This is the pure eevee etrance neo. This has been in the market for a while, pure ev has updated the scooter for 2022 and they have launched a brand new e trans neo. Now the scooter has been on sale for the last couple of years and it comes in two variants: the eight rounds and the e trans neo right. Here we have the top of the line: e trans neo version and in this video were going to tell you all about this scooter now, if you havent, subscribed to motorized, go ahead and hit the subscribe button and press the bell icon so that you get notified Whenever we upload our next video pure eva, is a hyderabad based startup and they already have a couple of products in their portfolio like the e trans, the e trons neo, the e pluto and the e pluto 7g. Besides this, they also have a few electric bicycles on sale as well, so they are not new to the market. But yes, this is a brand new scooter. Now this has been updated with a lot of changes from the outgoing e trance neo and in terms of looks. There is nothing different, but there are some features that have been tweaked. The battery position has been tweaked a little bit to give it a better range and a better center of gravity and a certain design element have also been changed now, starting with the design. Uh lets look at the front now.

This has a pretty typical uh moped. Like headlamp – and these are led headlamps – you dont get drls, but these headlamps are pretty good. They throw a white light and the throw is pretty decent. If youre riding the scooter in the city would not recommend to take it on the highways. Now the front apron. You get these two blinkers. Both the blinkers are led. You get a pure eevee branding right here and the e trans neo branding as well for the front suspensions you get these telescopic forks now. What is new for the e trans neo this year? Is this cover that you get on the forks that protect the forks and you have 10 inch alloy wheels with a lot of chrome, finish happening here? These are 90 by 100 section tires and you get the same tires in the front as well as the rear. In the front, you also get disc brakes, which is pretty nice in the rear. However, you will get standard drum brakes now coming to the side. This is where one major changes now the last e trans neo did not have a very long seat and they have updated the seat its much longer than before, and it is also a very wide rider and a pillion can be very comfortable on this seat and The plane also gets this large grab handle now the previous scooter did not have a large grab handle. So that is another change at the rear.

There is nothing different, you get a standard, led tail light and standard led blinkers now. An interesting thing is that you get a standard key along with that you get a remote control as well, and you can lock and unlock the scooter just with the flick of a switch. So once youve locked the scooter and you leave it in a parking lot or on the street and youre worried that someone might fiddle with the scooter or sit on it. Let me tell you that there is a safety feature on the scooter which will scare them away. So if you even try to move the scooter like so it sounds an alarm. So, whenever you lock the scooter in you ensure that you lock the scooter whenever you are parking it on the street or the parking lot and no one will be able to you know uh fiddle with it. When you are away now, you have the handle lock. Also on the key, the ignition and you have the boot release off with this key itself, there is no separate section to release the boot now lets talk about this four inch uh mid display. This is not a color screen display, like you get in the standard. Evs, but it pretty much, does the job pretty well, you get a pure ev logo here, the pure branding right here and this large battery indicator. Now you also get uh the odometer here and the gear selector mode that so there are only two gears.

Basically, so the drive mode and the parking mode, so when its in park, when you turn the throttle, the scooter will not move. If you want to move the scooter, you will have to press this park button and then you can twist the throttle and get a move on uh. You also get the mode uh indicator right here, so there are three riding modes, so you get one two and three. Now these riding modes determine the speed of the scooter in the first mode. The maximum speed is 25 kmph in mode 2. You can go up to 45 kmph and mode 3. You can go up to 60 kmph and we have tested this with a billion. So, with a combined weight of about 160 170 kgs, we were able to do speeds of up to 60 kilometers very easily. Also, when you are on a climb uh, you can do up to 42 to 45 kilometers very easily speaking of climbing power. This has a gradability of 12 degrees, so any upward slope that has an angle of about 12 degrees. You can take it upwards. Very, very simply and easily now talking about the switch gear, you have the headlight uh high beam and low beam switch right here. You have turn indicators right here, and here you have. The horn, which sounds like this, and also the handles are of very good quality. You have some rubber grips right here, and this has a nice metal feel to it feels really solid.

On the right hand, side you have the switch for turning on the headlights, and there is another horn included right here, since this does not have a ignition button. And next to that you have the mode selector and the button to put the scooter in the parking state. The grab handles too are pretty easy to grab and theyre, not very far theyre, not very close, so its very comfortable to ride. Also, the mirrors have been changed for this uh your scooter, and if you see the stock is now a little bit bigger, the mirrors are wider, so you get a better view of whats happening behind and which is a very good addition and a very good update That pure ev has done for this scooter now lets check out the battery which is situated in the boot now. This right here is the charger uh. You can carry the charger along with you and you can charge the battery on the go, and this right here is the battery. This is a 25 kilowatt hour battery. This is a removable battery and whenever you want to take the battery out – and you want to take it home for charging, there is the switch here which you need to turn off first and then unplug the battery, so, like so youll just flick. The switch turn. This off, you can remove this connector and pull the battery out like so now. The older scooter had a straight casing for the battery, and you know the battery would go down straight.

