Well, i didnt argue with them. I didnt say anything in fact too busy to be honest, but, interestingly, on the same exact day, i just googled autocard.co.uk its one of my favorite websites. The interesting thing is right on these websites only maybe 12 months ago, even six months ago, the majority of vehicles in the news were not electric. Now its like. No one wants to read the news on these mainstream websites. Unless they are about electric cars, i mean clearly the news is responding to that demand by making, i would say, more than 80 percent of their news articles simply about electric cars. I looked over to the review section and what did i see a review of an obscure electric car that i have talked about on this channel on a number of occasions, which i, by the way, love called the voya free. I clicked on the article and i thought theres no way this british publication could have possibly given this brand new obscure chinese electric vehicle, a good review boy was, i wrong hello. My friends welcome to the channel im the electric viking, its great to see you here. You know this is a very interesting day because i really never thought id see the day when a prestigious british publication, like autocar, could possibly give a chinese incumbent, a good review and im talking. It was extremely positive. I it shocked me to be honest. It really shocked me now.

I made a video about this car on a couple of occasions saying how honestly id love to own one. These things have insane power, youre, talking 700 kilowatt in what is kind of a crossover between a mid to large suv crossed with a station wagon body to me, thats, not your perfect shape and size of car right and its electric. So the interesting thing is here that i had no idea. None of you brits told me that the voyager 3 was going to the uk, but it is in fact its not just going to the uk its going to be sold in norway next month and the uk and now voya plan on selling it all over europe. Yeah, the chinese, they really are coming arent they. So unless youre familiar with the rapidly growing chinese ev market, the chances are youve, never heard a voya. I dont blame you yet, despite being formed less than two years ago, this luxury electrified subsidiary of dongfang motors has already announced its entry into europe later this year, starting with norway. Now, to give you some context: it took rivien 10 years to get a product to market. It took tesla how many years was it before they got the mass manufacture, their model three. What about eight years thats a long time – and i understand that, but this gives you an idea of just how quickly the chinese are doing things very very fast. Now this is voyas first model autocast says it is a mid sized suv and its going to spearhead their entry and aims to set the tone for a range that will quickly expand to include an mpv and a sedan.

Over the coming years now, voya say theyre aiming their sights directly at the mercedes benz glc and the bmw x3 im going to say if i had a choice between those three, the glc, the bmw x3 or this i wouldnt even think for a second clearly. This is better than those aforementioned vehicles from mercedes and bmw. Now, if this car looks big for its so called medium size thats, because it is its 24 centimeters longer than a glc with an 8.5 centimeter longer wheelbase, this means, as autocar says, manifests itself in the interior space, which is extremely roomy, particularly for passengers in the Rear sounds perfect for me now. If you have a look at that exterior in the car, you might think its kind of conventional, i think its conventionally attractive. You look at the interior and wow. Someone was on acid. I mean dont. Get me wrong. It looks magnificent, but it really does stand out in a good way, though, like a good acid trip, not a bad one, cant say ive ever had an acid trip before, but anyway you get my point right now. The cabin is really something to behold, say: auto car with three 12.3 inch screens spanning the width of the dash, and they dramatically lift out of the dash a couple of inches on entry. Now those screens can actually be lowered again at the touch of a button or automatically when you hit sport mode in the car.

Now autocad says that the center and right screens are where youll find your usual connectivity plus in the chinese version, at least music and video streaming, as well, even karaoke and party mode feature alongside huawei hi car compatibility for screen mirroring now. In addition, you get heated, ventilated and massaging front seats and full length electronically, dimmable, sunroof, 10 speaker high, end din, audio system, night vision, mode 110, millimeter air suspension and something called ecotex imitation leather, which is the same leather as whats used in volvos. Today. You also get physical switches for climate control, which i think is a good thing, and you can also operate the climate control via digital means, plus you get wireless charging and a touchpad for the multimedia system as well. Now autocar says that key to the brands, success is its focus on electrified drivetrains, and this electric vehicle can do around 300 miles on the nedc cycle, its a pretty good range for a vehicle, this size so whats it like i dont exactly know, but the guy From autocar who tested this vehicle in the uk said that the cabin is well insulated from both road and engine noise, in part due to double glazed windows in the front which help make the engine know almost indiscernible when in operation thats, because it doesnt have an Engine but anyway, now on the road he says the free is a comfortable cruiser with air suspension raising all but the harshest of road surfaces.

Now, apparently, the vehicle comes with 1040 meters of torque and 694 horsepower thats a lot of power. Now, what are the actual dimensions? Its a bit bigger than a tesla model y 4.9 meters, long 4905, millimeters millimeters wide and 1660 millimeters high. Now the reviewer said that he felt like the car gave him a shove in the back, which was surprising but id say. I mean considering its got 700 horsepower. You would expect that wouldnt you now. He also said steering is incredibly light, but not without feel making the free feel much lighter on its feet than you might expect in sport mode. The air suspension hunkers down to the lowest setting and the steering tightens up nicely while adventure mode provides extra round clearance for difficult terrain im going to say it sounds really good, while theres no claim of full self driving here, the free does have adaptive cruise control And automatic lane centering which make highway driving painless, he says its also, the top scoring chinese car ever in chinese end cap test coming only behind the bmw ix3 in chinas overall standings for every car tested, in other words its extremely safe. Now the reviewers asked. Should you buy one, he says all in all. The voya free is a compelling case for itself, particularly for 40 000 pounds, although it may be priced higher in europe. The combination of a mightily, impressive spec list, luxurious cabin experience and the choice of different ev powertrains mean the free deserves serious consideration if youre in the market for a luxury mid sized suv.

So, although theres many people who may still think the chinese cant make luxury cars, clearly the reviewers now disagree with those people and i dont think itll be long before we start to see these on the roads throughout europe. More and more will come more and more people will see them. Theyll, say thats, a good car. Can i buy one? Yes, you can. Can i buy the bmw or mercedes alternative? Well theres a one year to two year. Wait list! No! You cant well ill. Get this thats what i see happening, let me know in the comment section below.