Nissan Ariya review – we DRIVE all-new electric SUV! | What Car?

What its like inside, but also answering some important questions, including how fast it is and how far you can expect to get on a charge, but before that make sure youre subscribed to the channel weve got some really exciting. New car reviews and group tests coming up over the next few weeks, and […]

[IONIQ 5 N & 6 N] 600 hp Electric N cars will be different beasts from the Kia EV6 GT!

5 seconds, which is expected to be released at the end of the year. The anticipation for the hyundais versions, which are still largely shrouded in mystery, is now higher than ever with the exposure of the new prototypes. That could very well be the end version of the ionic 6. Electric sedan and leaked […]

Top 10 Japanese Electric SUVs Signaling a New Era of Reliable EVs

However, through the years their momentum has stalled, enemy strategies have become less and less aggressive, but have the japans car makers been completely beaten, or can we expect some worthy electric cars from the land of the rising sun? Well, by presenting the already existing japanese dvs uvs of 2022 today, well prove to […]

New MG ZS EV audio review: Six speakers but no subwoofer! | TotallyEV

If youd, like a detailed review of the vehicle itself, do check it up on your pop banner down description below or indeed in the pin comments. Now the model that we have on review is the trophy connect that comes fitted with six speakers: that output up to 150 watts of power. There are […]

2021 Tesla Model 3 Review | Is Tesla's Popular EV Really That Good? | Price, Range, Trims & More

, But does it deliver on its promise, and is it worth your consideration? There are some crucial things that you should consider from charging the batteries to working with new technology. And today well cover all you need to know when it comes to the Model 3 and its competition. Hi, Im Yomary with […]

The 2022 Hyundai Ioniq5 EV is Fashion-Forward and Priced Right

. How do they compare ill get into that plus others like volkswagen id4 these days, automotive designers are handcuffed by a blizzard of governmental regulations, engineering requirements and aerodynamic efficiencies. It leads people to say all cars appear. The same heres proof, thats, not true, hyundais ionic 5 looks like an 80s hatchback resurrected […]

2022 BYD Atto 3 Preview | The all-new electric SUV from China |

Its not here just yet. However, weve got an evaluation vehicle from byd weve asked them. If we can have a quick sneak, peek and a test drive of this car, it is left hand drive, and this is a chinese market car. In fact, proper australian delivered right hand, drive models will be getting […]

Lucid Air Dream Edition review: 1,111 horsepower of EV luxury

Jesus Music, the model s changed everything its the beginning of the modern day, ev story, but its not exactly a luxury vehicle, its more luxury adjacent. But what? If the head engineer of the model, s decided to build another eevee and one that takes aim at german luxury from that idea, the lucid […]

New ETryst 350 Electric Bike 2022 Full Review in Telugu | Pure EV Bike Test Ride, Range and Features

I would rather be at home all by myself, not in this room with people who dont even care about my well being i dont dance dont ask i dont need a boyfriend, so you cant go back. Please enjoy your party ill, be here without any further delay. Lets jump into our video guys, […]

All-New 2023 Nissan Ariya – Full Review! | Amazing EV SUV | Car Updates

Look at the all new nissan aria. The new aria is the result of nissans numerous years in leading ev expertise, and it embodies a perfect balance between dynamic beauty and the future of technology, delivering timeless japanese futurism and it results in a smooth, capable and thrilling ride. The arya we have on site […]