Then the british sports car maker revealed the avaya an example of whats possible and a glimpse into the future of lotus as a brand. Only a few lucky individuals will get their hands on one, but the big news is that believe it or not. There are also more affordable family oriented models on the way models like this, the lotus, electra Music, and if you didnt see lotus making an electric car, you almost certainly didnt see them making an electric suv but thats exactly what weve got and you would be a Fool to dismiss it, this thing has got a bespoke platform, its got a massive battery, its got long range and fast charging, so its a pretty impressive thing, certainly on looks alone and speaking of looks just take a peek at that front end its got completely new Design language which is going to influence lotuses in the future, but everything is functional. So all these holes direct airflow, exactly where its needed in the car and if you look down the side 23 inch wheels. Youve got two charge: ports, one on either side. Digital door, mirrors and flush door handles youve, got some cameras here for all the radars and things like that for the autonomous drive functions and then at the back, youve got a two piece spoiler now that is not just for looks by putting it in two pieces. It actually saves weight. Lotus says this thing is going to weigh under two tons, which is pretty incredible.

Frankly, if you look at the size of it, five meters, long three meter, wheelbase, just incredible lotus – describes the electra as an all new lifestyle car for the next generation of lotus customers. Not something youd have found in its marketing literature, even five or ten years ago, but laugh at its lifestyle ambitions. All you want. The numbers make for some pretty compelling reading lotus says that every model will have at least 600 brake horsepower. Four wheel drive and do not 62 in less than three seconds. With a top speed in excess of 160 miles an hour battery capacity stands at more than 100 kilowatt hours and itll also have 800 volt charging. Much like the kia v6 and the hyundai ioniq 5. total range lotus claims is in the region of 600, kilometers or 370 odd miles, plug it into the fastest rapid charges, and the battery is good for 248 miles in just 20 minutes. The price for all of this around 100 grand now before i get in, i just want to show you what happens when you unlock the car now lighting signatures are not necessarily anything new, but the lotus does things a little bit differently when you unlock the car, The lights come on that comes with this kind of animated display, but the grille also opens up because thats all active aero its. What lotus calls its peacock moment. Its kind of like the car is saying look at me and the best bit is its all replicated on the inside as well see as soon as i get in the car.

The dashboard comes to life theres more to this cabin than meets the eye, though, when you think of a lotus interior of old, you probably think stripped back. You think bare bones, but while there is a few modern touches in here and thats selling, it short theres lots of modern touches in here. Like this 15 inch screen cup holders, wireless phone charging, theres still a driver, focused, feel and then theres the materials. This wool blend fabric for the seats isnt just more sustainable, its actually 50 lighter than leather. I bet you didnt know. Leather was heavy. You do now going back to the technology. This 15 inch screen in the middle lotus says you can access 95 of its functions in just three presses. I cant tell you if thats true, because this is just a dummy but never mind in terms of other technology, though you get two screens one here and one here which show things like speed remaining charge: stuff like that, and even media information theres also a head Up display and, of course, the two screens here for the digital door mirrors but heres, the really clever bit instead of adjusting the brightness using the infotainment screen, the lotus uses eye tracking technology so that when youre, looking and and driving, everything is dimmed. But when you look at one of the specific screens, it brightens it for you, so its always ready and waiting when you need it most lotus says every electro will come with exceptional driving dynamics.

Outstanding comfort and true lotus performance well reserve judgment on that until weve driven the thing but with standard air suspension, active aero and five drive modes, its got some pretty promising ingredients. The electra is also available with active dampers rear axle, steering electric active anti roll bars and torque vectoring through an electronic limited slip. Differential first drives are expected sometime next year and we cannot wait back here. The electras bespoke electric platform and long wheelbase does translate to a pretty decent amount of space. Ive got plenty of knee room, decent headroom theres a completely flat floor as well. Now this car is the four seat layout which is standard in china, but will be optional here in the uk and obviously you can get a five seat layout with a three seat bench back here, but this just adds to that luxury. Feel you get this big center console in the middle, which comes with some storage, some more cup holders, some more wireless phone charging and this ipad style display, which obviously gives you access to all of the same entertainment functions that you get in the front again, its A dummy, so i cant show you what its like to use, but yeah in general, just feels like a really spacious car back here, which you probably wouldnt, expect from a lotus boot space for a car of this size, isnt anything to write home about, but open Up the tailgate and its not as bad as it sounds, lotus claims just 400 liters only slightly bigger than a volkswagen golf or an id3, but the space is a usable shape and size, certainly by lotus standards, theres an additional 77 litres in the nose, though, as This is just a one off prototype.

The bonnet is glued shut. Whod have thought five years ago that an electric lotus suv, i still cant, believe im saying those words. An electric lotus suv could be the most exciting car of 2022. Yes, its expensive, yes, its exclusive, but on paper at least its got the numbers and the tech to back it up its a lotus, but not as we know it, but i for one, am really intrigued to see whats to come head to for all the Latest electric and hybrid car advice, news and reviews and check us out on twitter, facebook and instagram.