Instead, this is a plug in electric vehicle. It has a 2 liter turbocharged four cylinder, but it also has a couple of electric motors a big battery under the floor, meaning that you can drive this thing. 25 miles on electricity alone and then kick start that gas motor and really get on your road trip. Now, when jeep put this vehicle together, the goal was to bring technology, safety and craftsmanship all together in a fun to drive and purely jeep vehicle. This is supposed to go up those rocks just as easily as it goes down that highway and before we take a look deep inside this car and figure out. If it can deliver the goods, dont forget to subscribe to the cargurus youtube channel and head to, where you can now sell your vehicle 100 online with cargurus just enter your information and well source. The best offer from thousands of dealerships nationwide get an offer. Have your car picked up and get paid its that easy now, the 2022 grand cherokee 4 by e is instantly recognizable as a jeep, and a big part of that is, of course, the seven slot grille. One of my favorite features here is how this is both forward. Looking very progressive, it has active grille shutters a little bit of technology aimed at fuel efficiency, but its also kind of old school. It has that forward lean, something that makes me think of the old grand wagoneer.

Now, if im looking at this im, like no, you know, is that a 4xe one of the fastest ways to tell, of course, is the surf blue recovery points and if you get a trailhawk model, youd also see some surf blue accents kind of in the trail. Rated badge down the side well lets lets look at the wheel wells. These are these big. U shaped wheel, wells theyre huge and they can swallow a seriously big wheel. I think these are 20s. You can get 22s on a grand cherokee. We also have the two tone: black roof silver body. You can get that you know white body, black roof, its a two tone. Look thats become very popular if a little played out, but undeniably pretty handsome and then kind of a signature for jeep these days. We have the american flag badging on the side. I also im really split on how i feel about this chrome strip that runs all the way down and then down the d pillar on this overland trim. I see a little bit of elegance there, but i just dont know if its for me, i mean personally, i think it looks great in trailhawk trim, but today we are gon na start by driving. The overland so lets hop in lets. Take it for a drive and see how this jeep handles one of the most exciting parts about the 4xe powertrain coming to the grand cherokee is that it provides v8 levels of performance, genuine v8 levels performance, but better than v6 fuel economy.

So jeep has raided this powertrain in this vehicle at 375 horsepower and 470 pound feet of torque, which is a ton to put that in perspective, that ‘2 engine wrangler the big red fire breathing dragon of a wrangle that we drove last summer. That also gets 470 pound feet of torque. So there is some serious grunt here, but when its running with an electric battery, we see 57 mpge as rated by the epa use up the battery completely and you still get 23 miles per gallon in combined driving, which compares to 22 miles per gallon in combined Driving, if you are in a v6 gas powered grand cherokee thats something to get excited about now, if youre curious about just driving on electric power, the 17.4 kilowatt hour battery pack can provide 25 miles of all electric range that doesnt sound like anything youre gon na You know write your grandmother about, but compare it with the wrangler, because that car, the wrangler is kind of shaped like a brick as it just punches through the air. It only gets 21 miles of electric range, so you actually do a little better in the grand cherokee aerodynamics. Man, theyre great, so lets talk about how the jeep grand cherokee 4 by e, specifically how it drives and the regular jeep grand cherokee is a big heavy car and adding a 17 kilowatt hour battery does not exactly put it on a diet. This thing definitely feels heavy itll move, but you feel it move.

You know every corner every curve. It has a little bit of a wallow to it, and some of that is that you know its designed with a suspension thats supposed to be comfortable over bumps and potholes and broken pavement and mud and roots and rocks its doing what its designed to do. But its not gon na ride glass smooth, like a you know, a rolls royce, as youre ripping around a corner. Now when i introduced this vehicle, i mentioned safety, so i think its about time. We talked about the safety features available on the grand cherokee 4xe. First theres some great standard stuff. You know you have automatic emergency braking. You have lane departure warning, you have adaptive cruise control and then you can add a few things like lane. Keeping assist, link tracing assist that effectively give it a level two hands on driver assistance system. Now jeep announced to us this morning that theyre going to be releasing a level 2 plus sort of a hands off, but brain still on driver assistance system, but worth noting it requires additional hardware. So you cant buy a grand cherokee 4 by e this weekend and then just get a software update in october and suddenly get level 2 plus driving assistance its not going to work. That way when talking about the design of the grand cherokee, particularly on the interior. Jeep really hammers this idea of contrasting beauty or beauty and contrast, and you can see it its all over the place.

It does look really good. So a clear example of it is all the way you know from the door across the dash, including on the wheel. All the way to the other door, we have these thin metal accents that are complemented by a dark, contrasting wood. It looks terrific. Also. The seats were im sitting on this seat, thats its upholstered in a color called steel gray. It looks just delightful, particularly how it contrasts with the dark wood. I also like how theres this this just this little white piping, just on the head rest, very subtle contrast compared with uh, some more like brass contrast, stitching on the seats and the the armrest here that really kind of draws your eye in im, not always a Huge fan of contrast stitching, but i like it in the grand cherokee some of the things i dont like well, this you know light colored material down here, its really plasticky. I can live with a little bit of plastic, particularly in a jeep. You know youre gon na get it dirty, no matter how much it costs its meant to get dirty, but it doesnt have to feel or sound quite like this. They make kind of rubberized plastic materials that you find in all sorts of vehicles. That would be better. A few other details on the interior that i think will probably make your life a little more comfortable are well for one. I mean theres the space just plain and simple.

