option the digital mirrors. So this is a camera, then basically and then projected uh something to to the interior. Well soon, take a look at that. Then you also have yeah theres the camera. Then we also have these door handles theyre illuminated and they also fold out well. We know this one, for example from range rover models or the jaguar eye paste that looks actually quite similar. Sumo to the interior lets wrap. It up here on the exterior and yeah. You want more air channels here. They are look at that here. The air goes in there and flows out through here, and they are still working on the final cd value. So we cannot tell you it so far, but its supposed to be really very wind, efficient well and towards the rear, its once again, even more spectacular. You have these wings that are open to that side. They channel the air through and then it goes into that wing that is also adjustable. You have more yeah i used to force, you know so actually in this way of course, it would be more wind efficient. The other way you just you know have more downforce than when youre, for example, really really fast on the motorway, and, of course, this rear is super spectacular with the light strip. That goes all the way from left to right across the vehicle there. We are one more wind channel right here.

This is probably the biggest one and once again gives this supercar even hyper hypercar styling to that electric suv, which is by the way, five meters 11 in length, thats 201 inches and the top speed will be 260 kilometers. An hour or 160 miles per hour well, and then you definitely need all these aerodynamic. Uh features the acceleration aiming at less than three seconds in the acceleration to one kilometers or 60 miles an hour and the battery size, something around 100 kilowatt hours net. Well, this is supposed to give you then maybe a range of about 600 kilometers or 400 miles. We have to see about the true figures subscribe to our channel. If you also want to see this car driving, we will of course also keep you updated with that, but theres. So much more to tell you here about the lotus electra. Maybe some light show for you. So when the car is stationary, it can do a lot of things if this one will be allowed when the car is finished, not so sure about that yeah, maybe when stationary men when charging or something but definitely looks fancy, so i just want to show you That the frank that will be one available, housing, 77 liters cannot be opened on this hand built vehicle, but of course, well show that at the later stage – and i mean have you seen all the lighters – i told you – there are four two – the sides one, the Front one, the rear here, the front ones, pretty cool uh, almost looks like it could be a phaser or something well and for the rear one.

I imagine some evil. Mario kart features something you have to use the force young padavan. Are we in star trek or star wars universe today, you decide in the comments. Tell me then lets take a look at the interior, so they wanted to give a new touch to the interior. Here we have a lot of bright fabrics, a more modern. You know. Modern luxury style with more sustainability, also bright, microfiber recycling share, and you see they have placed the monitor of the digital mirrors here on the inside pretty high in the cabin so thats, actually quite well usable better than some other cars we have seen with that technology. However, i still prefer the normal mirrors and you see a lot of golden elements here: theres a very cool styling. They found here so really modern, a little bit living room alike. However, still with that sporty touch, you can see the seats here integrated head restraint. This is the cuadrade fabrics, so they have 30 wood share 70 recycled pt. If you want it all animal free, you can also get a slick, little red or vegan interior thats possible. However, sadly, they also still offer animal skin, which is not fitting to their sustainable approach. These digital instruments – they are super super slim and the reason for that is actually that you have a huge head up display, which we cannot show you at this moment, but thats. The reason they kept this one rather simplified – i could imagine also that maybe in sports mode, you just have like a you, know: red stripe, going from left to right or something to kind of mimic.

Um, like a digital, rpm meter or something, although theres an electric vehicle with two electric motors, one, the front one the rear. But you know why not being playful what it will do in a sport mode. You see that central screen 15 inch and in the sport mode you can actually have lets, say less distraction. It folds away like this, so you dont look at the display. You just look to the help display at your speed that you dont maybe exceed it or something yeah, but they still want to keep not only touch screen but real physical buttons. You can also see that steering wheel there. You can really touch and feel something and lotus said that this was very important to them. Also in the middle console you can see there are these toggle switches and the front one. They will be for the ac unit, for example, and the very small single one will be for the gear switch. So once again, you can somehow have a haptic interaction with the vehicle were not to were not allowed to get inside, because once again, its handled and theyre afraid that they know that anyone is damaging it. Just dont tell anyone yeah, but i think we can still already get a good image of that. There is also this panoramic roof. You can see it here, um and they told me they will also be available with an electrochromatic function, that you can have a better shade for that and you block out some some heat, so weve recently seen that one in the um in the porsche tycoon.

