It has been a long time coming, bringing great excitement and anticipation being a first. It offers a lot of new things that some vw drivers might not be familiar with. So i think it begs the question: can anyone drive an id4? Can someone with an iq of four drive the id4 it just so happens that brad has an iq of four a few things that make this obvious note the glasses, the unique design takes away from wondering? Are there even lenses in those and, of course, the gray hair, clearly not an indication of wisdom by any means, finally, name brand clothing purchasing materials to cover yourself up based on what this logo is, adding copious amounts of unnecessary markup? Yes, indeed, an iq of four. Why isnt that right, brad, yes, thats right jared, why i dont think ive ever passed a test in my life im just so happy to work with you. You are all i need in my life. You are my hero. Why thank you? Brad thats uh, very kind of you to say now lets see what the electric version of the peoples car has to offer. The volkswagen id4, like the beetle, a vehicle being quoted as the most important volkswagen to date. With pressure like that, we must assume that the id4 came dressed for the party and can live up to the expectation now jared much like the original beetle. The id4 doesnt give consumers a whole lot of choice, which actually makes things much more simple.

So with the id4, you have two choices: you can go with the rear, wheel, drive pro or what we have here. The all wheel drive pro, which adds a second motor in the front. Now both trim levels give you the option of the statement package. The statement package has a price tag of about eight thousand dollars. It will give you those extra things like leatherette seats, power, tailgate and a fixed moonroof for the full list of statement package options. Click on the link in the description below, of course, another one of the big differences between the two is really just range. Now the all wheel, drive that we have here will give you 386 kilometers when fully charged, whereas the rear wheel, drive pro, will give you up to 400 kilometers. Well, brad. Volkswagen loves a good challenge. As we know, theyve been late to the party a few times, but fashionably late, if i may say so myself and with that volkswagen is producing something thats, absolutely brilliant here, but lets see how the id4 is doing in the eevee octagon jared. It is so good to see a volkswagen in the eevee market, the more brands in the better and listen. I like what im seeing here so far now, of course, im a little disappointed that we didnt get to see the id3 here in north america. But i think the id4 is going to become a household name very quickly. And i really like what im seeing in this car brad its, not just you who likes what they see, because the id4 was given the noble accolade of 2021s world car of the year.

That is pretty big. Now the final three nominees were the toyota yaris and the honda e, so not a photo line finish, but even to get to that point you had to beat a lot of other manufacturers good for them. But are you saying the artist was in the you know? My fondness for the young, well, it was considered im, not sure how it got there. Maybe they thought it was. Oh thats, the yaris i didnt know that was the yard and then they had to you know, make a change but yeah. Now we all know the ev market is on the rise. The demand is growing and growing. As a matter of fact, in 2021, 6.5 million ev and hybrid vehicles were made worldwide thats 8.3 percent of the global market, which is almost double what it was in 2020. So the demand is growing at a pretty good rate. Well, the thing is this: volkswagen, of course, has committed to building 1.5 million evs by 2025, so theyre really starting to push it but heres the thing theyre a little late to the party right, you got tesla, you got ford hyundai theyre, all already at the party Dancing it up, so how is volkswagen going to compete with a simple and practical interior? Volkswagen has managed to make things, look, ultra modern, sophisticated and yet still so simple inside their airy interior. Every id4 comes with a 5.3 inch heads up display for important things like speed battery range and driving aids, making sure you need not take your eyes off the road.

Volkswagen also provides a 10 inch infotainment screen upgradeable to 12 inches included in the statement package. The interior still looks like an obvious electric car, but volkswagen didnt take away any of the things were used to in our current vehicles. For example, the id4 comes with two keys, but you can also use the volkswagen carnet app to unlock your car and start it in order to warm it up for you, but whats really cool is once youre inside the car you can hit. The push button start put the car into gear and away you go, but you dont have to push that button, because once youre in the car, the vehicle knows you just put it in the drive and away. You go same thing when youre done driving once you bring the car to a stop hit the park button and get out the vehicle knows, youre exiting and automatically shuts off now. One of the negative critiques about the id4 is the touch screen system. If youve read any review about the id4, you already know this, but to be clear, volkswagen has fixed a lot of those issues in the touch screen. It operates as it should now. When you dig into the touch screen, you can do tons of different things. Like change your ambient colors, you can turn on and off your driver assist options, but the one thing like the gti is that, in order to turn your heated seats on, you have to go into the infotainment system, and i got ta be honest.

