Today we are going to review the ion dye ionic 4 in its full eevee form. So start with. You can look at the front. Unlike a lot of ev cars, you can see the traditional grill is completely gone on here. You can see the active aero, so an electric car still requires cooling for the batteries. When more cooling is required. The flap will open to let more air in the car was designed a lot around aerodynamic. So if you follow the curve here, we also have a vent that then exit in the wheel arch in order to take all the air that is trapped into the wheel out and let it out to reduce drag so it slides even better into the wind. Really nice design very slick. Looking i like the headlight kind of like a little markers in there as well due to the size, got a really lovely profile, as well, with a nice little case, all the way here, with rather a flat wings again for railroad enemies. The wheel are quite a funky design, quite big, on, like big boxes on interesting design and yeah. They kept them in like uh, 16 inches. Simply because again, everything on this car is very much designed for efficiency and bigger. Wheels are not always better dual glass separation which make it nice on a spacious on the inside and, as you can see here, youve got a little rear view camera as well all right so here weve got the charging port for your main charger for your fast Charger the boot is not the most spacious for this size of car youve got around 350 liters.

The inside is very nice comfortable seat, really nice lumber support kind of a lovely stereotype kind of like a tree spike with like a flat bottom. I personally really like the flat bottom. They do allow you to come in on the house a lot easier or the flat bottom as well, but very comfortable youve got your usual settings. So youve got your stereo settings there and your phone settings so that you can, you know, handle a phone call without actually using your phone in the car, which is ideally called angels. Otherwise, a control system, as you can see there, isnt that many physical button you just have to clear up your front and rear windscreen and then all of the other buttons are kind of like those turn sensitive button. But i have to say im not normally a fan of those those are very responsive. You wouldnt need to like wonder if you, you know, got it right or wrong, or you know, some of them are fiddly. Well, here its really straightforward, and then you can have your little control here and yeah. Interestingly, on this side, youve got blue and red on this side. Youve got blue and blue, because this is your temperature, even though it might not be obvious, because youve got this in the middle, but relate to that. This is your fan. Speed. Obviously, youve got navigation in there, which is mostly your menu. Where you store all your address, you can have your map.

The gps is quite responsive for what it is. Obviously, android, auto or apple iplay would be better. That was the radio as you can see and yeah. Basically, you pretty much got everything you need. The design is actually really nice as well. I kind of like how the middle line here extends into linked up properly as well. So you get a nice feel like a lot of eevees. You basically have you know a very minimalist inside and then youve got your digital display here, which show you the power used by your car or the amount of regeneration, as well as how much power you got left in the battery. Now the storage in the car is pretty good. Youve got obviously darbin the door bean actually got a little cup holder built in on the inside of the door, which will allow you to keep a small drink, but probably wouldnt. Allow you to keep a big bottle in there on the central console. Youve got another couple of cup holders there, which are not in the way at all of the control and the control, it being a right hand. Drive are actually on the right not on the left. Youve got your wireless charging port here, so you can just drop your phone in there. Then youve got two classical 12 volt socket as well as a normal usb in the middle. It has been for your storage. Your suites and other things – and you have another 12 volt.

I know another usb stick. The rail is actually quite comfy for a car. This size ive got a good amount of knee space. One thing that is a bit disappointing is you: dont necessarily have a lot of space underneath the seat at the front, so you cant really slide your feet underneath there, otherwise yeah boots, headspace is kind of limited and im. Quite short. This is because of the sleek. Look, you can see the roof line already start going down quite a bit, and you know if you were six feet, you will struggle here at the back. So now bear is justin its actually his car, his candy. Let us review it today and mostly because im not a big fan of driving other peoples. Car justin is going to take us on a little ride and explain his experience on how the car driven feel sure no problem lets get out of here. Very quiet. Obviously, as a new car, is it quiet on the motorway as well yeah, its quite quite cast so uh when you get up to about 70 uh without the radio one, but you can just about hear some wind noise and uh very little else. Apart from the children in the back, yes, that its very difficult to find a vehicle that keeps them quiet – indeed, so yeah its nice and quiet and at low speeds as well. So we have uh the vess, the vehicle uh sound mission, so thats.

