Does Volvo make a decent electric car Lets find out. Nearly every automaker has an electric car to offer you these days. Volvo says half of its sales volume will be full EVs by 2025 and by that year itll Have a million electric vehicles on the road., Very ambitious of those Swedes. The companies first BEV was the XC40 Recharge. Heres number two, the C40 Recharge. Yeah the X has been dropped., So has the squared off behind. People arent buying sedans like before, but apparently they still Like the roofline., Volvo makes it easy to settle on options there arent any on the C40.. It only comes fully loaded at around 60 thousand dollars, including delivery. Thats, before any state or federal tax credits, its eligible for Uncle Sams, 7500 offer.. The only upcharge is fancy paint, and these days maybe dealer mark up., As you might expect, the C40 Recharge is built on the same architecture as XC 40 Recharge, but its not just a new back end. Designers say that essentially everything reward of the C pillar is Unique to this car. Im in Palm Springs CA for a Volvo event where these are the gas prices.. Besides being easy on the fuel budget, electric vehicles are sold as environmentally friendly, no tailpipe emissions., The folks from Gothenburg go one green level. Higher., Carpets and fabrics are recycled PET bottles so that Mountain Dew bottle you tossed last year might be in here.. Is The Dew a thing in Sweden Or Belgium where this is assembled Anyway? This is a leather free zone.

Apparently, the term vegan is not accurate, since even the synthetic stuff includes animal by products. C40 is built on the same Compact Modular Architecture as Polestar 2.. The dual motor system is the only version sold in the US, making a total of 402 horsepower and 487 lb ft of torque to move 4800 pounds or 2177 kilos for everyone else in the world.. The lithium ion battery is rated at 78kWh. 75 of them are usable.. C40 is one of those cars that doesnt have an on off switch., Your butt turns it on. There is no multispeed transmission. Higher regeneration. Drag is a menu selected choice. The steering effort can be firmed up here. Too. EVs are judged on their range. C40 Recharges EPA rating is 226 miles, 50 less than Ioniq5. As for charge speed Using a Level 2 home charger. This car will charge from 0 to 100 in about eight hours. On a Level 3 DC fast charger, which is your commercial public, fast charger. It will go from 0 to 80 in about 40 minutes., Its capable of taking in 150 kW Its not as fast as Tesla or the 800 volt system in Ioniq5 and EV6 Swedes wont mind the extra Fika time Americans are in more of a hurry. By their Very nature, electric vehicles feel faster than they are because of the great low end torque, and this has a lot of power. Man. It moves off the line. The sprint to 60 miles an hour is a rapid 4.

7 seconds. According to Volvo., I think thats conservative.. It really pushes you into the back of the seat. This is not a sedate. Volvo. Visibility is great going forward, not so hot rearward because of the small window.. These rocket booster ports are functional. Aero according to Volvo. No rear wiper could be problematic in Seattle.. One pedal driving is definitely a thing in the C40 Recharge. Lift your foot off the throttle and itll slow, not dramatically, but enough so that you dont really have to hit the brake pedal in city driving.. Its much like the Tesla Model Y dynamic. And the pedal transition from recuperation to feathering in the physical discs, something that Tesla doesnt do is excellent.. Volvo does great brakes its a safety thing.. Some EVs struggle to hit the EPA estimate an issue if this didnt achieve the 226 mile rating.. That is not best in class range, but its 85 out, and I am definitely seeing that figure. Truth in advertising.. The cluster offers up info on power, output and regeneration.. Im on target for 250 miles by days, end driving enthusiastically and in these hills. C40 Recharge is no Porsche Taycan GTS when cornering hard., But its entertaining., My old Volvo XC 70 was like driving my grandmas sofa. It was soft and floaty. This. This is pretty good. Obviously, the lower center of gravity comes from the heavy batteries in the floor, but the suspensions is tuned just about right. For this vehicle.

