Now the british manufacturer is reaffirming the plan and expanding it into a strategy called racing. Green Music, already known the brands first plug in hybrid, is to be delivered from the beginning of 2024. The mid engine super sports car valhalla. The car combines a 750 horsepower mercedes amg v8 that drives the rear axle. Only. There is also one electric motor per axle which together deliver 150 kilowatts. This results in 950 horsepower system performance. The electric range is only 15 kilometers Music Music in terms of design. The engineers developed the valhalla, based on a tubular hub structure, made up of carbon fiber with a subframe assembled to serve the suspension and engine. This helps to keep the dry weight of the vehicle, no more than 1.55 tonnes. The front suspension of the car is a pushrod pushrod, multi point rear suspension, adaptive dampers and two stage springs from canadian supplier. Multimatic will help operate the system responsible for maximum downforce, combined with aerodynamic equipment in front of the body vehicle large, adjustable spoiler and even venturi system under the car to increase the speed of airflow. These factors create a force equivalent to 600 kilograms of compression on the body of the vehicle when it is running at high speed to increase stability on the ceiling. The intake in the center serves for the forced air intake system for the engine, while the intakes on the sides will bring air in to dissipate heat. Carbon ceramic brakes will be standard equipment operating in conjunction with the electronic power steering system.

In addition, the valhalla will use electric power steering and will also come with an active safety system package that includes adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency, braking and blind spot monitoring. Besides the normal review, mirror visibility will also be optimized. Thanks to the image transmitted from the camera outside to a screen inside the cockpit Music, the valhalla will be the brands first plug in hybrid model. The mid engine supercar should be on the market in 2024. For the time being, aston martin still speaks of a 950 plus hp, strong v8 hybrid. The electric range would be 15 kilometers. Hopefully there will be some improvement. A year later, in 2025, the first all electric aston martin will arrive with british vault batteries. Although there was also a repeated a while ago, which was scrapped just before it saw the light of day, aston martin has not yet released anything about this new model. The traditional petrol models will gradually disappear from the aston martin range by 2030. The entire core range gt sports cars and suvs should be electric Music. Music aston is keen to let the world know that the light is green, going forward when it comes to targeting net zero carbon emissions. Thank you for watching the video of car vs car 24.. If you have any feelings, please leave a comment below the video dont forget to subscribe, like and share this video with your friends and on social media networks. Thank you, Music.