This here has all the credentials of porsches sportiness, but moves into the eb space, while the mercedes benz and the audi both are very familiar to their petrol counterparts. The bmw well thats, not thats, basically like a show car in your garage, its a very tough one, to judge Music priced for 1′ 900 before options and on road costs. The audi e tron is available in three power variants and two body styles. The entry level e tron 50 wagon offers a 230 kilowatt output from a 71 kilowatt hour battery. The e tron 55 moves up to 300 kilowatts from a 95 kilowatt hour battery, where the e tron s sportback at 175 400 uses the same 95 kilowatt hour battery that steps up power to a hefty 370 kilowatts judges are consistently impressed by the audis, build quality And general usability but find that its heavy construction impacts range with the e tron 50, offering a claimed 334 kilometers, the lowest of all our finalists, perhaps the most striking car on the road right now. The bmw ix is a stake in the ground for what is possible from an ultra modern car priced between 134 hundred dollars and a hundred and sixty eight thousand nine hundred dollars before options and on road costs. The ix uses a 76.6 kilowatt hour battery in the x drive 40 and a massive 111.5 kilowatt hour battery in the x drive 50.. The large power unit offers a range of 630 kilometers and an output of 385 kilowatts.

The drive judges were impressed by the ixs use of materials and the cars quietness and on road manners, but found the step to the future was perhaps a step too far with many standard. Bmw features and functions. Using new interfaces plus elements like exposed carbon fibre and frameless windows, potentially not ideal for hardworking family use, the mercedes benz eqc may be the oldest of our finalists, but its step in and drive approach is still hugely relevant. Today. The ability for mercedes owners to feel instantly familiar with the eqc, despite its holy electric power train, makes the transition from a petrol or diesel car so much easier to make prices start from 124, 300 and rise to 141 300 before options and on road costs. For the eqc and eqc sport respectively, the differences are in trim and equipment, as all eqc models use. The same 80 kilowatt hour battery pack and dual motor setup for a 300 kilowatt output and 373 kilometer claimed range judges continued to praise the eqcs, drivability and performance, but found that, although being based on the glc suv platform, makes it an easy step for electric early Adopters the compromises of a slightly dated interior and transmission tunnel for the center rear passenger do hold it back. Amongst some of the newer contenders and the drive car of the year 2022 best electric vehicle over one hundred thousand dollars is the porsche tycoon, its a high tech high performance, offering that not only works as an exceptional electric vehicle, but its a proper porsche too.

With eight variants to choose from in both a four door: sedan and high riding station wagon body style, the thai card is priced between 156 300 and 345 800 before options and on road costs featuring either a 79 kilowatt hour or 93 kilowatt hour battery and with Power ranging from 300 kilowatts to a whopping 560 kilowatts, the taikan delivers the peak of electric vehicle capability along with a true porsche experience. Furthermore, it offers the convenience of up to 270 kilowatt ultra fast charging drive. Judges were impressed with the taikans performance and handling, as well as its ride, comfort and general ease of use. The way technology has been integrated into the beautifully presented interior was another standout, but judges did note the four door sedan doesnt offer a huge amount of room for rear passengers and in traditional porsche fashion. There is a long list of personalization and optional features that can push your purchase price up considerably. The porsche taikan achieved a near unanimous vote for its winning position, with the bmw ix and audi etron, drawing for second place for all the information and full write up head to