Its fun to drive these roads are really twisty.. A Volvo executive told me its cars are meant to soothe after a hard days. Work. Mission accomplished. For a decompression chamber, this suspension is a solid, sporty setup.. By their very nature, electric vehicles are quiet and this one is no exception.. There is a little bit of road noise coming off the tires, but its not bad. Could be a good road trip or, except for the charging issue To be fair. Its power take rate is similar to ID.4 and Mustang. Mach, E. EV6 and Ioniq5 need a 350kW commercial terminal for ultra fast charging., Not as common as 150kW stations. Back to the cabin.. In addition to the eco green materials, Volvo throws in a splash of blue a trendy interior color.. There are Volvo style points in here. No cut and sewn action on the instrument panel, but materials are all top grade.. These feel as solid as the chassis. Door. Pockets are enormous and the felted material keeps rattles down.. There are some clever storage spots here: too. The CMA platform isnt a fully flat skateboard. So the cockpit isnt as airy as Ioniq5 and Mach E, if thats your thing., The orthopedic seats, continue Volvos tradition of being extremely comfortable and supportive.. This trim on its own looks great. Ill, go to Volvos footage to show you its an abstract topographic map of Swedens Abisko, national park. And at night the ambient backlighting is especially cool.

. Recharge doesnt use the Volvo Sensus user interface.. This one is powered by Android, Automotive and largely uses casual voice prompts which are pretty impressive.. You just use the prompt, hey, Google, I need to charge the car.. There are ChargePoint charging station 0.1 miles, away. Want to navigate there, Sure. No abundance of buttons, but turning on the heated seats or steering wheel is easy to do by voice.. This is the future kids. Volvo claims that Apple CarPlay will be added in an over the air update.. As expected, this runs. Google Maps and apps like Spotify can be downloaded.. The screen with excellent touch response might seem small, but itll appeal to those that hate the glued on iPad. Look that Tesla and Mach E have. Evil twin couldnt, make it Palm Springs. hes on the no fly list, as you might imagine so Ill, be assessing the backseat. Im sure that his big concern is the sloping roofline. Headroom Its not bad, that much. Knee leg and Foot room are actually pretty generous.. The cushions, though, are a little bit on the low side, so thigh support is average and the door openings a bit on the small side. If youre always getting car seats in and out. Door, pockets are deep, a little on the small side. Nice that kids wont fight over these. Vents, Check. Power to charge. Phones, Check. And heated seats. Theres a fairly sizable spine running down C40, so that cuts into foot room.

If you put three people back here. Honestly, keep it to two all right. People will be much happier that way. As for design Volvo designer Eric Beak offers a brief tour.. As you can see, this clear color breakup between the body and the cabin makes this cabin quite compact and tight.. We have a really dynamic and powerful body side, its creating really good proportion of balance.. This is actually the one of the highlights of this cars exterior because we no longer use conventional air intake.. We dont need it for electric cars.. Our homework for ourselves was how do we make an attractive front without using the material design elements that we used to use., And this is a great example of that we cover the front grill and give it a really good aerodynamic, efficiency.. Another area that I can talk about here is this animated digitalize, segmented taillamp, which actually shows our effort to the step into the digitalized era., Like the choice of meatballs or fishballs at IKEA theres, the sleeker look of C40 or the traditional XC40 roofline. Ill point out That these wheels are lovely and that a closer look has lots for the eye to discover all over the car.. A quick mention of safety. Volvo seems to have de emphasized that in its marketing lately but says it remains its highest priority. Im using the companys video. Since crashing a C40 in Palm Springs is frowned upon.. Its automatic emergency braking includes pedestrian, cyclist and large animal detection.

