It comes in two different versions: a standard range with 68 kilowatt hour battery or an extended range, with an 88 kilowatt hour battery thats, bigger than what youre going to find in most other mainstream suvs. Theres. Also two different options available: you can have a rear wheel, drive or you can have an all wheel, drive versions too. Now you wont find any ford badges on the outside of the mustang mackie either. Instead, you get that famous horse on the front of what is a blanked off grill, but ford is keen to tap into that muscle car heritage. So you get this very sculpted bonnet. These sleek headlights, that you can see and as you go to the rear of the car youll, see some more nods to that famous muscle car at the back of the car youve got this sloping. Roof line that comes down on a very sharp cut off bluff rear end. These tail lights are just like the sort of design were used to seeing on a mustang muscle, car and again youve got that horse logo on the back. So everyone can see that youre driving a mustang the boot opens to reveal 402 liters of space and that can be increased to 1 420 liters when you drop down the rear seats and if you need a little bit more space underneath the bonnet on the front. There is a front with 81 liters of storage capacity, mustang nods aside, ford has been pretty smart about how it has designed this, and you can see that inside profile here its a very much a sloping, sporty suv and thats, partly because of this whole section being In black it brings down that roof line; it gives the impression of it being lower than it actually is, and then along the side here, you see its so clean because theres no door handles traditionally speaking, at least you have these little buttons here that you press And on the front here, theres also a door handle.

So as you push that button, the door will electronically pop out. Youve got a charge port here. On the left side, standard models get 115 kilowatt dc charging. The longer range version will get 150 kilowatt charging as well good for between 10 and 80 charge in 38 minutes with that higher rate, youve got mackie badging on the side here and then youve got these 18 inch wheels. You can get bigger. But, to be honest, these are probably a good balance between image and maximizing comfort and adding a few more kilometers to that driving range too, like the exterior, you wont find any forward badging on the inside. Here you do get the mustang badge on the front of the steering wheel and there is some ford switch gear. If youve been in other ford models, you may notice them on the steering wheel and the stalks here on the windows switches. But, generally speaking, this is quite a different cabin to what we typically see from ford. You get quite a nice niche digital instrument display here. Its quite slender looks very, very crisp, its very simple and easy to read. It just gives you all the information you want in a very easy fashion. You can just glance down and see what you need to have, but the real star of the show is this massive 15 and a half inch touchscreen display. It runs fords, sync, 4 infotainment system and its a major step on from what weve seen in previous ford models.

You can do various things like have all your different shortcuts pair. Your phone have sat nav find your next charging destination. You can also wirelessly connect apple, carplay and android auto there as well its a very neat system. It reacts very well, it looks, pin sharp youve got your climate controls down at the bottom. Here heated seats, heated steering, wheel, functionality as well all quite easy to use. Theres only one control on this, which is the volume control, and it actually appears as if its just stuck onto the front of the display, because you have another part of the display behind the center of that button. It is nice to use its very simple to use. Probably the only gripe id have is that, although this appears to look like its made from knurled metal, it is kind of a little bit of a cheap feeling, plastic and thats the same with the drive selector. Here on the center console again, not quite as polished or robust and premium, as you might expect, when you initially look at it, but again its a rotary controller, its very simple to use and it doesnt take up a whole lot of space. Here. Youve got your electric handbrake here and then because you have everything controlled in this large screen, then you have this extra space. Between the two front seats, youve got two decent sized cup holders, youve got usbc and usb a charging ports and a wireless charging pad here on the base as well, along with more room.

Next to that and then below that you have an additional layer of storage. So theres lots of room inside here to pull all your little augments away and have them easily come to hand. You also have more space underneath the armrest here, theres. Also, a 12 volt power socket in there too theres a lot of space in here, particularly leg room. I am five foot nine and the driving seat is set up for my driving position and, as you can see, i have quite a lot of knee room in the back here and actually the way the seats are shaped. It actually adds to that, because theyre curved outwards from me so its very easy to sit up right here. I have a reasonable amount of headroom. Ive still got a couple of inches of headroom there, and the only thing i would probably say is that, because of the way this roofline comes down, i dont have a massive amount of visibility at the side window, but its not that bad. It doesnt feel that claustrophobic in here, even though this car doesnt have the panoramic glass roof, it does have a light headlining that just makes it feel a little bit brighter inside, but the seats themselves, the outer seats very, very comfortable. I can get my feet just about underneath the seats in front youve got pockets on the back of the seat. Backs youve got a shallow enough door bin here, but you could leave a drinks bottle on its side in there back here, youve one usbc and one usb a port as well.

