My name is derek reilly, and today we are with the fuso ecanter seven and a half ton electric box body lorry, but it can come with different um parts at the back. So this is seven and a half ton gross, and this version is set up with a wind splitter at the top and that slipstream chassis at the back, uh payload for the tab and chassis is 4.1 tonnes, and with this on it its just over three tons. Some stats about the fuso ecanter fuso youll recognize the diamonds as um mitsubishi. You can see that there, but fuso is actually 50 owned by daimler mercedes, so the battery thats in this and its an 81 kilowatt hour battery is the batteries are in the eqs. Really. Nice to see more of these on the road theres about six or seven of them already in ireland, im sure theres more in the country that you are make sure you leave a comment, and let me know where youre watching this from range theyre guaranteeing at least 100 kilometers based on a full payload, so some manufacturers give you this range and its not even full, if anything in it at all, but this one will have a full payload and it will guarantee 100 kilometers. Some people are getting 140 depending on um, so it has its an ac synchronous, electric engine, electric motor apologies, its got six lithium iron batteries that are 13.8 kilowatt hours, each giving you a total of 81 kilowatt hours.

Maximum torque is 129 kilowatts. Sorry, maximum power is 129 kilowatts and max torque is ‘0. were going to take it out for a spin around the um car park. Here it can do up to 80 kilometers an hour, and it can also have a grady ability of 20 degrees ac. It will do 7.2 kilowatts and i think thats around the other side. Um and itll take nine hours to get to 100 yeah thats down in here so in here, and then weve got the chargers and then here so ac up to 7.4 and then take nine hours to fill and then on dc its up to 50 kilowatts and That will take one hour to get 80 percent and one hour and 45 minutes to get to 100, so that charging curve really drops off at the back. Lets have a look down the back and then have a look in the cabin take it out for a spin. You wouldnt really know it was an e um electric vehicle. Only if you didnt the dab batteries underneath there is an odd e here and there you can see its a massive height and this one is set up for a customer that has a loading bay. So this is a false floor. Usually the floor is down here and so what, with the loading bay, they can go straight in walk straight, in which you can see massive volume and with this body on the back, it has a payload of just over 3000 kgs or three tons.

Lets have a look inside in the cab and then we take it out for a quick spin around the earth. Here we are on the inside of the e counter and you can see. Youve got a typical seven and a half ton larry cab, but some nice features its my first time being in something like this touch screen display and you have your navigation, which is built in your radio, your bluetooth and then youve got some truck information. Youve got your battery level, tells you the range, so the range on the e counter is theyre, guaranteeing a hundred kilometers with a full battery, and that is with 100 payload. So a payload of over 4000 kgs, excluding the body, and we talked about that when we were outside. So you can see now what weve heard is some people are getting up to 140, so you can see power, consumption trip, history and then service schedule. So all there on the touch screen, which is great youve, got some short buttons as well here on the side, and so you have your navigation. You have your radio and you have your phone um. Really good! Youve got your simple drive. Stick down there. Youve got your analog buttons with regards to heating. Youve got your index lights on the indicators on the left and the white. Then youve got your wipers um analog display with regards to the dash lights, front and rear, and the actual key itself is like a cartridge system.

You have to push it in and then you press start and then youre off and running so yeah lets. Take it out for a spin whats it like driving the fuso ecanter. The steering wheel is an unusual kind of a setup in the fact that its nearly flat great driving position, its an air suspension, seat, nice and warm cab, so quiet so smooth like all electric um vehicles, really good. You can see why more and more drivers want the likes of this for driving around lets, see what the reversal is like. There is no reversing camera on it good mirrors in it, though, really good mirrors on it. Actually, its got those concave convex got the domed mirrors down towards the bottom, reverse back up to drive funny quick spin around the carpet bush nice to be able to say, ive, driven a seven and a half ton electric truck. Hopefully, youve enjoyed todays review. If you can like subscribe leave a comment, remember if you think an ev is for you leave it to me and ill review, even if it is a big electric truck thanks.