If you are looking for a practical suv, a small hatchback or a two wheeler for your daily runabout, but where it gets tricky to justify an electric car, is when car makers claim that they can provide you the same levels of thrills as a high performance vehicle. Well, yes, a case in point is the all new audi e tron gt. Well, this is something of a replacement to the likes of the a7 or the rs7. So the thing is, it is a fast four door. Coupe, it looks sensational, but can it provide you with the same levels of thrills as a regular audi s, car or an rs car? Well thats? What were here to find out and weve got the perfect sort of road to find out if its not just about straight line, speed, but also about agility and handling Applause Music. If a cars design matters to you more than anything else, then the e tron gt is already a winner, because it looks sensational from all angles. It is unmistakably outing, low and wide short overhangs long, wheelbase, muscular haunches and a croacious rear end design elements like an inverted single frame: grille active air inlets, optional, matrix laser headlamps 20 inch aero wheels a coupe like roofline and a seamless tail lamp cluster make this Electric audi, an absolute stunner whats more thanks to its sleek bodywork. The e tron gt is aerodynamically the most slippery audi on sale today, as it has a drag coefficient of just 0.

24. Surprisingly, the interior of audis future gt isnt, quite as futuristic as youd expect. Instead, its a conventional design and it features similar toys and gadgets that are seen in the companys regular cars. The dashboard is tilted towards the driver and theres a familiar 10 inch. Infotainment screen, along with a 12.3 inch virtual cockpit digital driver display both screens, are of high quality and, as always, work flawlessly. The air conditioning controls are physical buttons and not touch operated as offered in the likes of the a7 or q8 quality levels and overall fit and finish, though, well its impeccable. The sport seats at the front are body hugging and supremely comfortable its a loca, but you can sit here comfortably for longer and cover ground without any hassle, a true gt in that sense, but then things arent so great at the back. The rear seat, space of the e tron gt its kind of decent, but its, not the best. Of course. Now this is a gt car. This is not a proper saloon or a sedan like an a6 or the a8, so uh in terms of space. You are just about comfortable. The windows are also quite small. It doesnt give you that luxury car sort of feel. But overall i think you can sit here. You can do grand touring sitting at the back side as well in terms of features and equipment. Again, it doesnt have a lot of features. It has this basic air conditioning, but in terms of space, yes, it feels a little cramped, but you sit here comfortably because the floor is virtually flat, but then it is strictly a two seater, because you have this massive hump over here so uh.

What audi has done? Basically, they have the battery pack down here, but they have created recesses that they call the foot garage for rear seat occupants. So you sit here comfortably in your seat and theres not much to complain about. However, if there is some sort of inconvenience it is because of the glass roof, because this is transparent, because this thing has no liner, so you just get the heat directly from the sun. Of course, a glass roof like this looks cool and probably in european weather. It works fine, but in indian conditions i dont think this is the most practical choice because you are going to get a little toastier sitting at the back. If the ac is not running on full blast Music, the moment you sit in the e tron gt. Well, the first thing you notice is the heft. So as soon as you start going well, you can feel that weight. You can feel that this is a very heavy car. This weighs nearly 2.3 tons, so even to get it rolling. Well, you can feel that weight, but, having said that, it doesnt mean that it doesnt have enough power. Well, this is the gt. Of course. This is the lower variant of the two. There is also the rs version, which develops nearly 600 bhp, but uh lets talk about this car, so uh. This has a 93 kilowatt hour battery pack 85 kilowatt hour. I think its usable thats what it is, and it has a range of 500 kilometers well realistically, youre not going to get that but uh probably close to 350, is what youre going to get now.

Uh lets talk about the performance, because this thing packs 469 bhps. Well, yes, like in typical audi fashion, it is a quattro all wheel drive, so it has got two psm motors one at the front and one at the back. So that means it is an all wheel, drive vehicle now, 469 bhp and 630 newton meters of torque is what it produces all of the time, but for 2.5 seconds you have this thing called boost mode. So in that the motor unleashes around 523 bhps and the performance is simply mind blowing, because this thing can do 0, 100 in just 4.1 seconds and thats, when you feel you know, despite that mass. Despite that weight it just doesnt matter, because this thing just kicks physics in the teeth, this thing can absolutely fly and uh and theres absolutely no lag its just relentless. I mean youll run out of road, but this thing it just keeps pulling and pulling so in that regard, i think it feels better than most of the sports cars to be very honest, because the performance is just seamless but again that is something that you really Have to be careful on public roads, because i was doing crazy speech today and because its an audi, its so quiet its so refined that you cant really feel anything. I was doing high triple digit speeds on these bendy roads. I was absolutely gobsmacked in the way. This thing was covering ground, so you have to be really careful because it is actually a gt car.