The 2022 grand cherokee is larger on the inside than the previous generation, so youve got youve got plenty of leg room plenty of headroom. Frankly, it looks like a good family car. There are also some details like the charging light indicator up top and the charge indicator on your driver display theyre gon na make it really easy. You know just how much battery youve got and then there are the touch points. So i love the feel of the rotary shifter, its kind of metal with this textured finish on the sides and similarly weve got metal toggles here for the uh, the select terrain, controls and the ride height adjustment. These feel great, i do think theres a bit too much piano black plastic in the center stack here. Its an absolute fingerprint magnet – and i dont know its very dark, but the script on it is very light very thin lines. So it can be a little tricky to see exactly what button youre searching for if youre, trying to press thats. The type of thing, though, that once youve bought this car lived with it for a few weeks, driven it for a few weeks, its all going to be second nature. Youll know where the seat heater is just dont loan it to your neighbor, because youll never figure out how to turn that thing off. Weve got some cows in the road up here. So i got. Ta drive a little carefully theyre literally crossing the road uh anyways.

The trailhawk trim is the grand cherokee 4xe that you buy when youre genuinely going to take it off road. Now, interestingly enough, you dont need the trailhawk to do some pretty impressive things off road in this vehicle, for instance, im still driving an overland trim. It says so on the seats here, but it has some of the features that would normally be standard on a trailhawk theyd be optional on a non trailhawk grand cherokee 4×8. A fine example of this is the quadrilift air suspension, which will lower it to very accessible kind of in and out height, has kind of an arrow mode for when youre on the highway, or it can lift way up there. To give you a true off road height jeep has also added a quick down function, so you can drop from that off road height to the very accessible in and out height in seven seconds. Thats really impressive. Another feature and youre actually going to find a version of this on virtually every grand cherokee is the select terrain system. Now on this one. Here we have rock sanded mud, snow, auto and sport. You dont necessarily get all of those if youre getting a base level, but if you get a trailhawk youre going to see all of that, and essentially what it does, is it remaps kind of some of the engine behaviors so that it is best suited for crawling Up rocks or kind of digging through the mud and the snow and maintaining traction when you need it, its actually really oppressive technology when youre using it standard, is quadratrac 2, which is kind of jeeps, not quite base level, but more impressive, not not top of the Line off road system, if you get the trailhawk, you actually get quadra drive 2, which is a top of the line system.

It has a low range. It has rock crawling a two speed electronic transfer case. It has electronic limited slip differential on the rear axle that can actually send a hundred percent of the power to either one of the rear wheels. It will get you where you need to go now. If you need to tow something, it is worth noting that, while the 4xe has a 6 000 pound maximum towing capacity, which is pretty impressive, that is less than the v6 grand cherokee 6200 pounds and its a fair bit less than the v8 powered grand cherokee. 7. 200 pounds i really like how jeep handles its infotainment and i have for a long time. This year we still have an incredibly crisp display, but theres some functionality here that, i think, is really really cool. Obviously we have things like apple carplay and android, auto theyre wireless in the grand cherokee. Although i dont have a wireless charger, my phones almost dead, so im plugged in you also have this interesting. My pages set up where you can kind of customize what you want and how you want it to look. So you just hit this my pages, you hit add a page and then it gives you a number of layouts say we want to do four here and then i can add widgets. So i want to look at whats playing and i want to know uh my seat, heat situation and i want to add a widget for the suspension and oh what the hey lets go with the charging schedule summary as well.

So now, if thats, the stuff thats important to me, i just have to swipe over to that. I think thats really really impressive, its that kind of customization. That makes it feel like your car, not a rental car, not a nice car, but you know with some frustrating things. It feels like your car other details that i really like. Well, i mean i cannot not talk about the macintosh stereo. This thing is incredible. We listened to it in our wagoneer review and i said that, but we have the 19 speaker macintosh system and it is sublime simply put you have not lived until you have cranked tina turner in a wagoneer. I feel the exact same way about uh. Apparently joe russo is almost dead. The big question for a lot of shoppers is gon na be, is the grand cherokee 4xe actually a good value? I mean this is not necessarily a mass market car with a mass market price tag anymore. In fact, this overland trim this one has an as tested price north of 74 000. That is a lot of cash, but this can do a lot of things that other vehicles in his class simply cant do for one. It has the off roading capability, even in overland trim. We took a trailhawk out there, but this will go places that other two row crossovers simply cant go and then, of course, there is that plug in hybrid functionality, the ability to drive 25 miles on electric power alone, well, thats, going to be a huge cost.

Saving for a lot of commuters, particularly if your commute is less than 15 10 miles. So let us know in the comments section below what you think is this car priced right. Is it just a fact of life that these things are going to get more expensive and at least here youre getting some real capability and functionality tell us in the comments section below and then head to to read our full written review? We cant wait to hear from you.