All right. I forgot to put it into drive good with gas prices being record high. The question on everyones mind: is it worth buying a used, ev excellent question? Hackman? I think we need to find and answer this very difficult question for you and our viewers in general, so lets give you our thoughts behind me is a 2017 tesla model 3, its a base, standard plus range, and it has 82 000 kilometers wow, so lets find Out, if its worth switching to ev in todays, day and age, the viewers out there, if you own a model 3 or any of the tesla or any of the evs, for example, that youre charging at home in canada tell us how much your hydro bill is, Or has increased because of your ev, the first thing that hits you for the first time and for all the viewers of yours, its my first time sitting in this car right, correct, um, its very spartan initial impression: yeah, not bad okay, but i im sitting in A car thats supposed to be competing with luxury right. Absolutely no hackman ive been thinking about something weve looked at the panel gaps by the way and uh. I know well get a lot of flag on particularly the point that the build quality yeah. What did you think about the build quality and the panel gaps on the exterior of the car today? So that is something i dont expect from any manufacturer at any price point at any price point, let alone a price point which exceeds literally a resale after market price point of sixty thousand dollars, yeah easy exactly and that it literally feels like some uh.

It was an amateur who wanted to fit that fender or a panel and just didnt have the skills to you know so, thats something yeah at any price point that should not be yeah. It should be unacceptable, never expected from tesla. I hope in five years of manufacturing model three theyre able to overcome that, and it would be very interesting hackman to actually see what the new uh facelift tesla model 3s look like exactly. I would be very, very curious and – and i think have you had the chance to look at any newer teslas recently i havent okay. So that is what we will try to get and compare. It would be very smart to actually tell our viewers yeah exactly what five years later looks like yeah and has tesla as a manufacturing company learn from their mistakes. Absolutely because that is very important, as a manufacturer yeah to learn from your mistakes, so average yep. First time driving eb super pumped man, first time driving the pioneer of ev its going to be a momentous occasion. Man, i dont, know what to expect. This is what it sounds like yep, nothing, nothing, its a big, nothing, its a big, nothing born ready, buddy lets. Do it three two one go, oh, but i think once it gets off its insane, like i dont even know when it went to 80 yeah yeah, just like that, its instant, exactly and i i think, as a first time driver.

The first thing that hit me is there is no noise, so im hearing noises which ive never heard like suspension. Okay, the handling this is my time to shine. This is our corner and lets see how we take the corner. Oh my god, thats. This is like thats, incredible, illegal speeds that that is incredible: oh my god, and the car didnt even flinch, but its the reason it does it so well is because of that battery being at the bottom, and it helps changes yeah. It really does and you can feel how grounded you feel, theres no drama to this madness right now. Nothing and happy man, honestly again, yes, uh tesla will have competitors yeah. Yes, we would have much better price points for us as the average consumer yeah, but the future of what we drive has fundamentally been changed by tesla and you have to give tesla right. You do all right, youre watching this yeah. So what did you just? Do? I used an old trick that we used to use on turbo cars brake, boosting it works. It works that was badass honestly. This has been one of the most enjoyable days of my life. Please be aware of yours. This is really important advice by the way do not drive your test number three like its fully autonomous yeah, by the way, its going to disengage on corners, where you think youd be taking a turn, its not going to turn exactly, and that is something to be Aware of thats scary yeah because they dont advertise that heads up for every user out there, no imagine a person who just got it and hes.

You know just using it for the first time exactly thats, pretty scary. It is like its something that i dont know. If the tesla salesman or when you pick up the car, if they tell you all of this, because its called the autopilot yeah, also, you mentioned earlier about the fact that um the cost of maintenance by the way there are no moving parts to this uh. Exactly to this mall three right, yeah like theres, no, you just need to do brake pad servicing, for example, just here and there yeah your tires now again, like we cant uh attest to the quality of the suspension or the control, arms and stuff, because he did Replace under warranty, but they were underwater, but they were under warranty the upper control arms that he replaced yeah. That is my critique. I guess. Okay, they shouldnt be failing at 80, 000 kilometers thats, a part that can last you like over 200 000 kilometers. If the quality is good, so that is something alarming and i would be very curious again to know that in recent models has the issue repeated itself or not, because if theyre not learning from their mistakes yeah, because i have heard of similar issues as well, i Would be very curious to know exactly and thats something i would love to find out, because that is a big knock on their quality then, and their quality control procedure, because obviously someones not doing their job right.

Music. Honestly, at this price point, there is no excuses whatsoever. Shouldnt be an excuse at any price point, because, if youre a manufacturer, this is a safety issue. Right no and uh, plus japanese in general, have made uh. You know theyve set their bar with regards to quality control yeah and with regards to giving you a superior product experience. Even when you go to the entry level, sedan say: honda, civic yeah, exactly you cannot say anything bad about the build quality because it will run man yeah and you know how they say you get what you pay for it. So so i hope they elon musk. Does the same yeah theyre not like groundbreaking, something which is fundamentally flawed by them? Can you tell me what it feels like not having a heads up display after being used its having all that information that are present in the middle of your console yeah, but not to you as a driver to me its a its an unforgivable sin and the Reason i say that is as much as i love their tech as a driver. You should be looking ahead and you shouldnt be its the same exact hundred percent. So, yes, you should be looking and focusing on the road ahead, not away from it. In the middle of your on your right exactly and and thats something i noticed when i was driving at night as well yeah, the steering is only two buttons yeah and you can and then you can hardly see anything as it because most steering wheels right now.

