s, as well as globally, in this episode, we will explore the ev lineup that hyundai is putting forth to the world and discuss the reason why this might be the perfect time to jump into a luxury electric car over the more pedestrian brands. So before we go on wed highly appreciate your support by subscribing and turning on the notification bell. If you havent already, and please dont, forget to like comment and vote on the question thats presented at the end of the video, its no longer secret, that koreans make outstanding electric vehicles, as demonstrated by its success in all segments of the electric car realm from basic Entry level evs such as the hyundai ioniq ev known for excellent efficiency to the best selling nero ev known for its great range performance and value, and most recently, the groups first ever dedicated ev, such as the ionic 5 and the ev6, based on the egmp platform. Renowned for its ultra fast charging 800 volt system and the trademark v2l bi directional charging system that extracts electricity from the battery to power. Anything from electronics to a whole house and the innovation does not end there as hyundai is implementing the wireless charging technology into its vehicles, which would be a key component in allowing for the full self driving autonomy and automobiles that are undoubtedly approaching very soon. The first such car, to benefit from the new wireless charging technology is genesis gv60 about to make an introduction in the us, with the initial ordering process thats about to take place with the planned arrival in the summer.

The first ever dedicated ev of the genesis luxury brand will be an entirely different ev than its siblings, a key product for genesis as its about to embark on the journey to become an exclusive ev manufacturer starting in 2025. The gv60 embodies everything that genesis strives for. In its effort to become the leading eevee maker, the gv60 is a sister model to the successful ionic 5 and ev6 and offers the same great 800. Volt egmp ultra fast charging system that charges in 18 minutes 10 to 80, as well as offering the long range 77.4 kilowatt hours battery paired with either the 225 horsepower single motor rear, wheel, drive setup to offer 280 miles or 450 kilometers of range or the 321 Horsepower motor all wheel drive system that renders 250 miles or 400 kilometers of range. Furthermore, gv60 also offers a performance version good for 483, combined horsepower from the dual motors to offer zero to 60 miles per hour time of 4 seconds. Add to this. The egmp trademark features such as v2l and the advanced driver assistance systems, including the advanced level 2 self driving features along with a concept car based, hip, styling and a kind of opulence and luxury that you can expect from genesis would certainly make gv60 one of the Most desirable electric cars in the market with the gv60 genesis clearly has its eye on tesla to replicate its success globally and, in particular in europe. Genesis obviously has attained a certain level of reputation as a trendy new luxury car brand for upper middle class.

America, with the success of its products, such as the motor trends car of the year winning g70 sedan and the gv80 genesis. First ever suv that became famous as the car that saved tiger woods life. However, genesis as a new luxury brand in europe is struggling and the new advanced electric cars, such as the gv60 and the upcoming electrified gv70, is to be the savior for the companys european efforts. The gv70, the second suv in the genesis, lineup and expected to become the sales leader for the company, has now been electrified and awaiting release globally. Here lies a great new piece of information that will delight a lot of people. The electrified gv70 will now be built at the hyundai manufacturing plant in montgomery alabama. In addition to its current manufacturing in korea, hyundai has invested 300 million dollars to create a new electric car. Specific production facility to increase its ev sales in north america and the first product to be manufactured at the new factory is the santa fe hybrid in october. With the electrified gv70 to follow in december 2022., originally the u.s production was conceptualized to take advantage of bidens 12 500 tax credit offered to the us made evs, but when it was realized that only the union made evs were eligible, the plan seemed to have all Been cancelled but as it turns out, the incentive plan will be modified after 2025 and continue as ten thousand dollars being offered to all u.

s made electric cars regardless of the union. It reignited the project. This is probably a result of teslas push to have the bill. Changed to allow its evs, which are built in california, but not by union workers to benefit from the incentive. But companies like hyundai stand to benefit tremendously as well in more ways than one by building evs in the u.s. Hyundai is not only able to offer great incentives that would sure to help the consumers to purchase the evs at lower prices, but it would make it easier too. Currently, all of the evs destined for the us comes from korea and, as you can imagine, the factory is tremendously overloaded with the demand from all over the world, with a priority given to the domestic market. The typical waiting time for popular models, such as the ionic 5 and the ev6, is over a year, but the us built electrified gv70 should certainly be much faster aside from the manufacturing process itself being built in the u.s has many advantages as the u.s now is One of the largest manufacturers of the ev batteries in the world with the suppliers such as the compatriots sk and lg, investing heavily to open up battery manufacturing facilities in the u.s to coincide with the hyundais start of manufacturing of the evs, which would further aid. In the faster and more efficient delivery of the us built evs, the u.s is also on its way to becoming the largest semiconductor producer in the world, with projects such as a proposed 52 billion dollars in u.