So you can still keep your devices charged up the middle seat. Doesnt have quite as much legroom because of how that center console comes back a little bit more and it is a little bit higher up, although its not massively firm. So even when you do have to sit in there its not that bad. Although really, if i was sitting in this middle seat, id only want to be doing it for a short journey. The other thing as well is that you do have a little bit less space. Now, even though you cant have an all wheel, drive mustang, mackie the floor is completely flat because of the battery design. So that is a bonus back in the fords favor, because you dont lose out so much in rear leg room because of that both of the rear seats get isofix points down, although they are covered up, it is very easy to reach them and lock in a Child seat there too, there are a few things: youll notice, when you start driving the mustang mackey. First of all, the driving position is good. You sit a little bit higher up. You can see that bonnet stretching out in front of you. Theres, decent visibility outwards. The a pillar is a little bit on the chunky side, but its not anything thats going to be a major issue and even rearward visibility is actually pretty good, despite it being quite a shallow rear window. The fact that the middle headrest sits a little bit lower down adds to that and you do have a decent, reversing camera as well, which helps when parking the side mirrors arent the biggest in the world.

But they do a reasonably good job of showing you whats. Behind you at a glance, the steering feel is really good here. Other ford models have a bit of reputation for being quite forced in self centering and always feeling a little bit, maybe overweighted. This feels really spot on its when you start to push the car on a little bit more though that its chassis begins to shine through the suspension is, admittedly, a little bit on the firm side, but its very nicely damped its well set up actually in this Car and you can start to thread this through faster corners with a degree of confidence and its clear that this is a car that ford is trying to appeal to real driving enthusiasts and not just the mass ev buying public lets talk about those drive modes. There are three to choose from in the mustang mackie you have the active setting, and that gives you a balanced set of performance with this car. So the steering is quite neutral. You get a good delivery of power and everything is nicely balanced. Then theres a whisper mode now, as the name might suggest this makes things a little bit smoother. You could infer that this is effectively like an eco mode. Just makes everything a little bit calmer steering is slightly lighter and its a bit quieter as well. It doesnt have the active, sound propulsion that pumped into the cabin, but then, if you want to have something a bit sportier, there is untamed.

Now we have to give ford credit for being brave and how theyve approached this car rather than calling a sport mode. This is a mustang mackie, so they call it untamed, and that gives you a little bit more sound propulsion. It adds just a little tweak to the steering setup and it does make it quite sporty. Now not everyone is going to want to buy a mustang mackie to drive around in untamed mode. This is a car that will appeal to some people because it has larger batteries. This particular one is the smaller of the two. This is a net 68 kilowatt hour battery and so far, according to the trip computer on motorway driving, it has been averaging around 19 kilowatt hours per hundred kilometers. That does decrease slightly then, when you move into mixed urban use and in those conditions so driving around the city a little bit of maybe dual carriageway shorter work. Things like that, its averaging between 16 and 17 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers, so thats, not too bad and again having that strong regenerative braking, particularly in urban driving, means that its always going to claw back a little bit more power. So that is a plus. Having that larger battery does mean you will be able to do longer, journeys with ease and you do have faster dc charging. So again, youve got up to 150 kilowatts on the larger battery. This one does 115 kilowatt peak charging.

So if you do need to stop off on a long journey, filling up at something like an ionity or a fast charger, youre going to be able to get a good bit of charge back into that battery, at least up to 80, with relative ease and in A timely fashion, thats our review of the ford mustang mackie, hope youve enjoyed it. If you have, please do hit the like button and tell us what you think in the comments below do you agree with ford using the mustang name in such a way with a car like this, its definitely proving to be a polarizing thing if youve enjoyed the Video dont forget to subscribe to our channel and if you do not hit the notification bell, youll be alerted next time. We upload a video review too.