When you go at low speed, it makes the uh like spaceship sounds ah yeah. Okay, this one has a button where you can turn it off so uh. It means like you, can terrorize cyclists uh when youre going out and about excellent, a good ride quality as well its not too bouncy its uh yeah, its very heavy uh, its heavy on the on the road it doesnt bounce around um. One thing is: is that a in the corners, because its heavy, it does tend to want to keep going straight ahead? Um but theres not much roll and thats its nice air stiff, um, springs, um, cornering what kind of uh range do you get in real life? Because you know a lot of the estimate of what manufacturers often say is not very relevant to like real life. Yeah experience so uh the this is supposed to allegedly have a 175 mile range uh i find um. I drive it quite a lot in an urban environment so in central london yeah and when its at low speeds going stop start with the um, with the uh curves at uh maximum, so thats the regenerative braking um it will go forever and ever and ever i I barely even need to recharge it uh out on the motorway. If you drive it like youre uh supposed to as an ev driver, yeah um. I find that its actually quite accurate, its quite a um aerodynamic vehicle and if you uh, if you dont, uh, put the beans on um, you will get 160 odd miles um, depending on the temperature and everything like that.

Um ive never really had range anxiety in this at all, so i usually drive from lewisham down to hastings and back and not bothered to talk about that. Its pretty great its good that in town you barely need to like uh top it up as well isnt. It yeah and uh, i would say the hyundai uh metrics for the battery uh are pretty good theyre, pretty accurate, so uh with lots of other vehicles, theyll, say 170 miles and then youll get five minutes down the road and on the depending on the temperature and Such um, it may well change to like 120 or drop off quite quickly, whereas this one usually stays quite true and quite accurate. So you dont, you dont, see the number bouncing around too much yeah, which is quite good because you dont want to be gasing all the time if youre going to be able to reach your destination or not yeah, absolutely acceleration. Obviously this is not a all wheel. Drive or that much but being eevee probably get a little bit of a punch when you yeah need it. So its got the torque its two wheel, drive uh front front wheel, drive um in sport mode um, its allegedly 135 great horsepower, um its. It pulls away from the lights pretty quickly. I ive ive annoyed a few uh porsche drivers in my time, um im always trying to get to the lights just time it just right.

So i get to the red line to the red light line just in time. So i can pull away and do a power move but uh once you get past, like the initial acceleration, everything blows this away its just a standard euro box, yeah yeah its a daily driver, isnt it its not a performance car yeah, but yeah. The main thing is: is that because its gray and it looks like a hyundai um, nobody really like thinks that its going to be capable of doing anything and theres a lot of like this version. This model uh theres a lot of petrol versions of this around. As well so a lot of the time people expect it to behave like a petrol car yeah. You know there was definitely a nice country rider and even here sitting on the passenger side, seats are really comfy yeah. I really like the lumbar support its really good. On them, its kind of like oily shape, yeah, you know around the body um on the and on the drivers side as well. You get all the lumbar support and everything as well, so you can really customize it quite well im just going to turn around its quite nifty when youre reversing you have the reversing camera heres, our particular whered. All these cars come from no, no in the middle of nowhere so well take taking out the village Music friendly village people yeah. So if i put it down into sport mode, just pull up and from a full stop.

Oh yeah got a nice punch to it. Its not bad yeah, its better than the average yeah. Well, you know again not a performance car, but you you do get that little punch yeah when you put your first foot down on yeah, probably i guess some empty, like 25 30 miles per hour. Well, you do have a good acceleration to it yeah, i guess thats the thing with ev and its instant power yeah. You know on on that doesnt matter how many by gospel youve got under the bonnet of a traditional engine on even a performance car. You still have that little delay yeah before the first bank. Really when you start moving yeah yeah its, not bad its its lovely to drive um. It does have a few driving features which so i would say, with a mechanical car, a normal ice vehicle, uh, youre kind of like the organists and trying to move a mechanical machine youre. The one thats making the machine make the music, whereas with this vehicle, um youve got lots of driver assists um such as like the steering wheel and such like that, and it feels a lot more. Like youre uh, a starship captain telling the car to go to the right and the car takes it under its own consideration and ill. Tell you when its turning so theres a few things that you have to get used to. So if youre a driver um its not quite that responsive, so, for instance, you have it has a lane assist so as youre driving along the lane uh.

