Maybe the time has come to finally stop looking back fire up countless nuclear plants cover land and sea with solar and harness the power of the elements. If we do charging you, electric car wont ever be associated with the financial pain. Hopefully it got you excited about tomorrow, so lets leave all the worries behind and explore the future shopping possibilities. Today we present to you a lineup of the freshest electric crossovers of 2023 and beyond. I bet you havent seen these machines just yet so subscribe to automotive territory and enjoy the ride into the unknown Music lexus rc450e. The rx mid size is the best selling lexus. It becomes the first model to get an electric equivalent built on the dedicated et nga platform that already underpins toyota bc4x and subaru sultera. As expected, the exterior theme of the rc450e was fully dictated by the lfc concept, so the production model now follows the so called spindle body design language. The electric juice is stored in a 71.4 kilowatt hour battery that transfers current to the duo of electric motors on the front and rear axles and therefore enables direct for all wheel. Drive combined output reaches adequate 309 and 321 pound feet, but the range feels quite underwhelming with just 225 miles on recharge. The technological supremacy of this lexus comes in the form of a yoke steering wheel with the desired steer by wire that eliminates handover turns. There is a 14 inch infotainment head up display and the last generation lexus safety system, plus 3.

0 Music Music lotus electra, just like it was foretold by their chinese overlords lotus, is wrapping up the internal combustion program and therefore the first suv of the brand goes all Electric the electra takes the core principles from more than seven years of sports car manufacturing and consequently gets an aerodynamically superior body with active aero components, closed off, grill rear, spoiler and 22 or 23 inch wheels to justify its claim for the title of the worlds. First type or suv, this lotus is built on the 800 volts electric architecture, with components from the fi hypercar. It either gets a dual or a tri motor. All wheel, drive powertrain that makes 600 or 900 horsepower. The lotus electra claims 370 miles of range 2.9 seconds. 0 to 60 and 160 miles per hour for vmax in its fully loaded version, the slotus gets ceramic composite breaks with 10 piston calipers air suspension and adaptive dampers, while its seats and surfaces are wrapped in wool blend. Man made textiles, genuine leather or durable microfiber. Smart number one, it looks like the long struggling branch has finally found its formula for survival. Smarts. First, ever suv abandons the quirky exterior of its predecessors and focuses on ev only power developed jointly by mercedes benz and gili. The smart number one clearly embraces the styling cues of the latest german electric cars with their clean aerodynamic lines, panoramic glass, roof and plenty of black exterior bits under the skin. The number one relies on a shortened version of the kilis c modular platform, which means the support of dc fast charging and over the air updates.

The smart crossover is powered by a single 272 hp electric motor at the rear axle, which is juiced by 66 kilowatt hour battery good for 250 miles of range inside the cabin. The number one has a large 12.8 inch touchscreen infotainment, a slim 9.2 inch digital instrument, cluster and a 10 inch head up display, though at this point it is still unknown, which one of the three is included as standards Music, mercedes, benz, eqs, suv. Looking like a bulked up version of the eqs sedan, the new flagship of the eq range builds on the same battery electric eva2 platform and has similar exterior styling the models. Wheelbase measures 126.4 inches, while the entire length of the suv is 202. Its front fascia has a friendly appearance with a closed staff, black grille and three element headlights. At this point, the crossover is revealed to offer two modifications eqs450 plus and a 584 matic both share the same 107 kilowatt hour battery with around 300 miles, but different. The number of motors and their output, the rear wheel, drive 450 plus gets a single motor rated for 355 horses and 419 pound feet. The 580 is powered by a dual motor: all wheel, drive system producing 536 hp and 633 pound feet. The cabin of the qs offers a class c premium feel and houses five seats, but it can be also optioned with a third row. The infotainment is represented by a 12.8 inch screen as standards for the new mpux hyper screen that hides three displays under a single glass piece.

If you want to speed up the transition to electric cars, make sure that the like button is properly smashed and that this video is watched till the very end. Thanks for the feedback and lets proceed. Music kia, niro ev as before the revised gear nero, has offered any trio of electrified versions, including a purely electric one scheduled to arrive to the us and europe. It grows in size across all dimensions, heading 2, inches in length and 0.8 inches in width. The crossover adopts radically different, exterior styling, presented by the habanero concept in 2019., the front fascia houses, new angular headlights, with a sharp led, drls, revised grille and a reposition charging port. The crossover looks more rugged thanks to the fresh black cladding, while its rear gets vertical. Boomerang style, tail lights and dark painted c pillars here decided not to replace the drivetrain components of the eevee, so it is still powered by 201 hp front wheel, drive motor with 281 pawn feet at 64.8 kilowatt hour. The models battery is just slightly larger, but it does offer 14 extra miles 253 in total. As for the interior, it offers a two spoke steering wheel, recycled upholstery materials and dual 10.3 inch screens for the dashboard and infotainment Music maserati grakali folgore masrati is further expanding into the money making market of crossover suvs by adding a new compact model positioned below the Levante, labeled grakali, it will exist both in the internal combustion and all electric versions.

