But im going to tell you this zs ev is not nice rolling on from 20 kilometers an hour were getting wheelspin im getting talks to you. This is ridiculous. Fun zs evie is fun. I want you to remember that, because it could get a little complicated to understand why im saying that, like i said its, probably quick and exciting to drive, the performance is easy to tap into which just makes it so enjoyable and the confusing bit are the numbers. Now this zs ev costs about 70 000 rupees more than the pre facelift version, and it is coming with 33 ps, small thats simple, i think thats worth it, but the torque has actually gone down. All this rejigging is because theres, a new motor mg claims that the acceleration times off this zsev are the same 200 as the pre facelift version. Dont bother with the numbers, because this is feeling fun and that is phenomenal, but this isnt sport mode, but its acting ridiculous. The good thing is now: you look at this up over 100 kilometers an hour, its still whizzing fast, faster than you would expect an ev2, and if you ask me its gon na outrun the ice counterparts as well, its quick its properly properly quick, the zs keeps The excitement going as a stop speed is a solid 175 kilometers an hour keep in mind. Premium evs like mercedes eqc, are also capped at 180.. It is all the more phenomenal because this zsev also packs a larger battery pack for the 70 000 piece more youre.

Also, getting an additional six kilowatt hours, increasing the claim range by about 42 kilometers, taking it up to about 460 kilometers, even if in the real world you would get about 350 kilometers. This is a car thats, immensely practical and talking about practicality out on the highway. This thing would be properly potent because of that dockiness overtakes would be super easy, even in normal mode and yes, you do have three modes: the eco, normal and sport. Sport be ridiculous, and, aside from that, you have curse, which is kinetic energy, assume recovery system, and this basically increases the amount of region that the motor is doing to slow you down when you lift off the gas and in the third level, which is the most Aggressive, it is pretty easy to use even out on the highway in the city and slows you down a fair bit. But, according to me, the zs eevee either needed battles or more aggressive, fourth mode, which would let you do single pedal driving. That is a bit of a mess, but thats just me whining, because this zscb is something that will make you smile whenever you try. The zeta cv could end up putting a smile on your face if youre looking to make a statement without really making a noise. Because of the way it looks, which is now so much like an eevee. You can see the closed off grille and the charging port, which was really well hidden earlier, is now obvious and the way its designed now actually improves access to the port when you want to charge, and aside from that, you can see that the design has changed.

Quite a bit the headlamps are borrowed from the aster and gone is that london eye led brl treatment instead theres something far sharper, and if you look at the bumper here, its simple design, but handsome evs really have to work hard to maximize efficiency. For instance, youve got proper alloy wheels here, handsome ones, but they are covered by these wheel, covers just to improve that much aerodynamic efficiency. The tyre sizes are unchanged, and so are the dimensions well, except for the length which is a bit more than before, at the rear, its looking sportier, and if you look at the elements there are more of them. The tail lamp itself now gets that led drl like brow that weve seen on the headlamp and the stop lights are also leds and deeper set. So it has a 3d effect lower down. Youve got these four air intakes and further down. Youve got that diffuser like design on the bumper. The connection to the aster is definitely more at the rear than at the front. So nice nah head turning yeah yeah, and this here is for the safety features. Because, aside from the standard safety kit that the zs ev came with like six airbags, hello hill descent, now it also gets additional safety features like blind, spot monitoring and cross traffic alert. And, yes, you get isofix mounts all adjustable headrests and a new 360 degree. Camera too, but the video quality of it is not so hot.

Also keep in mind that the lane change assist is only a function of the blind spot detection. It doesnt control the steering in any way but nope it doesnt get aid as technology like its petrol parts, sibling the aster and so clearly they have cut corners in some places to get the cost right. But on the whole, if you look at this cabin on the inside, it feels just like the aster, which is solid and premium youve got softest materials all over. The dash youve got that bright, responsive touchscreen here, and you have this great digital display for the driver. Here as well, the new display as to the zss list of wow features like the panoramic sunroof, the pm 2.5 filter and the power drivers seat. The zeta cv is also making a step up in the second row, with small details like this, an armrest with cup holders. You also get air convents and two usb charging ports. So yes, nice well, it is certainly practical. This is a great family car. In that sense, but it could have done better. For instance, this seat still feels a little short in terms of under thigh support. It could have done with a bit more of that and if you look around you can see, there are a few misses the cabin isnt wide enough to see three in comfort and there are no sun blinds at the rear. The front seats, arent, ventilated, either and im going to have to go up front to talk about this one last thing which i really want to as an enthusiast and before we turn the wheel, a couple of things.

For instance, the seat itself could be a little better cushion because the lamar support is a bit too strong right now and the cushioning could have been a bit taller and as for the drivers instrument, cluster youve got a great digital display, but its really not using The real estate, well, you really have to hunt to find things like the drive modes. What setting youre in or the cars mode or even see where the battery level is, which is really a very tiny indicator, lets get back on the road like the hardware for the drivers display mg could have put the suspension to better use too. Before i start to nitpick, let me be absolutely clear: the zs eevee, with the bulk of those batteries weighing it down, is doing an incredible job of keeping you comfortable. In fact, i would say compared to the pre facelift version. This is feeling better mannered over bumps and higher speeds than what we remember of that car, and that is good, but i still feel that the suspension could have been a bit firmer. This would have given better body control over broken rolls so that this felt more enjoyable around corners. When you got the opportunity and its opportunities like that, you would want to indulge in given the amount of performance and range that the zsav has. So what else remains charging times the zv with this additional battery capacity and performance takes a little bit longer now to charge fast.

Charging is 60 minutes now, instead of 50 minutes earlier and in terms of price, it is a bit more expensive, 70. 000. For this top end variant, but youre getting more battery youre getting a bit more performance, youre, getting more features, safety features so its justifying that price as well, and even when you compare it to its sibling, the aster. You find that the zs ev can feel very convincing, so its packing in a lot of value too.