But if you see right here, this is at an angle and pure ev says that this has been done on purpose and this increases the life of the battery. It increases the range of the battery and also you get this solid metal casing. Now it makes the battery a little heavier, but it makes it more, durable, so thats another thumbs up for the battery when you want to get going. You just slide in the battery like so connect the connector and flick this switch on, and you will be ready to get a move on. If you see the space right here is not very much and if you are carrying the charger along with you, it pretty much occupies the entire space, and this is um, not very usable if youre carrying the charger as well. So this is the pure ev lithium charger and you can connect it to your normal home, socket and connect this part to the battery, and you will be able to charge the battery at home. Now you might not have a lot of space uh in the boot. However, you do get a nice flat floorboard and you can keep a lot of luggage here. You can keep your backpack or maybe your shopping bags, and you also get these nice two cubby holes uh to keep your phone and other stuff uh. There is no usb charger anywhere. We hope a pure av brings that in an update whenever they update the scooter next uh.

Besides that, you also get this hook right here to hang in your shopping bags. So, in terms of practicality, also, it is a pretty decent for a city. Scooter now now lets ride the scooter and tell you how it rides, how it performs and ill tell you more about the battery range and the performance of the scooter. Now the scooter is powered by a bldc motor with a peak power of 2.2 kilowatt, which is pretty good for a scooter of this size and weight in terms of performance. Also, it is a very usable scooter in the cities. Now it has a top speed of 60 kmph in mode 3. talking about range in the eco mode. You can get up to 120 kilometers in the drive mode you can get up to 105 and in the sports mode. That is the third mode. You can get up to 90 kilometers and in a testing this has been uh proven. Now we were riding with a pillion on the third mode, and still we could get about 80 to 85 kilometers on the sports mode. That is mode number three on the scooter, which is pretty decent and impressive because, again, like i said, the weight that the scooter was carrying was about 160 170 uh kilos, and it did all kinds of uphill and downhill stretches now. The scooter also has regenerative braking. So that really helps the range a little bit. It charges the battery as you brake or you you coming down a slope.

It charges the battery a little bit and gives you that extra kilometers and in terms of the eco mode and the normal mode in the eco mode you get about 102 kilometers very easily in the drive mode or the setting number two. You will get around 95. 200 kilometers of range very very easily, so in terms of range you would not have to worry. If you commute for about uh 15 to 20 kilometers a day, you will have to charge the scooter only once a week talking about charging speeds, the scooter can go from a zero to 100 charge in about five hours, and this is with your standard home charger. You can also charge the scooter directly. You can plug the scooter in. There is a plug right here, which you can use and you can charge the scooter directly. You dont need to take the battery out. Obviously, if youre staying on the ground floor – and if you have a 12 watt socket in your parking lot, you can connect the scooter directly so that you dont have to you know, break your back and carry the battery all the way to your house. Now. Talking about ride and handling also the scooter performed really well, and it really impressed us uh, both riding solo and with the pillion. The suspension is pretty nice, its not very stiff, the previous scooter. It was a little stiff and pure ev has tweaked the suspension.

A little and now it is a little softer, and it is more usable now in terms of braking uh. Yes, uh the brakes are pretty good and, however, when you are at a very high speed, youre coming downhill uh. It lacks the initial bite. So if that could be improved, it would be great other than that theres, nothing to complain about in terms of the braking of the scooter you get a decent size, disc at the front and a drum brake at the rear. You can engage both the brakes together and you can come to a stop. The handling of the scooter is also pretty decent uh. It is a very light. Scooter and maneuvering in traffic is really really easy when it comes to the scooter because its pretty light and you can easily get it into corners, its pretty narrow as well its very small and you can get into you know the traffic you can maneuver the traffic Very easily uh, in fact, we were stuck in a bit of a jam and we could get out of it very easily. We were able to make our way through the cars and trucks very very easily using the scooter, which actually was a surprise, because it has enough power to you know to get the initial push that you need when you are moving out from a steady state. So, to conclude, who is this scooter? For now? The scooter is for anyone who is looking to buy a commuter electric vehicle.

This could be your first electric scooter and you can easily use it because one, the battery, you do not need a separate charger for this. You get the charger and the battery with the scooter and you can easily carry the battery home and charge the scooter, so you dont have to depend on a charging grid. So that is one point of convenience. Secondly, the scooter is light to handle, and if there are, ladies in your house, who would like to use a scooter, if there are ladies who are buying the scooter, it will be very, very easy for them to ride it. Its very easy, very simple to ride, and because of the height that it has the seat height its very easy to put down your feet quickly and you know avoid falling and it has ample power as well also uh for new uh college going students. You can use this bike and if parents are concerned about uh, you know if theyre riding fast. This does not go over 60 kilometers per hour, so that is another plus right there. The range is pretty good. The uh power is pretty good. The suspension is pretty good, so all in all, it is a well packaged product right here from uh pure ev. Now this is priced at 81, 999 x ex showroom, which some might say is a little high, but it does provide that much of value. Now, when we were speaking to pure ev, they told us that the battery can be charged from 0 100 in and it takes about two two and a half units to charge the whole battery.

So it brings down your running cost pretty pretty well, so one kilowatt hour is about 11 to 16 rupees uh in cities like mumbai, and you can go for about 100 kilometers in just about 35 to 40 rupees, which is pretty good and the value that this Scooter provides is pretty good. It also looks very nice in this blue color. This blue color is a new color that has been introduced for the trans neo for this year. Besides that, you also get the scooter in red white, black gray and silver colors, so that was the e trans, uh neo electric scooter for you. Let us know what do you think about the scooter? Do you like the scooter? Are there any questions you have about? A scooter – and we will answer all of your questions individually. Thank you so much for watching this video till the end and subscribe to motorized if you havent already hit the bell icon so that you get notified whenever we upload our next video. Thank you once again. This is whipple signing off.