. My team and i have been testing this electric vehicle for over three days now and we have ridden over 300 kilometers. We have done range test. We have discharged the battery completely and we have charged the battery from 0 to 100 multiple times. This is the one feature which i absolutely love about: the pure ev motorcycle, that is, you dont, have to be concerned about a belt which actually drives the rear wheel. This ev has a hub motor. The motor is located within the wheel itself and what you see here – the black and silver motor that spins the wheel. So there is no belt no chain, no drive shaft, so no maintenance to be taken care of another. Very important factor about the pure eevee etrust 350 is that it does not use any complicated software or touchscreen. You have a physical key. You put in the key turn it on, and you see here on the display. It is very simple. I really like the positioning of the charging port. It is exactly where you would fill in fuel on a conventional motorcycle. Now let me show you how to put this ev for a charge. You get this portable adapter and here is the charging point very simple. Now the other end simply put it to a power outlet. We use a specialized iot based charging station by our company, moto er, and you put it in this Music leave this adapter on a chair or a stool.

Now let us talk about the range. The most important thing on an electric vehicle, the company claims that on a full charge of the battery, you can get from 90 kilometers to 140 kilometers and they were absolutely correct. We have tested this many many times from a full charge to zero percentage and we got 100 kilometer range every single time in mixed driving and riding conditions like city, highway, complicated conditions, and we were switching in between all the three riding modes. One two three different riding modes and the charging time is four hours from zero percent. It would get to hundred percent battery in about four hours. However, in three hours you get to about eighty percent, which is good enough, because in eighty percent you would still get about 80 to 90 kilometer range. You get disc brakes on both the wheels and, if you apply the front brake, even the rear wheel will slow down. The headlight of this ev is effective to ride in the nights even on the highways here is where the battery of this ev is located. It is a 3.5 kilowatt hour battery and it has a four kilowatt motor at its peak power. Many people have mentioned that they find the rear tyre to be very slim and they would prefer a much wider rear tire. However, i have ridden this ev for hundreds of kilometers and having a slim rear. Tire does not create any kind of a concern with regards to handling of this ev, whereas having a slim tire is beneficial because it would create much lesser uh rolling friction and because of that, the range of the ev would be much better.

So it is basically efficient to have a slim tire. Another factor that i absolutely love about this ev is that it actually has a center stand a main stand. This is very useful. The seat of this ev is very comfortable. It has a lot of cushion on it and you can ride for many many hours non. Stop thanks for watching buddies. I suggest that you go to the showroom of pure eevee and ride this electric vehicle and test it for yourself and, if youre not subscribed to my channel youll, miss out on important videos like these, and if you liked this video do give it a thumbs up.