. This result is especially meaningful as its followed by kia being ranked highest in the jd power. Initial quality awards in the industry in 2021. Whats interesting is that, within the sales increase in all regions around the world, it was the suvs that played a critical role in the sales search and with the increase in quality. The sales rose as well kia corporation recorded total global sales of 221 1152 units. In february 2022, a 4.7 increase year on year, it was eco, friendly models such as nero and sportage that led the sales in europe, in particular, with the nero eevee being ranked number one in sales among all plug in vehicles sold in january in the domestic market. In korea it was the new sorrento and sportage hybrid that people are waiting up to one year to purchase. Even in developing markets like india, it was the vehicles like the all new karens compact suv, that dominated the sales, which led to a 28 increase in total sales at 227 844 units in 2021 amid supply constraints of semiconductors during the year in the u.s kia, america Reported a sales increase of 2.3 versus the same period last year, with 49 182 units sold in february, led by sales of models like the neural line of electrified crossovers that saw a 40 increase over the model lines best ever february. Sales total set in 2017.. So its undeniable that the suvs and crossovers are very important for kia, and in this episode we will explore what change kia is planning for its suv lineup this year, with a focus on the models that are to be undergoing mid cycle.

Refreshes. Before we go on wed highly appreciate your support by subscribing and turning on the notification bell, if you havent already and please dont, forget to like comment and vote on the question thats presented at the end of the video kia reports, that 64.2 of all cars sold Are now suvs and undeniably its what really defines kia as a brand in the us in particular? No other suv identifies with the kia brand more so than telluride. Since its introduction in 2018, kia telluride, along with a stinger, has redefined the image of kia once suffering from a poor reputation due to its substandard quality and performance attributes. Models like telluride turned around the publics perception of the korean brand by posting incredible sales of nearly 60 000 units in its first year, which blew away the sales figure of the borrego suv that it replaced that barely surpassed 10 000 units. In its best year of the four years that it has been in existence in the u.s, the sales of the popular three row continue to grow with the anticipation that it would break 100 000 units this year. Despite the pandemic and the chip shortage problems, making it the second most sold kia model in the us currently after the forte compact, actually quite late to the game. Behind the likes of toyota, highlander and honda pilot that dominated the three row suv segment kias, seven passenger behemoth became one of americas favorite due to its distinctive, yet attractive, styling and interior appointments that rivaled cars costing tens of thousand dollars more.

However, that price advantage is dissipated oftentimes, as the dealer premium, also known, as market adjustment is known to be as high as 18 000 in some extreme cases, meaning that the most popular top of the line sx model with an msrp of under 50 000 would sell For as much as 70 000., this kind of price gouging by unscrupulous dealers is not unheard of now due to supply chain issues that are prolonging the wait time for the delivery and driving up the prices. But who would have thought that people would ever pay that? Much over the msrp for ikea, after all its just a kia right. Well, that might not be the case anymore. Since the telluride and stinger came the new sportage and the ev6 kias first ever dedicated eevee thats winning the world all over, which has even further increased. The market appeal of the kia brand and now enjoys its status as a maker of the most sought after and coveted cars in the market, not to be outdone by its smaller siblings kia telluride is now in preparation to receive its mid cycle facelift and upgrade. However, the changes are expected to be not drastic, given tellurides good market results. Instead, kia will likely tweak the front fascia a little by changing the internal graphics of the headlights as depicted in the illustration by kolsa, but we are not so sure if its an improvement over the current one as gone is the characteristic and striking orange rectangular daytime Running light that distinguished tellurides fascia from any other suv in the market, giving it that distinctive, futuristic vibe other changes include the revision and the radiator grille pattern, giving it more pronounced 3d shapes reminiscent of the new sportage grille.

