So i just put my foot down holy crap. That was amazing. We have an exciting car with us today. This is the hyundai ioniq, 5 electric suv and just look at how futuristic it is its like something out of a science fiction film, if youre in the market, for an ev or, more specifically, an electric suv, keep on watching this quick review of the ioniq 5. Music lets start with the front end of the ioniq 5 first and looks very clean and very minimalist in my opinion. What i especially like are these? U shaped led running lights, which also doubles as a signal turn indicator on this ioniq 5 max model. Yes, some would argue that it looks a little bit boxy, but whats for sure is its a unique car. The side profile of the ioniq 5 is equally unique, especially these huge 20 inch wheels. One more thing that i really like are the flush door handles and you will see as i walk to the suv, it will pop open, very, very nice, as for the back end of the ironing 5 im sure im not alone in this regard, when i say That it looks like the delorean from back to the future. I also really like these pixelated tail lights and the ironing 5 script also lets people know that youre driving this awesome, electric suv. As for the boot, space of the ionic 5 just stand here for a couple of seconds and it will open up to reveal 527 liters of space thats a lot and you can fit in almost anything that you want to within reason.

Of course, this being a power tailgate just press on this button right here and it will do the rest yeah when you do need to charge up the ioniq 5, just press on this little indicator here and it will lift up automatically in a very nice fashion. There are even led indicators here to let you know how much charge is left once youre done, charging just press on the close button and yeah its very nice, this being an ev. It can also act as a power source say you want to go camping with the ioniq 5, just plug in the v2l connector that stands for vehicle to load. Put in a power. Adapter and youve got yourself speakers to play songs as youre camping, as well as a hairdryer to dry your hair, if you ever want to next level convenience Music, the drivers seat of the ioniq 5 is also very nice, its comfortable with plenty of customization options, because This is a powered seat and theres enough thai support so that you wont be too tired on your trip to balikampo. If you want to take a break when youre driving back, because you know youre tired and you need to charge the ev just press this button on the side of the seats and it will automatically go back, recline the seat and theres, even like a car support Down there i mean this is very nice and comfortable speaking of your trip to balikanpung.

You will be very comfortable back here. Not only is this seat powered, so you can control the front and back you can even recline it quite a bit. I mean what you also get aikon in this door, peeler as well as a boat load of leg space, even though im not very tall at only 165 cm, unfortunately enough for me, but yeah its a very comfortable place to be in, and you also get this Nice tall, armrest so driving the ionic 5 is a very exhilarating experience due to how much power this range topping max model offers. The ionic 5 max has two motors that powers the front wheels, as well as the back wheels for a combined output of 305 ps and 605 newton meter of torque. These are ridiculously huge numbers. In fact, this model can go from 0 to 100 kilometer per hour. In only 5.2 seconds, thanks to the huge amount of torque, it really just flies. The moment you put your foot down the pedal, it looks like a spaceship and it feels like youre driving a spaceship. Basically, if you guys are wondering hows the charging experience and basically the ownership experience of an ev, we cant, really say in this review. We actually got this car from our dear reader and were actually on our way to return it right now. Thank you very much. Regardless it does provide us enough talking points to get the feel for the ioniq 5.

to show you guys just how much power this car has im going to put down the pedal in three two one. Oh, my goodness, just the sound the pool and as you get pushed back to the seat, its incredible okay, speaking of which there are also three driving modes: eco sport, as well as normal and in eco mode. It does make the throttle feel a little bit sluggish and in normal, its a little bit more responsive and its the one that i would recommend for daily driving. But if youre feeling sporty – and you want to drive a little bit more aggressively, though i wouldnt want to do that in a suv. You can do that in the sport mode and it really does sharpen the total response, not too much, but enough for a more sporty driving experience. As for handling, it does offer enough steering feel to know where the wheels are pointing at though i wouldnt say its a car for enthusiasts, even though it has a lot of torah. Can it was its very fun. Naturally, the irony 5 also comes with hyundais. Smart sense, which basically gives it level 2 autonomous driving and its really a feature that every car, especially at this price point, should have in our brief time with the system. It does work quite well. It can control the throttle very well and it doesnt break too aggressively, as it should be, and even the steering is quite well granted it cant seem to handle more aggressive corners, but not many cars level.

2 autonomous system can do that anyway, plus you should have your hands on the steering wheel anyway and in your trips to balikanpung. This is really a feature that you will definitely definitely appreciate compared to driving a petrol car. One of the biggest differences of driving an ev is something called one paddle operation. You basically just need to use the throttle to control the speed and braking of the vehicle. In order to do this, you can just press the pedal ever so slightly to move forward or to cruise, and if you need to slow down just let go of the pedal and it would be like it will almost feel like youre physically braking like what im Doing right now, this regenerative braking basically charges the battery, so you can get better range honestly, i feel, like i cant, get used to driving a petrol car after this now for the most important bit pricing. Three different models of the ioniq 5 are available in malaysia. The base light model costs 200, 000 ringgit, while the plus model goes for 230 000 ringgit. This range topping max model, on the other hand, costs 260 000 ringgit and for that amount of money, youre really getting a lot of car for the money. Its also worth noting that this car is a cbu, so it is not locally assembled, which would normally drive up the price of the car quite a bit. But thanks to the incentives given by the government for ev vehicles, you dont get charged excise duty, import duties and all of these taxes that drives up the price of said cpu cars.

The thing is, the ev charging infrastructure in malaysia still needs more time to mature its, not an issue if youre in a city, because you can find ev charging stations in many places but say you want to like i mentioned many times in this video. You want to valet kampung. That would be a bit troublesome to find for a charging station, depending on where youre going Music so thats our quick review of the hyundai ioniq 5 and its really an incredibly good electric suv. Not only does it look good, it also offers a ton of power, at least for this range topping max variant as well as very good value for money, given all of the incentives that he enjoys from the government right now, if youre shopping for an electric suv In malaysia, the hyundai ioniq 5 should definitely definitely be in your list.