Today, we are going to dissect the brand new volvo xc40 recharge, for some of you brand new might sound like a contradictory term, because the xc40 has been in production for quite some time now. However, volvo decided to make it a fully electric ordeal last year, and that was a bit surprising because this car was initially offered with regular internal combustion engines. At first, then, a plug in hybrid version was introduced and now were looking at volvos. First, electric car, because thats what this is now i know some people will mention the polestar alternative, but in all fairness technically i know what you mean, but technically polstar is now a completely different brand. So if youre looking for an electric car with the volvo badge on it, this is the first one that can satisfy your needs. So what are we looking at over here were looking at a car that was basically transformed into an electric offering because from the get go this wasnt designed to be a electric car but times are changing and they theyre changing fast, so volvo had to adapt and They had to improvise to some extent, and this is their first, offering its available with a front wheel, drive uh setup or with an all wheel, drive setup with one electric motor or two electric motors, but the one we have here is the twin engine version, which Means we have two electric motors its. It is the range topping version in terms of design.

Well, not a lot has changed compared to a regular xc40. As a matter of fact, they look exactly the same with one or maybe i should say two exceptions. The first one is right up front over here where we have a different grille. Now the regular xc40 grille has slats in it in order to cool off the engine under the hood, this one doesnt, because it has to be as aerodynamic as possible and it doesnt really need air under the hood, because under the hood we no longer have an Internal combustion engine, what we have over here is a storage space and an electric motor, the storage space, the franc, as we like to call it in the industry, is rather small, only 31 liters, but it should allow you to store some stuff over there. I dont know maybe stuff you dont really use, because opening the hood and getting to them is a bit trickier other than that. We also have the thors, hammer design for the headlamps, and everything is rather clean, cut and elegant and from the sides its the same story. Our car over here has a dual paint job. We have a black roof and white uh crystals snow white, something like that body. I like the fact that the doors are opening really wide and they cover the door seal, so you wont get dirty once you get in or out of the car, its the same story in the back as well.

Now. The second difference, compared to a regular xc40, is the fact that we have a cover or a port over here, because on the regular petrol powered uh version, you have one on the right side, but on the electric models you have it on the left side, but Thats a detail: few people will ever notice since were talking about the sides. Ill also mention the wheels. These are 19 inch wheels diamond cut wheels and they look really good whats interesting about this car is the fact that we have staggered tires on it. So the front ones are 235 wide and the rear ones are 255 wide and thats because of the massive power levels this car has. I know it. Doesnt show it but believe me, its really powerful and really fast, but were going to talk about that later on around the back. We have the traditional stop lights over here. Traditional volvo lights, nothing extraordinary, and we have a 452 liter boot, which has a modular floor. If you will that allows you to store stuff under the floor and hook your grocery bags too, its quite an interesting take once you get inside the volvo xc40, you notice a very familiar layout. Basically, this interior looks like just about any other interior in the current volvo range whats different is the set of materials used for the interior, as well as some of the solutions they chose for the audio system. For starters, the materials feel really good um on the top half of the car.

So from the center console upwards we have vegan leather. On the seats we have alcantara coverings on the center of the seats. We have soft touch plastic on the dashboard. We have a material on the top side of the door panels that replicate the leather feel, but its not its, not leather, good quality plastics on the top half but less than perfect plastics on the lower half of the door panel. Also, they created a very interesting approach because they removed the speakers from the door panels and they included them into the dashboard, and this creates a lot more storage room in the door pockets, and this is one of the cars with the biggest door pockets. Ive ever seen, and we have plenty of storage spaces as well. We have one over here, along with a charging pad two cup holders, another rather large uh storage space over here in the center armrest and a trash bin for your trash. The audio system has been embedded in the dashboard, as i said, its a harman kardon solution on this car, but its not really that great, i think it lacks depth and the higher frequency sounds are not really well replicated, as well as the lower frequency ones. I dont know maybe im just too used to having the subwoofers under the seat and feeling the sound different uh. Another novelty is the uh infotainment system. This is using the google android um solution. So basically you have an android tablet over here.