For example, as a new option, so definitely looking forward to your comments, the bot, this interior, i think its really looking stunning, both from the color choices, its simplistic, in a way it offers a big touchscreen. At the same time, we dont have hashtag capacitive bs all over the place. We still have things. We can really touch and feel. Do you remember the circus mode from the eqs with the emit lighting that is adaptive? Well, the electra also has one you can see it right here, and it plays together here with the ambient lighting. This, of course, also for show purposes, but you get the idea where the animated lighting is here in the front, for example, also at the inside of the doors, each that looks actually pretty fancy. Of course, different colors will be available and in this demo mode you also see how the digital instruments show the speed, for example, or then also on that central screen. They have these animations, for example this and for the tire pressure um yeah. I mean that looks really fancy. Maybe it can be also quite distracting while driving. I know thats always a big discussion. We had with the eqs already as well. So what is actually more important, you know being not distracting or being more fancy or maybe, as there a balance between these two but for show purposes or showing off your friends hey. This is my new car and lets go on a night ride or something – and i show you all of the features – then its probably really cool once again im looking forward to which parts will remain in the final car, but the emit lighting this one will definitely Remain and maybe it will also be a little bit adaptive.

What do you guys think i just read in the comments: what are those not air vents? These are speakers either 15 or 23 speakers, depending on the sound system you pick. Passenger screen is kind of also that very slim one. I also have here as a driver screen what about the rear? Remember. It was 5 meters or 211 inches, so it also should house five or in this case four passengers, and you can see theres a lot of legroom due to this ev platform. We also do not have a middle tunnel, so um that looks actually quite spacious. You can either get this single seat set up, but you can also get a bench that goes all the way through and then with five seats, this single seated setup, of course, a little bit more luxurious. Then you also have this screen here in the middle, where you can select things or where things are being mirrored. This will be here. You know like a real model like cup holders, which you can also press in here, then you know for some more storage and yeah. I really love this. You know this ambience they created here, so it is sporty, but some are also you know, lively, reminding us once again of the electra name like coming to life and here from there you can also see once again another view through that panoramic roof, and even already Here in this prototype we see a lot of selective materials, really um, so yeah i mean for that time.

You know the no one really expected to that. They come up with this year. Did you actually and now to the trunk housing? 400 liters? And you know it wouldnt be classic thomas style. If i would also not measure hypercar suvs right, then here the length about a meter of 40 inches and the same actually goes for the width. So these actually quite good dimensions, its just a little bit limited in the height here to the cover its about. You know, 45 centimeters or 18 inches, but of course it will be a little bit higher right there. So overall i mean its, of course, not like the super spacious family trunk, but it will be yeah. This suv, supercar, all electric, which you can also use for you know going on holiday or something with that fast charging uh and that battery capacity. That might even be feasible well going even more in depth now about the brand. What are they doing? First of all, lotus has been bought by gili thats, the chinese company – that also bought volvo and poster, for example, in the past, and they told me, however, they are not using so many same parts, so there will also be, for example, an all new volvo xc90 With a different name – and it will also um – you know, be electric or i guess, and but they didnt say that i know im not sharing the platform or something lotus.

They want to be that, like this halo brand. Actually this is very interesting. So inside the gd corporation load is supposed to be that sporty halo brand and then maybe technology will be taken from lotus to other brands. Thats very exciting actually – and you might ask yourself also what is the pricing well 100 kilowatt hour battery is, of course, already cost intensive and then all the features, maybe also when you get the lighter and so on, so this will be an expensive car. Yes, so my estimate is like starting a hundred thousand euros or dollars plus and also when you think about the positioning, audible, mercedes or rather are we like bentley, lamborghini and so on? Probably it will end up something in between it and thats. Why also the price will end up something in between it, more or less so yeah a lot of fantastic features, weve seen here, but yeah. It definitely will be very, very high in the price it will be built not in england, by the way the development and the ideas and so on. That does come from lotus. However, the plant is in wuhan china. Yes, the wuhan would be looking forward to your comments. If that is a problem to you or not, while charging by the way you get this light, show so yeah thats, a very unique feature, definitely will not be allowed, while driving, of course so much to discuss it.