The latter carries the name folgore. It means lightning from italian and becomes the brands designation for its entire future ev lineup. The model is distinguished by a closed off grille new wheels, special badges and an exclusive rainfall gore copper paint. Just as this internal combustion twin, the grakali folgore uses a modified version of the fca georgio platform that is federally due of electric motors and a 105 kilohertz battery pack with 400 volt architecture. The system promises up to 680 horsepower and 590 pound feet in its most powerful traffic modification. The cabin design basically carries over from the gasoline model but uses recycled materials. You should also get a full tack package with a digital gauge, a 12.3 inch infotainment and an 8.8 inch climate control screen Music, chevrolet equinox ev. Remember those bogus claims that gm electrified the world of cars well, if they ever want to stop being mocked, their ev lineup must be expanded and expanded fast. An important addition to the chevrolet roster will be the albright east equinox evie. The model sports, futuristic styling, with the led light strips across the entire width of the car, both front and rear chevy, has confirmed that the newcomber will be based on the gms 800 volt ltm platform. We should expect extra fast charging around 300 miles of range possible. All wheel drive configurations and a fully digital, cockpit infotainment tandem of the next generation. The production is scheduled to start in the fall of 2023.

The crossover will be offered in the fleet and consumer oriented trends. Plus the announced starting price of low 30 000 cannot but put a smile on the faces of the prospective buyers, skoda, anya, coupe iv and iv vrs. The aniak is already viewed as the most expressive and elegant skoda to date, but the coupe modification brings even more edge to the iv family. The model gets a muscular bonnet aerodynamic, rearward, sloping, roofline and unapologetically mean crystal face front, grille and matrix led headlights as before. The skoda antiac is available in three battery sizes and either rear single or dual motor. All wheel drive configurations, 62, 72 and 82 kilowatt hour. Batteries would yield 216 through 340 miles and the wltp range cycles and 180 through 299 horsepower. The later power output is reserved for the range topping antioch iv vrs that also offers 3′ pound feet of instant torque covers a 0 60 sprint in 6.5 seconds and rides on exclusive 20 inch, taurus wheels or optional 21 inch vision, anthracite metallic alloys, the vrs interior Design includes black perforated, lather and grey piping. There is a head up display 13 inch, infotainment canton sound system and a climate codes. Aircon Music mullen5, the california based mullen, had started out by trying to import to the us. The chinese kianto k 50 sports car. However, after realizing the potential of the electric suv market, the company threw all of its efforts into the launch of their own five crossover, underpinned by modular ev platform.

The model gets a 95 kilowatt hour lithium sulfur battery. That is promised to have five times higher energy density and offer up to 325 miles of range. The pack spends two electric motors one per axle, though their output remains under wraps 0 to 16, ph acceleration takes 3.2 seconds and the top speed is 155 miles per hour. This crossover is confirmed to offer a level 2.5 advanced driver, assist system, active noise, cancellation, customizable seating, face recognition and tablet style screens for rear passengers. The buyers will be also choosing between three trunks base, touring and arrest Music. Then fast, vf9, only five years since its inception, this vietnamese private manufacturer is already testing the american waters with a new full size. Crossover designed in collaboration with pen and farina the three row. Vf9 features a traditional white, sheltered body, a distinctive v shaped closed off grille and an led spear stretching over the entire fascia. On the power front, the vf9 relies on a dual motor. All wheel drive system where 402 horsepower and 472 pound feet of torque are transferred to both axles. The model offers two versions: echo and plus the latcher is much posture, but it does lose a few miles from the claimed 272 miles range due to larger wheels. A panoramic sunroof and other upscale goodies later in 2023, the company will introduce a bigger battery pack good for 369 or 360 miles of range as standard. Each vf9 boasts a clean, minimalist interior design worth a major point of attraction.

Is a huge 15.6 inch tablet oriented touchscreen Music? Are you excited about this all new lineup of electric crossovers, because i am for a long time there havent been a significant load of electric news to report on and hopefully the pace of updates will pick up. Lets have a chat in the comment section below make sure to like this: video subscribe to automotive territory and support us by following the instructions in the pens comments.