It works really well its very simplified compared to the previous solution, and once you connect it to the internet, it does a lot of stuff. Volvo says its offering its customers internet on board of its cars. You have a sim card on board that can be connected to various networks and basically you can install all the apps. You could otherwise install on your android phone uh, but for now it lacks android, auto support and apple carplay support. So if youre an iphone user, you might have a couple of issues over here, but you can set up a google account. You can associate it to the car and you wont, have any issues whatsoever and you can add apps like waze google maps or spotify directly into the car, so you dont have to stream them from your phone, so it works really good. There are some nibbles with it i mean in order to get to certain functions. You have to go through the through certain sub menus um. I i would have preferred the easier solution, but i think thats going to get solved in the future. But overall i didnt have any issues with it. We have a digital instrument cluster as well 12.3 inches its really minimalistic. It only shows relevant information and in the middle you can have the google maps maps shown right in the middle of the instrument cluster to know where youre going at all times. So everything has been reduced to the bare minimum, and that seems to be the trend in the industry.

Lets see how we fit in the back. The back seats of the xc40 are surprisingly large. Now i fit in here – and i didnt expect that, even though we only have a wheelbase of 2.7 meters, this car has been well packaged by volvo and i fit in the back sitting behind a potential driver with my exact same specs. Im six feet tall and about 250 pounds. This seat is adjusted in my comfortable driving position and, as you can see i fit over here in the back, which is surprising to me. We have the same mix of materials over here um the car feels airy, especially because of this uh panoramic sunroof. Yes, i do touch the headrow, the the headliner just a tiny bit, but thats okay. I didnt really expect to fit that. Well, in the back of this car – and i think i could travel for longer trips easily sitting over here in the back. Theoretically, we have five seats in this car, but we do have a massive tunnel over here transmission tunnel, even though theres no transmission going on over here and im going to explain that just a bit later on uh. But, theoretically you could uh travel with four adults over here. I would recommend sticking three adults in the back now lets get behind the wheel and see how this car drives. Two things will surprise you the moment you get behind the wheel of the xc40 recharge, or at least they surprised me.

The first one was the starting sequence, because this car doesnt have a start button. Normally, you would find it over here, but since this is an electric car, volvo thought, maybe we should do something special with it and they did what they did was they created a different starting sequence? Basically, all you have to do is get in the car sit on the drivers, seat, press on the brake pedal and the car will start up automatically. However, it only turns on the accessories, so you dont really know if this the car is on or not, but you do get a signal in the instrument cluster telling you to put it in drive or reverse in order to sell off. I didnt notice it at first and i was looking around the cabin for about five minutes strong before i figured out whats happening thats. The first thing i i mean weve, seen that on other cars as well, weve seen it on volkswagens models on the id3 and id4 and the eniac and so on. Uh, and i dont really like it. The main difference between this system and the one on the volkswagen groups alternative is the fact that on those cars, you also have a start button. You dont have one over here so thats. The only way you can start up the car, but thats fine dont worry about it. Then. The second thing youll notice, is that the brake feel is quite interesting, its a really hard brake pedal and it has a really short.

It has a really short travel um. So, basically it you have to get used to it at first, you have to be really careful with the brake pedal, especially over the first couple of miles to get a feel of the car. Normally, you dont really use the brake pedal, because this car has regenerative. Braking but once you do, you notice that just how hard it is – and since i mentioned the regenerative braking lets talk about the uh specs of the car, you get two choices in the xc40 recharge range. The first one is a front wheel, drive model. As i said, this car is based on the same platform as the regular xc40. It has only been adapted. Basically, you get a front wheel, drive electric motor with up to 231 horsepower or you can get an all wheel, drive version that has an electric motor on the front on the front wheels and one on the rear, axle and uh. That version is the one were driving today: it can deliver up to 408 horsepower and 660 newton meters of torque. This makes the volvo xc40 this tiny little crossover, one of the most powerful cars volvo has ever made and its incredibly fast and you get an amazing throttle response. Um you can do zero to 100 kilometers an hour in 4.9 seconds and the car feels absolutely brutal when you floor it in at any kind of speed and thats. Absolutely amazing.