It can cover ground quite briskly and you wouldnt even notice so of course, the kind of performance it delivers. It is expected because it is a fast audi and it is an electric at that so thats, nothing, unusual id, say, of course, its quite impressive, but its not something that you didnt expect now. The main thing where this thing is totally different is the way it handles. Well, yes, this is where it is totally different from any uv that i have everyone. So first things. First, this is, of course, a car that shares its platform with the porsche tycoon. So its based on the same j1 platform, which is for evs in both for both porsche and audi, so you can actually feel the difference, because this car, despite weighing over two tons well, this actually just goes around bends like a sports car like an audi r07 Id say it is really phenomenal: it has loads and loads of grip. It just stays glued to the tarmac and in typical audi fashion when the steering it is a bit inert. In the sense, the inputs, you dont, really get a lot of feedback, but its quite direct, and it is quite quick so, when youre driving fast around these hill roads, well, it actually feels planted. It feels perfectly tied down now. One thing i really love about the e tron gt is that it somehow feels a little more playful than its siblings. The conventional audi cars like lets say the s7 or the rs7, in fact, because those cars they have built in understeer.

But this thing it feels more rare, biased and when youre driving fast, you can feel the front end feels light. The front end has more bite and the way it grips and turns well, i think it is definitely better than those cars. Of course, theres. A lot of weight, but then uh in terms of the feel in terms of how the front is, i think this is uh, definitely more responsive. This is definitely sharper than any other four door, audi that ive ever driven. The only thing is, of course it is a heavy car, so you can feel that weight. Of course it has got performance and it can hold the road really well, but what it cant really mask is the weight. So when youre doing those quick, directional changes, you can feel the lateral movements you can feel the mass moving around and thats when you actually notice that this is not a light car. The other thing thats not very confidence inspiring, is, of course, the brakes now. Uh. The brakes are perfectly fine. It stops on time as soon as you drop the anchors but uh. You know the kind of inertia it has. When you try to stop all that mass. When you stop that momentum, you can feel all the g forces. So if youre driving fast and you come across a bend and you kind of miss your line or you go into corner too fast, when you brake really hard, you can feel the car moving around and thats, where it doesnt feel natural.

I think you have to recalibrate your mind because you are driving a heavy ev, but once you have done that once you understand that that its not a petrol pod car, it has got weight well, uh. Of course you try to understand it. That way, and you make adjustments to your driving and thats when this thing really comes onto its own, because it is fun, it is absolutely phenomenal. I i cant believe im saying that, but i think it is one of the best driving cars ive ever driven, and it makes it all the most special that this is an eevee. This is the first time that im driving a low, slung ev, because all the car manufacturers what they do. They know that evs have a lot of weight to lug around and to make a car that can handle that can take the fight to conventional cars. Well, they have to do something absolutely out of this world, and this is what audi or even porsche have done. Well, they have gone where no one else has because all the companies, whether its bmw, whether its mercedes they started off with suvs where, if a car doesnt handle well, you can say that its not meant to do that, but in a low slung gt car handling And performance they have to go hand in hand together and, i think thats what audi has done with the gt. I havent done the titan as yet, because ive heard that it is even more focused, it is a proper fast photo saloon.

But this to me it feels exactly like an rs7. It has all the ingredients of a fast audi car and the best thing is when these manufacturers, when they come out with an electric car, they have a lot of weightage. They have a lot of expectations and the thing i love about the e tron gt, the most is that it feels quint essentially audi. It feels a little too clinical if i can say that, but it feels brilliant. It grips like any other s, car or rs car and thats. What is very impressive because they have given it the typical audi character. You know when a company like tesla or any other manufacturer which has just come out of the block and they started producing evs. Well, they didnt have anything to live up to they. Didnt have customers, didnt have expectations, but when you are a manufacturer like audi or bmw or porsche, you have certain expectations. People want your cars to behave exactly how they used to behave, so they have to be engineered that way, thats why it took them so much time because theyve absolutely perfected, this formula and this car, the only thing thats missing in this is probably the sound it Doesnt have that typical v8 bubble or that pops and crackles of it proper, rs, car or but in every other aspect. This feels like a proper performance audi and last, but not the least, i absolutely dig the looks of this car.

It looks like a spaceship. In fact sounds like a spaceship as well, because it has some inbuilt sound system where, when youre driving, it sounds like, as if its a spaceship thats about to land. But coming back to the looks, i think it looks sensational. And for me, when a car looks so sexy, well, i think its half the job done because for a performance car, its also very important to have that aesthetic appeal – and i think in that regard audi – has absolutely knocked it out of the park, because i really Cant get over the looks of this car, so for me i think i absolutely love this car.