If i could afford a car that had heated seats having to do something like that, it might bother me a little. The cargo space in the id4 is quite good. Volkswagen decided not to go with that hatch. Look that most ev suvs are going for and they wanted to eliminate the slope in the back as best they could. This allows you a maximum cargo space of 1818 leaders and in volkswagen fashion. You still get the split back seats in that optional pass through in the statement package. Should you need more space? Volkswagen has you covered because on the all wheel drive model, it comes with a hitch and a towing capacity of 2700 pounds. Now we also cant forget about the passenger space in the back. Volkswagen does their best to keep those passengers as comfortable as possible. When it comes to performance, the id4 boasts a maximum horsepower of 302. Volkswagen also says it goes zero to 60 in 5.8 seconds, which is quicker than the gti hot hatch. Now i wanted to point out, obviously theres no engine here, but theres also no frunk. Quite frankly, i dont think thats really a big deal because i predict in the future. The front will be that place where you open it up and go. Oh thats, where i put that but jared lets talk about charging. Do i need to be anxious, as an eevee driver with this, not at all brad, because volkswagen has made things easy and simple for their drivers, giving you three years of unlimited charging partnering with electrify canada, building charging stations all over the country? Electrify, canada is committed to building over 100 charging stations and 500 chargers by the end of 2025.

. Now the id4 has an 82 kilowatt lithium ion battery that, when using one of these stations can bring you from 10 percent to 80 percent in just 38 minutes. To give you an idea, thats about 100 kilometers, every 10 minutes, the at home stations itll take about seven and a half hours to give you that full charge speaking of fully charged. I think we are, and that means its time to go for a drive Music. Now brad, i think its neat and would be cool for our viewers to know that the id series is not volkswagens. First hat in the ring in the ev world. As a matter of fact, in the 1970s they were dabbling around in the ev world and they managed to produce a bus in 1972. I think there were maybe 120 of them that were actually built, but it wasnt that great the range was about 40 kilometers, but still they were dabbling in long before now. So this certainly isnt just a flash in the pan. Something theyre trying thats new theyve, been at it for quite some time. Well, thats the thing: maybe they were a little too early to the party, because in 2013 they had the e golf and it had a range of for that time. 200 kilometers thats kind of impressive that is yeah, so they came to the party so were early early lets go out, lets go, have a few drinks. Well come back, and here we are here.

We are fashionably late bachelor. Yes, a little greased up ready to party ready to party ready to go yes well, brad, i uh, i was doing some digging and ive brought a little more knowledge to the table. My abundance of knowledge. I have come to you with this. Okay ive been able to find out what the id means in id4. Ah, okay, all right: what is it intelligent design, ah identity and visionary technologies? Well, thats what it means, apparently yeah, well wouldnt that make it the idi bt4. Well, what have i been calling it? The id4 ill be brad one thing: thats kind of neat about this car: its got this id light bar across the front between the dash and the windscreen, its kind of neat, its kitschy. You know its not necessary, but if im coming up and im going to hit, somebody – and i dont realize that the car is going to beep at me and light up incoming calls its going to light up as well. And then, if i have my gps going and i have a turn coming up its going to flash as to which way im going to turn so its kind of neat, i kind of like that stuff now jared ive noticed something on the gear selector that ive Never seen before that, i know of the theres a b there. What does that stand for? Well, it doesnt stand for brad. What that stands for is basically your regenerative braking your one foot driving so its kind of like what tesla offers.

Essentially, i hit the accelerator and normally when i release the accelerator, i go to my brake to brake, but this once i release the accelerator, the car breaks on its own slowing the car down automatically kind of neat. Some people like that, but some people prefer, if i go back to drive, going left to right with my foot hitting the brakes on my own here we are again in a navy car and i like it. I really like what im seeing here, but as cat stevens once said: oh baby, its a wild world right like theres, a lot of competition out there and so youve got the tesla y. You got the maki, the ionic 5. Now the id4 question is jared. Do you know your evs as well, as i think you do, because ive developed a little quiz you did. I did yeah, i i had an inkling. You did, i wasnt sure youre, not the only one who did the research. Okay. Are you ready for this im ready for the quiz all right, you got the quiz there i do here which of the evs has the lowest starting price that i know, and that is this, the id4, the id4. Now, if you check out our ioniq 5 review im telling you its only about a 50 difference, but i like volkswagen, came in the lowest at 44, 995 sticking it to the man okay, which has the fastest charge time at 240.