I love the way this car accelerates, but i couldnt say the same about the overall driving experience. I can say i love the way this car drives, because since this is a converted internal combustion platform, you do get some hiccups, like i said in many other reviews, with this sort of conversion. The first thing you notice is the suspension. Now, since this car was created for a much lighter uh weight in general, the suspension has to have to be stiffened up in order to sustain the extra 500 kilos of batteries hidden in the floor uh. So you feel that everywhere it is a busy ride, especially over uneven and not perfect surfaces. I guess, if you drive in sweden where the roads are perfect, that would be fine, but in other places the suspension feels kind of busy over uh rough patches of roads. Luckily, its not noisy, though so, even though its busy and you can feel it working um the car, the suspension doesnt send a lot of noise in the cabin. As a matter of fact, this is a very quiet cabin and the engineers did their best in order to muffle every single sound they could. Even though you have so much power, you cant really drive this car like a hot hatch in the bends thats, because it will lean quite a lot. You dont have adaptive dampers on this car, so they the setup, had to be done in such a way that it would withstand all sorts of uh driving scenarios, so they couldnt stiffen it up too much in order to make sure this car holds its weight rather Well, in a tight corner at high speed, so it will lean a bit.

It will understeer a bit. But if you accelerate right at the apex, i noticed that the rear axle has a tendency to step out and thats really interesting, but overall the weight isnt kept in check perfectly, but i dont think volvo wanted to create a racer over here. I dont think volvo wanted to create a sports car. They know their demographic really well and they created a car, thats refined to some extent its quiet, its luxurious and its plenty fast in a straight line for most of its customers. That will be enough thats. What happens when you know your demographic and thats? What volvo did, and i think this car will be bought by people in bulk, but i think most of them will go for the 231 horsepower version, because i think thats enough for most situations. You dont really need 400 horsepower for daily driving around town, and the battery will remain the same, no matter which car you go for, so you get a longer range on the 231 horsepower version now lets talk about the battery for a moment, its a 75 kilowatt Hour um unit stored in the floor um. Theoretically, according to the wltp testing cycle, it should deliver 400 kilometers of range. My real life tests showed closer to 300. I did drive it during winter time. The temperatures were closer to 10 degrees celsius, so decently cold, but not too cold and the car is riding on winter tires, so that definitely took a toll on the end result.

So around town i got about 300 kilometers of range on the highway um 250 and on a series of b roads, 320 kilometers of range, so thats decent. I think we didnt lose quite a lot of the estimated range as it happened with other cars and some of its rivals, some of the rivals of this car. As for charging, you can recharge this car at a maximum power of 150 kilowatts. If you can find one such charging station because they are pretty rare, but if you do find one uh, you will recharge this car in about 30 minutes up to 80, so thats thats, really good. So overall i really enjoyed this car. I will talk about the pricing, but it varies depending on the country youre in the two main rival. This car has the two main rivals. This car has are the mercedes, benz, eqa and audi q4 e tron, so choosing between them will be rather tricky because the e tron is the only one thats actually uh built on a dedicated electric platform. This one and eq eqa have um been set up on internal combustion platforms that have have been adapted to uh work with an electric drivetrain, so they both have some hiccups to overcome. Overall, though i liked this car most – and this is the most powerful you can get in this triad, because the other two tap out at about 300 horsepower. So this is the most powerful version you can get in this segment compared to its two main rivals.

Overall, i think i would pick this one, but i would like to know which one would you pick so let me know in the comment section below im more than happy to talk with you guys and answer any additional questions you might have until next time.