When you get up to 40 miles an hour, it will automatically turn the steering wheel for you if youre starting to go out the lane yeah. But if youre on a country lane like this, it will sometimes swerve you, because it cant read the lane correctly. So yeah you have to uh be a bit proactive about. It same goes with if youre changing it in and out of um economy mode, normal mode and sport mode. The steering wheel, uh weight gets heavier yeah um, so you have to try and mentally adjust to that as youre driving along as well, because um yeah. It just feels like youre youre, suggesting where you would like the vehicle to go and – and it goes okay ill. Consider it an interesting way of doing it yeah, but thats the thing with av. I guess a lot of computing goes into them, yeah its a lot of uh yeah. You can definitely tell theres a lot of churn going underneath underneath the hood um, but in terms of like long long distance driving stuff like is its lovely youve, got um cruise control, which is uh paired with radar. So it will speed up and slow down the way to a full stop um. The steering like virtually does itself. As long as you keep your hands on the wheel, it doesnt automatically drive by itself. You do have to be a an active uh component, but um yeah going for a long driving journey, its really nice, some of those types of just making sure youre, always in line and stuff like that, you can relax a bit more yeah yeah.

So i barely have my feet on the pedals. I barely have my hand on the steering wheel and you just stop starting traffic and carry on on the right way and yeah you just cruise and its uh, its your auto ridge, and you can do the one pedal driving as well. So this one doesnt quite do one pedal driving what it does. It has a little flappy paddle here, yeah and uh. These flappy pedals on the left and right will increase and decrease the uh, the regenerative braking. So if i do this one, it will increase the regen braking and will slow down quite quickly, whereas if i get up to speed and turn it off now were just coasting yeah. If i keep my hand on the pedal, sorry my hand yeah, you might keep my fingers on the pedal. Itll. Take us all the way down till full, stop so thats um, so thats the hyundai version of uh, one pedal driving uh. One thing i do notice, though, is that, when im trying to use this um flappy pedal if im turning the wheel, you cant use it because its over here its attached to the actual steering wheel rather than on the uh yeah yeah, so uh yeah its its. Not quite perfect, but um its its its nice um yeah its different to the uh to the uh nissan for sure yeah, because some of them is literally you just let off the total on the on.

They will stop completely yeah this one. You do have a bit more. If you want a proper stop, you do have to have an action at least your hand on the pedal or actually using the bike properly to do a full stop thats right yeah. So with this one. If i take my foot off the pedal, it will slow all the way down to a crawl, so well get down to one or two miles an hour, but it will keep crawling yeah and then ill have to actively keep my hand on that. Uh pedal uh on that paddle to uh, stop im guessing from a regeneration point of view, its probably better to stop with the paddle and get all the red gems and the bike or the bike will generate the same amount of engine um. So this for, for stopping its, not, i think, its slightly more efficient, but i think its roughly the same as like just taking your foot off and on yeah, when youre in full regen um, really keeping your hand on uh keeping your hand on the paddle is Just for, but basically once it gets below five miles an hour, i think it is. It automatically goes all the way to zero after that, so the car will just automatically stop if youre, holding nothing okay and im lost now. Is this the same road? This isnt did you put the gps to go back home. I didnt know this is probably its probably fine, so thats the original gps uh its fine well find it.

You know, even as a passenger is very comfy yeah, its not bad at all. No ive got a bunch of kids in and everything gets yeah pretty decent at your rear. You dont want to be too tall but yeah because of the shape of the car. It does kind of go down a little bit but yeah. You do knock your head. A little bit um weve only got little people in the back at the moment, but yeah. You certainly um, feel it im a short person anyway, so yeah very similar. So you know i was quite nothing was touching or anything while sitting at the air. So just dont transport tall people guys you know they make you feel smaller anyway, so whats the point so im just gon na quickly pull over all right. Well, justin, thanks for that and uh yeah hope you guys enjoyed it and uh. If you havent subscribed yet subscribe.