Volts tesla incorrect start id4 takes it at 7.5 hours. So sorry, i doubted you hiding how about that? Okay, most cargo space with the seats up with the seats up, that is the tesla y. No, no, no youre feeling here its the mock e at 974. Liters. Now, jarrod, if you dont, get these next two its a fail for you. Okay, so lets see all right most passenger volume, that is the tesla y, no youre incorrect again thats a fail, its the ionic five at 3015 leaders last one tesla y highest overall rating. According to ionic, five ding ding ding ding. Yes, you are correct at 8.3 out of 10. jared. The point of this little quiz is, i think, youre actually standing in for the viewers here, because everyone assumes tesla is the best ev. As weve seen look out. Tesla, their time might be done. That is so the id4 from your quiz, obviously its not covering everything, but no, no, it does prove to be. I mean all the cars are starting. They do similar things, but from a price point i do think the id4 is a very good catch, absolutely 94. car brands just giving up on names now. What do you mean? Ionic five sorry thats gon na name, i suppose to it, were just asked to go. There were just going with numbers now. What do you mean well, or at least hybrid, with numbers, id4 ionic, five tesla? Why are we just giving up on names hes going with letters and numbers? I dont know thats a good question.

I mean i always like a good name and i always didnt like it when the brands are just putting numbers, because you know like humans. If i work for someone i dont want to just be another number. No i want to be. You know this is a family run business. I want to be a name. I want to be appreciated. I just hope these cars still feel appreciated when theyre just giving these numbers these numbers yeah youre. What are you youre? A five all right, hey six come here, seven get out of there. You know you got ta, be a name now. If youre gon na go letters numbers, why not go with something recognizable like c 3po, because thats ridiculous, thats ridiculous, because thats stupid the future, the star wars? No, if i was to name an electric car, i think i would make it something practical and relevant to my personal life, such as the outlet, the socket really the power lines, yeah man, the things we come up with in these drives. Somebody should be paying us for these ideas. How are we not millionaires? So weve done all the big ones? Now you can check out our tesla y review. You can check out our maki review and, of course, our ioniq 5.. Now weve done the id4 weve, given all the big ones, the tests to do which one, if you had to pick one of the four youre going this way, i would go id4.

I, like the look, i like how i have functionality down here. I still have my screen and i have a second screen here this. This still seems like a regular car to me that happens to be electric um, i got ta say im going ionic fine. Now, why are you going down on five? I i. This is good. This would be my second pick, if only for the price point uh, but i i theres something i like the aesthetic of the ionic five, i like its interior more than this, and it just it, it says its the future while delivering the future. This is a bit like hey. I know you kind of wanted. Your car were giving you the future with electric, while letting you i dont. I dont know its one of those things for now. Theres going to be other cars coming out. That will be uh competing with this. But to me those are the four, the biggest biggies actually thats, a good question. Weve done these four, what what is next in the eevee room kia with their ev thats, another big one, thats one! We want to try, but those are the ones im interested in right now in this segment, because the suv segment is the fastest growing right now, yep add ev to that thats, a very, very important segment. Yeah people are interested in yep now brad. We have to be partial to both sides. Of course.

Okay, if i had to critique the id4 one of the things i would say, is your window switches here. I have four windows that go up and down, but i have two switches theres a little button here that if i want to switch to the rear windows, i have to push it. And now i can roll down the rear windows. Push it again and now that converts to the front window right, ah not a huge deal, but still because theres room there, they could have put it into other things. There is room, i dont know why they wouldnt, who knows, but one of the things one of the things do you forget the feeling with some car manufacturers theyre just like? Oh, this would be interesting because we could do it doesnt mean you should do it right. Other than that, i think volkswagen did a smashing job theres, nothing. I can really critique and be mad at i mean you mentioned earlier. The screen yeah there was some glitchiness with it, but volkswagen has addressed that and now we have a screen that functions as it should yeah its a great option: well, its definitely a volkswagen and its a great volkswagen. It might not be the fastest ev, suv or even the most stylish, but i dont think thats what volkswagen was going for, because, when youre the manufacturer, who invented the peoples car, you have an idea of what the people want, and i truly think this has been The ev that the people have been waiting for this is just the beginning.

Volkswagen is at the early stages of its electric life and i cant wait to see where they take the eevee game. I certainly learned a lot today. One of those things is yes, someone with an iq of four can drive the id4. So with that, i give the all new 2021 volkswagen id4 my hood slap of approval. Thank you so much for watching and well see you again next time.