I ive been doing work uh on the back garden there, the last two days and uh. I was hoping to finish it today, but its raining now so thats thats that knocked on the head, but um i did it. I i was talking to a guy there today, a couple of weeks ago, another taxi driver and just talking on the rank, and he was saying that he he he was saying thats. They were stopping the the grant here in ireland for taxi drivers, but um ive checked the nta website and they thats not true its uh. They announced in february that they will allocate another up to 15 million uh for taxi drivers to um if they love the ground to go full electric, hybrid or full electric, but uh its a better grant. If you go full electric and its water, it makes sense. You know it makes financial sense, environmental issues aside. Believe me, it makes financial sense yeah and the range of them is enough that youll get a busy shift out of it without having to worry. You know um, so if youre, if youre in two months go for it believe me go for it. You know the price of fuel i at the moment. I know energy bills are going up, but even still from next month now, im with electric ireland theyve put their energy bills up by 24. Its still gon na work out a hell of a lot cheaper than diesel.

You know but um id uh. I i two guys stayed last week: two taxi drivers last week, uh stopping me in traffic, thanking me for the video, so i just i i find that funny. You know but um. I appreciate it. I and im glad its giving us some uh some sort of insight, because i i mean when i, when i switched last june about 10 months ago now um. I knew nothing about evs. You know when not on my radar whatsoever. You know, and for me it was just happy coincidence. I had to change my car. It was uh it reached 10 years. We did have a one year extension because it covered, but uh there was too much money to be spent on the car to keep it on the road for one yeah, you know two and a half three grand for one more year, just didnt make sense. So uh i decided to take the plunge and go eva. You know and uh im im delighted. I have absolutely no regrets whatsoever, none whatsoever, and i love this car 10 months on 23, over 23 000 kilometers on us, its uh, its not fallen apart. You can always see people say oh yeah, but its made in china and its yeah. So what isnt? What electronic devices not made in china? You know um, but yeah its its a no brainer. It really is a no brainer. I im more than happy with this car, its still enjoying driving us and, as i said, its its not falling apart still.

No, so the only bit of wear that it is shown is the carpet on the floor. In the background, the passenger side, where most people get in slight show of a bit of wear where its kind of going fully. If you know what i mean and thats it thats it, you know um so yeah. You know i im im happy enough with it, but uh, but yeah, so taxi drivers out there uh the grant is still available, hes seriously considerate.