Today i want to talk about charging and charging station safety. Now this is going to be a controversial video im. Sure, because well, some of you probably dont, want me to make this video, especially charging companies, and i think that this is going to be a huge issue going into the future and, if youre, a bad guy click away. Dont. Let this video give you any ideas. Thats the goal here is: we really want to point out issues but not sort of point out issues to the wrong crowd. So if you are not a good person, please dont watch this video. So this is just a very quick video. I happen to be topping up the car here at a dc fast charger using a chatimo adapter right across the street from our office over here and well. I figured id take the opportunity to put up a very quick video about a topic that is becoming increasingly common in the comments and something that ive been thinking about more and more, and it all stems from sitting in a nice car. Usually, in the back of a parking lot somewhere hooked up to a machine that charges it that you cant easily just drive away from now. Of course, when you fill up for fuel with a combustion vehicle, you drive up to the pump youre standing outside filling it up, and then you go and weve heard of countless uh. You know sort of safety concerns just by fueling up uh cars over the years.

So you know, is this a new issue, or is this just an issue thats going to become adapted to charging im, not sure, but i what i think is going to be an issue is: is this situation right here when youre charging youre there a little bit Longer than fueling up, especially here at a 50 kilowatt charger, this would take you know about an hour and a half, maybe a little bit more to charge up this tesla zero to full, and so, in some cases, youll be there from lets, say on average 15 Minutes to an hour at a dc fast charger somewhere in that range, is where most people will spend and when youre in your car hooked in to the charger, you cannot just say: stop charging and drive away youre, literally a sitting duck, usually in the back of A parking lot, and hopefully you know that doesnt happen to anyone and youre all safe and thats. Not the idea im just trying to point out an issue that im seeing here and you just cant drive away. You join me back at the office with these incredible views to thank magna. Now, magna is a technology company that produces not only parts for cars, but also technological solutions from manufacturing and design and engineering. They cover so many parts of the automotive sector, and i bet youve interacted with a magna product in your life before magna actually is very near and dear to my heart, because their partnership magnustya in austria produced my first car, a mini countryman, and it was built Right there in gratz, a lot of you are also familiar.

Magna is going to be producing the fiskar ocean in their magnustyre factory and they also build g wagons and nothing gets tougher than a g, so really excited about our partnership with magna. Of course, they are also hiring for engineers, so we know a lot of you guys are super interested in technology and automotive ill leave a link below. So you can learn more about possible opportunities at magna, but of course we want to thank them for sponsoring todays, video and being such a huge supporter of out of spec. Truly, they are pushing mobility forwards responsibly and sustainably, and so you know certainly i think, uh. You know sitting in a nice car, usually somewhere, you dont really want to be hooked up to a charger. All evs are expensive today, youre sort of a target and well theres more to this conversation just beyond safety, but i think im really curious to see what you guys think now. Ive talked to every charging company from evie go to electrify america to chargepoint, although they dont manage their own network and even some of the ones over in europe. About this issue and theyre like well, were installing lights and cameras, and that seems to be the gold standard in terms of combating bad guys at charging stations and im. Sorry, but a light and a camera is not going to deter anyone. That camera is not coming out to defend you and so look. You can have personal defense.

Of course you can, you know, go down that route, you can i i basically what im saying is im not sure i see a solution here. Basically, youre going to be sitting in a very nice car plugged into a charger for a long period of time, and then people will catch on theres, a story back. When we lived in north carolina, there was the burlington supercharger and i was a tesla supercharger and there was one guy who held up multiple tesla owners at gunpoint because they were just sitting in their car and they couldnt go anywhere so heres my suggestion, i think We need a technology, we need some sort of something thats. The ejecto seek cuz button which blows out the charging handle, and then you go heres the problem with that everyone weve ran into some pretty nasty ev owners recently on road trips that are just like cutting in lines. If you watch our supercharger video, i am here to be a proponent of evs, but i see massive problems uh with some of these things. Everyone would just hit the ejector seat cuz button, and then this would end up on the ground and um and we dont want charging handles all over the ground right, so maybe theres a cost associated with this, maybe theres a robotic arm. I know this is coming in the future. Companies are working on this. Basically, what im saying is comment below with what you think are some great solutions to make charging safer, certainly having lights in a parking lot makes you feel safer, having cameras there sure but thats not going to do anything and, like you know, weve seen in recent Events are the cameras even turned on and working we dont know the cars have cameras, of course, as well.

Its definitely gon na become an issue okay, so safety is number one number two theres also like annoying things. People can do and im not here to point out like stuff, but lets just say were a normal passer buyer right. This car is charging up or were at a bank of chargers, and we just want to stop charging well. We can, i can just walk up to the station and say: oh end session theyre no longer charging and we just stopped charging no authentication required and thats not unique to this charging station provider. That is across every network, pretty much everywhere, except maybe charge point you need to tap your card. It depends on the menus and which version, but then of course like in europe, you have to present an rfid card, the one you used to start the charging session to uh disable the the charging session. But then most european evs have the little button on the car that will stop charging like a tycon. Has that and a few others, so you know, is that even necessary? Are these problems were going to see in the future? Did i just create a video thats like how to annoy ev owners and put them in danger? I hope not thats, not the intention here. The attention is, intention is just to bring awareness to this issue so that, hopefully we can find solutions to the safety problem right now, its not that big of a deal and its not happening in large numbers, but across the country more and more people are driving Evs, more and more people will understand what they are, and i think this is going to be something were going to be dealing with for years, just like still combustion cars are dealing with these issues right.