CT&T City2 FULL REVIEW – Rare EV Review

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Meet the Owner – Kevin and his Tesla Model Y

My name is derek reilly today were joined by kevin and his brand new tesla model y part of the meet the owners series that weve done weve already done, one with roger and his kia e nero. So i have a look back on that and when i heard that kevin was getting his […]


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EMotorad Doodle EV Cycle Review || Bike Cum Bicycle || Foldable Electric Cycle || Hybiz Automotives

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2022 MG ZS EV | MG ZS EV Facelift | Electric Car from MG | MG ZS EV Real-life Review

The address for the showroom will be given as it is as usual in the description go check it out, and you have already seen the thumbnail. So you know about which card im going to talk so lets get started without any further ado with the intro Music Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Music, Music, […]

2022 BMW iX3 – EV Perfection? / Right Lane Reviews

Review Music, bmws top seller of the x3 has long been a fantastic machine, and now the era of electrification is upon us and ignoring the quirky i3, its the first mainstream model to get the full electric experience here in australia as the ix3, and i have to Say its a hell of a […]

2022 Mazda MX-30 | SUV Review | Driving.ca

The mx30 is a 35.5 kilowatt power battery. Its got 143 horsepower and torque comes in at 200 foot pound and its got a one. Speed transmission and its front wheel drive only peculiar at first, but if mazda launched their first ev that only has 161 kilometers of range with an all wheel drive […]

All-New 2023 Nissan Ariya – Full Review Amazing EV SUV #nissan2022 #nissanariya #nissan2023 #evesuv

Look at the all new nissan aria. The new aria is the result of nissans numerous years in leading ev expertise, and it embodies a perfect balance between dynamic beauty and the future of technology, delivering timeless japanese futurism and it results in a smooth, capable and thrilling ride. The aria we have on site […]

Still The Best EV in 2022? Tesla Model 3 Long Range Review

High. Many drivers are looking to switch to an electric vehicle with the model 3 being on a lot of peoples shortlists in this video im going to outline everything i enjoy about this car as well as some of the things i think could be better lets. Do it Music, Music, Music, Music? This […]

2023 Nissan Ariya FIRST DRIVE REVIEW

This, however, is the new aria that second vehicle that weve been waiting for for so long. Its a compact crossover with midsize interior were gon na hop in here in spain in the rain and see how it goes Music, so weve traveled all the way out here to madrid. This is the harama […]