s government subsidies towards intels planned 100 billion dollars mega fab. In ohio, as well as samsung, building a 17 billion chip plan in texas to aid in hyundais ev manufacturing in the u.s, so within a couple of years, having to wait over a year for an eevee will be a thing of the past. However, until then, the u.s manufactured gv70 will certainly be a great option over the korean made ionic 5 and ev6. Not only you would be able to purchase one and take delivery faster than the sibling products, as the weighting would be similar to the u.s manufactured tesla. Evs, for example, at between three to six months, but the electrified gv70 is also actually a better ev in our opinion than the more commonly known evs from hyundai and kia in many aspects. First, although its not a dedicated ev built on the bespoke platform, such as egmp, like the ionic 5 and the ev6, it might as well be, as the clunky name suggests, the electrified gv70 is an electrified version of the ice gv70 donor vehicle. However, the gv70 is built on hyundais latest third generation platform, renowned for its versatility of being able to easily be converted to hybrid plug in hybrid battery electric and even hydrogen. Fuel cell electric evs, built on the third generation platform, are reported to be as efficient as those built on the dedicated egmp platform and the specifications prove it. The electrified gv70 offers the identical 800 volt charging system that offers a blazingly fast, 18 minute ultra fast charge.

Speed of 10 to 80 percent, as well as the same v2l feature that provides 3.6 kilowatts of power, just like the ionic 5 and the ev6. Also, it has the exact same battery as its brethren with 77.4 kilowatts that offers 400 kilometers or 250 miles of range, which is also similar to the range of the egmp based gv60 performance version, as well as featuring the identical drivetrain thats, comprised of dual motors that Offer a combined 483 horsepower with a boost mode that motivates the two ton ev 0 to 60 miles per hour in less than four seconds. This is probably because egv70s underpinning is virtually identical to the egmp platform, with a typical skateboard like design, which enables a perfectly flat floor with large interior space thanks to its 2875 millimeters wheelbase, which is nearly the same as the kia ev6. Even the layouts are no less perfect of an ev than the dedicated evs, as seen from the completely flat floor of the electrified gv70, with the driveshaft for the rear wheels becoming unnecessary compared with products like bmw, i4. That still retain the obtrusive bulge. To remind you that the ev that youre driving is actually not a built from the ground up ev such as bmw ix, you will not find anything of the sword in the electrified gv70 in no part of a luxuriously and meticulously appointed interior, as well as details. All around you will be able to tell that this is a derivative electric car, even the frunk, in the areas surrounding the front motor are identical to its egmp counterparts.

So, as far as we can tell, the electrified gv70 is essentially the egmp product, with the same 800, volt architecture and power. Electric system that underpins the chassis, thats third generation, based to offer identical performance characteristics and efficiency as any other egmp evs, but produced more cost efficiently, as it still utilizes many components of the donor vehicle. Furthermore, the electrified gv70 is a real suv with a high roof and a fully usable large cargo space, and not a crossover like the egmp siblings. Its also the first ev to offer the suv specific e terrain mode to allow stability and control in various environments. With three sub modes for snow sand and mud, these differences might be the reasons why you would choose the electrified gv70 over the gv60 performance, which is very similar in just about every way. Aside from the styling and the overall presentation and the pricing thats a bit cheaper with the expected price to start from as low as 59 990, when the electrified gv70 becomes available in early 2023, its definitely a bargain, considering all the luxuries that you would be pampered With and the performance you couldnt get with the ordinary ionic, 5 and ev6, unless you move into more exotic gt and n versions, that would set you back way more than 60 000 price point and lets not forget the ostentatious luxury car ownership experience and the respective Concierge service that you would receive from genesis that you would not get from mass market brands such as hyundai and kia.

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