. It has solid adaptive cruise and lane keep assist. Its collision. Energy management in the best in biz. Notice that nothing behind the windshield pillar deforms. It includes a high strength, steel, cabin cell, that doesnt crush in roll over situations. Or when dropped 30 meters from a crane.. You want to be in one of these. If you drive off a bridge. Truth be told, I saw Costco while I was driving here, but these events are so jampacked and I have so little time I cant stop., So the trunk area Were gon na have to do that by the numbers.. But first I want to show you that the load floor with storage underearth has skills. A small slot. Lets you do this, so groceries bags are less apt to slide around. Hey. This machine has punch thatll happen., No spare though. For you skiers out there. This keeps them safe. And anything racked on the roof raises. The drag coefficient lowers range and causes wind. Noise. Seats raised theres up to 17.3 cubic feet about 3, less than the XC40 Recharge and 10 less than Ioniq5. Its easy to lower them from the back. Not much of a reach. All dropped max cargo room is 44 cubic feet.. There is a solid security cover. Sometimes those dont fit in the boot. No need to leave it in the garage. And there is a funk, its not nearly as big as Mach E or Model Y. At point, 7 cubic feet.

Lets go to Red Light, Green Light., Green Light Safety is a given. So lets move on to the power and deep torque that the C40 Recharge offers. Always high on my list., So are the excellent driving dynamics that are tailored to the real world.. The sustainable cabin materials keep plastic out of the landfill and have a premium look.. People like the fastback style, always good to have design options., Yellow Light. The stylish rake of the roof cuts into the practicality compared to the boxy backend.. The cabin has Scandinavian style. The spine of the CMA platform cuts into its usability.. The Android Automotive interface is exceptionally smooth with terrific voice recognition. Some OTAs with CarPlay are still needed. Red Light Marketing. The 226 mile range that Volvo, like Porsche seems to be lowballing, will be a tough sell at the 60 thousand dollar level. Mainstream competitors like the HyundaiKia offering have a faster commercial charging speed. The semi autonomous driving tech that I didnt really cover is good, just not Up to the standard set by GMs Super Cruise. Vehicles are never bought for a single reason.. Sometimes a car hits a buyer in their gut.. The whole of the C40 Recharge has a gravity about it. Thats appealing., C40 recharge is quick, comfortable fun to drive its practical.. The only real issue I see with it is the range its not up to what the others in class have., The others dont have the Volvo ness, which is something.

. This is kind of a neat vehicle. Buyers that, like Volvos 40 Recharge vibe, now have two to choose: from. The traditional XC or the progressive C. They add to growing variety that EV shoppers have now. Choice. Its always worth getting amped up, about. To stay fully charged And caffeinated Volvo has announced its installing some 60 ChargePoint DC Fast chargers at 15, Starbucks between Seattle and Denver.. If people like it, the program will be expanded.. Volvo owners get free or reduced rates.. I might give that coffee run a try. Again full disclosure. I attended a Volvo sponsored drive and used its exterior running footage plus ate the food that was provided. But Im all about giving you good information Im, not impressed by nice hotel rooms., An observation that might not be useful when buying a car. At these events, corporate culture seeps, though in a big way., Some automakers load up on disingenuous marketing, others shoot pretty straight. Ill. Put the Volvo folks squarely in the sincere camp., The company seems to walk to the talk.. Sustainability is not something that we chose just to follow the trend, because sustainability is coming from deep in the heart in the blood veins. That makes our cars to be more better for the environment and for people more longer amount of time.. So sustainability and effort to be sustainable, its not been just recent, its been a long time. So its hard to find. Why? Because it is what we are.

, It will be interesting to see how it does now that the IPO has launched. Without diving deep into the business side, it should give Volvo significant autonomy from majority investor Geely.. This is the end and even though Im on the road Ill still give you a fun fact, though, I might have told you these already., The Volvo logo Thats called the iron mark and its because its the symbol for iron, its slightly redesigned now. And the Volvo Name means I roll in Latin because the company got its start as a ball bearing company. And one more fun fact. On these events, I am always the last person in because Im shooting all day long to give you good information.. Last nights dinner was at 630. I sauntered in at 730 the catering people just hate me.. Well, there you go thanks for watching., Remember to subscribe. Follow me on Twitter Im really active there and if you have a question, leave it in the comments.