Today we are going to test out the new cupraborn, so lets find out whats the multimedia about and lets get it Music. So this time we have cupra born model and the multimedia of the car, so relatively simple, as all volkswagen has multimedia system and well go through or two basic screens what they can do and what its all about. So the small screen is for information about driving. Nothing too difficult only the needed information and its not a touch screen, so you cannot move or touch or do anything. So everything goes into main screen, no buttons anywhere else except the screen. So here you have a possibility to control everything on your car, so youll be able to set up destination and use the navigation as unusual cars except uh. One little thing that its a little bit lagging so heres, the tip for you. Dont use too much of your navigation, because youll be annoyed by this lag, and next we have radio media. You can set up your radio stations, your media, you can connect your phone and listen to music, also phone connecting simple. As always, you can add any phone. You want uh full link here. You have some more features on android and other devices connecting your car, so its uh interesting to play with it and add devices uh stationery stationary ac. It means that you can heat up your car. You can set up everything. You need before you start your journey, so its very convenient if you live in a cold climate information about vehicle.

Here, you have a little bit more information on your car. What kind of sensors are on uh? What kind of alerts you can change it? A driving profile you can change it also from comfort or performance, one e manager. That means that you can control your charging. Your battery, everything you need to uh set up on your battery background lights. Also, you can change a little bit and play with a variety of lights, features and stuff like this like profiles, okay, you can have more settings. If you go to main menu and air conditioning heres a specified mode air care there, you can just switch the special climate control and then uh i climb it. It controls by its automated feature. You can control your climate automatically, so next is sound. Of course, you can adjust your sound if you like, and listen to your favorite music settings uh its uh. Basically, uh settings, like all the cars, has its information about uh your car, your updates, uh your screen time, language, uh, maybe theres a interesting feature like card 2 x communication. It allows your car to communicate with the internet regarding traffic jams, alerts and dangers on the road, so it will inform you, inform you about hazards and you will have more information on the road ahead. So, basically, nothing too difficult with this multimedia, simple, to use all the options you need is here and a little bit of lag. This is the only downside that we can get here, but otherwise its perfect to use for every day.

Nothing too fancy all the features are basically known and yeah. I can recommend its a good, a good good multimedia for a good car so hit like if you like, our videos, visit our website evmotto.