The changes in the rear are even less noticeable, as only the tail light graphic along with a reshaped rear bumper and the integrated diffuser are expected to be slightly modified. However, the biggest change is expected to happen inside, as seen in the hyundai palisade facelift, for which the mid cycle refreshed model would be released a bit earlier in the summer of this year. The largest suv of the lineup is to receive the larger 12.3 inch infotainment screen up from the current 10.2 inches connected to the instrument. Cluster panoramically, as with other kia products such as the ev6 and the sportage, the panoramic screen unit would be driving the latest safety suite, along with the improved connectivity as found in the latest genesis models. However, it would be connected to the same drivetrain as the outgoing model. Although improvement of the power plant to the newer 2.5 liter turbocharged unit from genesis was rumored. Kia is not changing. Whats not broken by maintaining the current, normally aspirated 3.9 liter lambda 2 gasoline direct injected v6 engine that produces 291 horsepower and 262 pound feet of torque. Also, the much anticipated hybrid engine wont be happening either, as the upgrade does not include the platform change that it will have to undergo in order to accommodate the latest smartstream hybrid engine, similar to whats found in the kia sorento fyi. The telluride is based on the older second generation platform, unlike the sorrento, which is based on the new third generation platform, and in order to adopt the hybrid power plants designed for the newest platform.

It needed to change over to the newer platform, as was the case for the hyundai santa fe. That made the transformation during its facelift. Kia, however, thought that such a drastic modification was not warranted, given tellurides popularity. If you are in the market for a more environmentally conscious large suv, you wouldnt have to wait too long as what could be construed as an electric version of the telluride. The kia ev9 dedicated electric suv is due to arrive by early 2024, approximately one year after the release of the facelifted telluride in early 2023 for more info on the upcoming ev9 large electric suv. Please refer to our feature episode on the subject. Another kia model that is expected to undergo a facelift is another popular suv. Celtas saltos is an interesting product, unique to kia, even within the hyundai motor group, because it offers a unique size thats, a tad smaller than the more mainstream sportage compact suv that many people find just perfect for urban use and whats more interesting is that its probably The only model in kias history that a concept which was known as the sp concept was turned into a production car overnight, retaining all of the concept, stunning design elements and as designed with an urban suv concept, it offers a great mini suv style. With the premium details like the extended daytime light signature that really stand out in urban settings, it also offers a high end interior that rivals some european premium products, which is hard to find in its price bracket, introduced in 2019.

At nearly the same time as the telluride, the miniaturized suv will also undergo a facelift and, like the telluride, the exterior changes will be minimal for already fantastic looking cell toes, the noticeable change will be. The redesigned led lamps with a modified daytime running light signature along with a larger grille, but we are not quite sure if its for the better similar to the telluride, the changes to the rear will be even less such as the removal of the central metallic strip. To give it a more simplified and contemporary look, as the current trend dictates, however, whats drastically different is the addition of a new hybrid engine, unlike telluride, which is not sold in the domestic korean market. Celtos is an incredibly popular model. There even outselling the globally popular kia, niro thanks to its aforementioned exterior styling and the high end interior and as such, the demand for hybrid power plant was extremely high, with the electrified cars dominating in the market and the subsequent drastic decline of the popularity of diesel Power plants and since kia couldnt force the public to buy the nero which provided the eco friendly options, its giving neros hybrid engine to saltos this time around to coincide with the facelift. And it will essentially be the hand me down 1.6 liter hybrid engine from nero with a 32 kilowatt motor for the combined system, power of 141 horsepower. No platform change is necessary, as it will use the power plant from the outgoing nero that use the same second generation platform as the celtos.

Furthermore, significant improvement is expected inside with the inclusion of the dual panoramic display, like the other kia products. Also, the most recent spy photos have revealed the sensors and radar for the latest advanced driver assistance systems or adas that are offered in more expensive products like the ev6. These changes are a big step up from the current model in preparation to compete with the upcoming. All new second generation kona, which is now to have a body as big as the new nero and with all electrified power plant options. Accordingly, the price of the celtos is going up by roughly 3 000 in korea, and we would expect a similar price hike in the other markets. The price increase for telluride is expected to be less drastic, relatively speaking, with the anticipated two thousand dollars to three thousand dollars increase. This concludes part one of the 2023 kia suv lineup overview. As for the end of the video question, how important is hybridization and electrification in your next car purchase? Would you still buy a pure internal combustion engine, car or suv? Please vote and share your views by clicking on the link in the comment section below or in the description thanks for watching, auto vision, your best source for the fastest korean car news and rumors dont forget to comment like subscribe and click on the notification bell. As not to miss any of our new videos, it would help the channel greatly if you could view our videos as soon as they are uploaded and watch them all the way until the end, which would help to reach more people also to support our channel even Further, please join our membership and enjoy the exclusive content and preview of the upcoming episodes.

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