Yes, theyre a little busy yeah, but the light and from uh the steering and the in cluster is enough that you can at least its a little break. Visibility is not visibilitys, not a concern, and at least the steering wheel itself is also illuminated exactly. I feel like they really need to think about that. Yeah youre, a petrol head youve, been driving some gas guzzlers right, no, no secrets there and ive known these guys in school. Right um tell me what was it like when you drove a tesla for the very first time? What is it like, electrifying thats, what i would say all puns intended big one steering feel big. One tell us. It was actually amazed when you put this thing into sport, yeah and now this doesnt have anything else. Apart from changing the steering right in sport, its its a very heavy feel yeah, its a base, 4d field right and the car does whatever you wanted to do. It complies big plus for me, the infotainment system and the software, and this is probably one of the best. By far you will ever have by far its like having an ipad dedicated, for example, and an ipad pro yeah, not just the basics. Basically exactly so, we agree, so we do agree at some point exactly and navigation like when we had to find something. Silky small silky, smooth, yeah, finds it right away. So that is a big plus for people to travel a lot to places that they dont know how to get to yeah.

Absolutely that is something thats seamless yeah, and that is a big positive for me, oh yeah, as a consumer yeah its absolutely you cannot fault it for the kind of responsiveness that it has yeah impeccable right. We agree. It is the software on this, the the display on this the touch on this. A lot of manufacturers go touch screen, but right touchscreen is really bad yeah. This is spot on absolute navigation spot on spot on. You hardly have to type the whole thing yeah to get to where you have yeah, and it really does a good job yeah when it comes to infotainment software, and you know having the whole ecosystem absolutely inside just baked into it right exactly a lot of manufacturers. I find yeah, they always get the wireless charging wrong yeah, because then, why is that? I i i dont know yeah. Maybe you have the answer, but if you look at the wireless charger here yeah i can still see my phone. Yes clearly yep right yeah. Most of the manufacturers like its so hidden yeah, you have no idea whos not connected to the car right. If i dont want to connect my phone its there, if theres a message or something yeah, i dont have to look for it its just there. It is so that is a big plus for me. I think tesla got this right, yeah it did, and that is something a lot of manufacturers the basement of the wireless charging.

I i agree with man on this one ill give you that when you look up youll, get a pretty sizable glass size up there, yeah and thats, not a sunroof, fine, its a panoramic roof. Sir. I apologize i stand corrected exactly, but for a base model. Thats still a very, very hefty offer. I have said this in a few reviews yeah. I do think. Yes, if it breaks its a big thing, oh yeah, but i do think it adds a more uh, homely or cozy feel to the car aesthetics. Eh yeah its just and you know. When i look up, i can see the sky yeah, the canadian skies blue skies Music, showing you exactly how awkward the entry angle for me is see. First, i was ive been really uncomfortable when i shared that with hackman. So what happened is tv? The ev batteries are actually right at the bottom of the car right behind us right, so the pillars are a bit raised. So when we sit our initial seating position, my thighs can barely touch the seats underneath. So what 30 minutes into the drive? I was uncomfortable right yeah. I am very very surprised by the fact that for the driver, you got no information in the cluster in front of the driver, so you always have to stare at the screen on your right, which jeopardizes the road safety of you and the people around you. I just feel that if there was even a heads up display yeah for me to just look straight yeah, it would be a good thing for tesla and as a consumer, as you can see, every time we sit well keep hitting our uh.

You know our kneecaps constantly hitting the screen by the way that can never be good yeah or even if they had an option of raising it like just the steering yeah so that again, average oh, is above average yeah for north american height im below average. For north american height hes having a hard time sitting in this with his seat, fully reclined yeah and hes still touching his knee yeah every time. So imagine if hes sitting as a passenger for a longer drive yeah would you be annoyed? I would guess absolutely absolutely yeah theres, no doubt about it. Yeah i mean its a design flaw. Wouldnt, you think i i think it is. There is no physical barrier yeah between the glass yeah, no visor and yeah. It actually adds a lot of heat heat and wind noise, and in winter time it will be heat loss, oh yeah, the suspension and your seat yeah. Those are two things that i look at as a date if im going for a daily driver. Okay, if im going for a a car that im going to drive on the weekend yeah, i dont care. No, absolutely people who have that money obviously have another car: oh yeah, Music, 68, 000, canadian. When it came okay, wow in todays market right, the average price you can pay anywhere from 50 to 60, 000 right canadian, depending on the mileage exactly and all the options right, absolutely heck man.

All prices have gone up thats. Why people will consider this car right? Now, very, very realistically, okay, they will – and i think this is maybe the perfect time for people as well, who want to switch or whove been thinking about switching tv, but in 2022. The good thing is, you have a market that has a lot of evs that have come out yeah, so as a as a an average consumer yeah driving this car for a while right, i would suggest you do your research theres a lot of alternatives for this Price point, or even under there i say, hyundai ioniq 5.. I i think thats thats, a very iconic look honestly. I was talking to the owner of this car hes, the first owner right and hes. Had it since day, one okay right right, the things that he had to change upper control, arms under warranty and uh, he had some issues with the charging card exactly covered in warranty as well covered under warranty. Now these are the pro only two problems we had now. If you are wondering maintenance costs yeah, obviously you dont have the cost of engine or, like any drive transmission. Exactly you dont have that exactly now. That being said, dont forget that you will still have the cost of suspension like control arms brakes servicing brakes exactly so you you have to keep that in mind when youre buying it and tires is the big big thing.

Apart from that, he said he had an amazing run with the car and thats the first uh model of the tesla model, three, which speaks exactly yeah. I spent a lot of research and development. Developing this car genuinely shows you can change the length of the car seats. Ladies and gentlemen yeah, but the fundamental technology stays there im on the money model, 3, most likely audience young mothers, corporate executives, people who work security services. Again, people are doing really well, economically speaking, exactly they know their bmws, they know their audis. So this is not a knock on. Anyone were just saying when youre looking at 70, 000, canadian plus, you will be looking at those as your competitors.