My name is derek riley and we are at the nads to show in las vegas at the las vegas convention center. But this is the west hall and were trying to get to the sow talk, which is like a 25 minute walk. So what are you going to do? You are going to get in the west station part of the boring tunnel over here. This is one of the pre cast concrete rings, so this is the size of the ring that these beautiful tesla model, xs and model wise used to get you to the central station and also then to the north station, so were going to do, is jump in Have a look around ive seen this on tv, i never thought it was going to be here. Theres currently no charge for it, maybe its because of the conference that im attending but were going to get in, have a look through the tunnel and get out the other side. Obviously, a couple of minutes ride, so stay tuned. Weve got tesla model wise and its got the branding on the back of it. You can see where it says: vegas loop, there tesla model wise all the way up black and white, and then we also have a tesla model x over here. This is the one were going to go in Music. Yes, please. While we take the journey im going to talk about some of the stats about the last vegas convention center loop or the lvcc loop, so its three stations – and it has it – covers 1.

7 miles. It was built in approximately one year and it was using the old godot tunnel boring machine and were gon na talk about the new boring machine uh later on this video cost was 47 million dollars. It has two tunnels between the west and the central and then central and south. It has three stations, two surface and one subsurface and they built it. While other stuff was going on there and it saves you going across the campus 45 minutes it does it in two minutes were only taking the journey to the central station today, modifications to the car, the only thing that i could see was underneath the center console. You can see that there is a screen and when we left we were in parking bay, eight uh. The screen will also show the driver where they are positioned within the tunnel and theres other communication sections within it. And then, when we pull up here now, youll see that were pulling into parking bay 6 and that will highlight on the screen. Drivers are also wearing headsets and thats how they communicate with each other. I presume are central control pulling up here now and you can see the central station. The different bays were going to talk about the boring company in more detail in a little bit. Thank you very much. Take care have a good day so that we are in the central station with the model y, and you can see literally took a minute to get all the way over.

An escalator is going all the way up. As mentioned the um vegas convention center, loop was tunneled by the old godot plus tunneling machine, whereas proofrock is their new tunneling machine and you can see from the diagram here five days it can go across and or underneath a highway and it launches from the surface Goes straight into the ground and then emerges from the surface as well, so youre not digging a hole, dropping a tunnel boring machine or tbm into it and then having to take it back out again. Itll go under under what you needed to go under. So very interesting and also announced last october, was the expansion of the vegas loop, not just from the convention center, but its actually going to cover the whole of las vegas, its going to be 29 miles long and its going to cover 51 stations um so great To see that las vegas and nevada clark, county nevada are looking to use this as a new form of public transport uh, you can see on the screen there exactly the extent of it. So lots of interesting things happening here with the vegas loop, the boring company and obviously part of the the tesla family. Hopefully, youve enjoyed that quick video of the loop here at the las vegas convention center powered by the boring company with teslas driving up and down all the way through make sure you, like the video subscribe to the channel and remember, if you think, an ev is For you leave it to me and ill review.