New Kia EV6 Review: The car to take Kia to the next level? Surprisingly Excellent!

For someone like me who wasnt necessarily thrilled with the styling options that the ev market had to offer in those first couple of years. But since then theres been some aesthetically appealing options that have come to market things like the jaguar. I pace the audi e tron, the new mustang mackie and, of […]

SKODA ENYAQ Sportline – Full In-depth Review 4K

My name is derek reilly. Today were looking at the skoda enyak, but its not just any enyak. This is the sport line version, so its a little bit, sportier looking and well start off right at the front and the crystal face grille. This is an option you dont have to go for it, […]


Next year, Music, Music, the hummer ev, will be only available in a four door configuration and five foot bed an inevitable outcome, given the way its built. The bed itself does, however, integrate a mid gate model similar to a honda ridge line which is made up of the same materials as the bed […]

Nissan Ariya Review: Qashqai's electric cousin

It pioneered the mainstream electric car with the nissan leaf more than a decade ago, but as it felt like nissan, has perhaps become complacent and been leapfrogged by some of the new arrivals in the last few years. Well, maybe yes, but not anymore! This is the nissan aria or, to be more precise, […]

Kia Soul EV ReReview: what a bargain!

First off this car really does look unique. I mean from the front end: it looks a bit like a futuristic range rover that light bar across the front looks absolutely lovely but down the side. It kind of looks a bit like a cross between an suv and a postman path fan, but somehow […]

Tata Nexon EV (Don’t waste your money) 🤨🤨🤨 in Tamil @TechApps Tamil

io memilih, smooth and phosphate injit injit Anda noise level. 4400 mutan siadosen temen, temen, Wow, rushn AK47 Factor next next elektrik Pati now get it flow fan: cke Kyle, batas, nd8000 matangnya, berdentang, Minaj Pegagan, One Piece: sleep, pernikahan, Suwon, Suwon di PowerPoint backgrounds, 24 tebingnya, so much setting an dipindah karet ban, elektrik, […]

2022 Jaguar I Pace Review An Older but Still Enviable EV

I cant remember the last time i saw one at an auto show much less on public roads, which is a terrible shame, because this all electric suv not only looks amazing, but it drives well and is surprisingly functional if youre shopping for an upscale battery powered utility Vehicle something like an audi e […]

2022 Lexus UX300e Review | The First All Electric Lexus

This is the first all electric car from lexus this ones the premium plus spec that one comes in at about 46 grand and it has a claimed range of miles. Competition for this car would be things like the full mustang mackie, the polestar 2, possibly the kia e nero and, of course, the […]

Should You Buy a Kia Niro EV? Or Wait in Line for a Kia EV6?

Sometimes a single automaker has more than one case in point: the 2022 kia niro ev. This crossover has been around since 2019 and its one of the pioneering bevs that broke past the 200 mile mark. However, the nero is now sitting on the same lot as the newer, more stylish ev6. Unsurprisingly, theres […]

MG ZS EV Review | MG ZS EV Test Drive | Forces Cars Direct

The zs ev is powered by a water cooled lithium ion battery, which offers a vastly longer driving range than this models original rod. Feeble 44 kilowatt hour battery, which only took the car 163 miles. The entry point to the lineup is these days marked by a 51 kilowatt hour battery, which can take […]