Would i drive a kia ev6 hell if i know, but first information explosion, Music, Music lets start with a motion factor: Music, bubbly eddie? Are you moved by the style of the kia ev6? It feels like im driving the future. Today i really love the swoopiness of the hood. It feels very organic for something that also feels futuristic and then theres that crisp line that goes down the side, also secret cat ears on the rear view, mirror and theres a diamond shape that accents the tail lights. It feels very fancy. You know that merging of organic and technological elements does feel like kind of a modern science fiction, trope its kind of like youd find like in raised by wolves or something like that totally. So it sounds like you really like the exterior the interior thoughts. I was having a jack skellington moment when i was shooting this like whats this whats. This everything is in an unexpected place, but in a useful, unexpected place like i like having the start button close at hand and also having space to access the storage below it feels like a utopian version of the future. In here i like it, oh boy that is strong trays, aesthetically its working for you, but how do you feel driving it? I had a lot of fun driving this. The immediate torque available to you with the electric motor is awesome. One thing i do also really like is the regenerative braking functionality means that i can do a lift instead of a break when i want to slow and then apply the accelerator sweeties feeling it so right now, im in eco mode lets put it into sport.

You immediately feel the accelerator like its like okay. Here we go okay. Now you have the feeling that i normally get when you drive im, so sorry, uh yeah, but theres, something about this. The modes that i found where i actually used them when i was driving in a way that i dont normally when im driving vehicles, the modes are just kind of like gimmicky, but in this one, putting it in sport mode is perfectly applicable for driving in a Sporty way on our windy mountain roads and then, when im in stop and go traffic im like eco mode feels great, because the accelerator behavior is much more relaxed and the steerings a little bit lighter and its like. This is the rare vehicle where the modes are. Are truly usable? What about ride comfort? Has it felt uncomfortable at all? No, i hadnt noticed anything. I hadnt even thought about it: yeah, okay, it is a voyage of discovery. Oh and then, of course, it wouldnt be uh. You driving a car. Without me, um uh berating you about visibility issues. How has it been? Oh so over my right shoulder, i can tell these windows are narrower than normal, but this ability is fine, theres, a blind spot in the very back but thats, pretty common over my left, shoulder between this um seat rest and this large b pillar, its very poor, But overall, are you feeling a positive emotion, absolutely im really enjoying driving this around hooray evie is feeling those positive emotions with the ev6, but is it family friendly flying ice has always made objectively excellent eyewear, but something has changed colors, so many colors.

I love my new white osprey sunglasses blammo and i love the new satin tortoise ophthalmic frames flammable. I wear these glasses all day every day, plus evie can change up her look with the optional magnetic tinted lenses. What do you think kiddo mirrored pink or cobalt pink? Yeah i figured flying eyes offers four styles of prescription eyeglasses to choose from plus an array of sunglasses. Sure flying eyes. Look great, but good looks are without good function. Sweetie hit him with that. Montage super thin temples make them supremely comfortable under a headset or helmet. The resilient frames are unbelievably light and all day comfortable plus they are nearly indestructible if youre ready to invest in customizable aviation grade. Eyewear click. The link in the description below use the promo code miket to save 10 fly guys. Music lets start with space, so much space, im, really impressed by the rear leg room for the passengers yeah and as a guy with a fairly long sexy, torso uh headroom can sometimes be an issue for me. Even though im five foot ten ton of headroom back there, i think what were experiencing is the fact that this is kias. First dedicated electric vehicle platform got the batteries placed slow. They put the wheels at the far front and rear portions of the frame. Look at the on screen text, and this will show you how incredibly huge that wheelbase is versus lets, say the hyundai palisade crazy, right, thats, a three row suv – and this is like a compact suv.

They call its really more like a wagon, but what theyve done with packaging is make so much space and really take advantage of the fact that its an electric vehicle, one of my whats this moment, was the back here. Is this a hook for holding a purse? It would be weird if they just went with that style component and it wasnt usable, so yeah im just going to judge that potential purse hook and theres a little tab down here. That im also wanting to hang things on. I think you could absolutely hang like a little trash bag there or like some groceries or anything yeah. I mean that tab is definitely there for a reason. Uh. You know, as you look around the interior from a family friendliness perspective. There are so many thoughtful little details up to the um depth of the glove compartment. That is one mic, a foot worth of glove compartment. I bet you could jam your foot in here too. Oh thats, pretty deep yeah look theres an entire thing of kia branded disinfectant wipes one cargo compartment that really surprised and delighted me was the frunk. This looks like theres an engine up there and then surprise you open it. No, its storage yeah, its deceptive yeah, its a little frunk. There was some space there and they gave it to you regardless. But the real space for cargo is in the back that cargo area is pretty decently sized 24.

4 cubic feet. They have a covered area underneath which is kind of a good dedicated space for putting your charging paraphernalia, because its not very large yeah, that little underfloor space is pretty small but um its nice. To have kind of like. I know exactly where my charging gear is going one of the things with the ev6. It shares a platform with the hyundai ioniq 5, with which i drove for kelly blue book and did a great review with it. Youll love it but uh. This is smaller cargo space, wise versus the ionic 5, which shares this platform, but i think a lot of that has to do with roof shape. This is more of a sloping, roof line which looks a little bit sleeker, but it does sacrifice cargo space. This is also smaller cargo, wise than like the mustang machi from ford or the um volkswagen id4 lots of flat floor space, though oh yeah, and then the releases in the back, which are super convenient. So you dont have to walk around the side to flop them down. Um yeah its just a really useful, like functional space, any issues with getting our kiddo in and out this rides pretty low. So she had a very easy time. Stepping in also the fact that there is so much room between her seat and the rear seat back of the front passenger meant that it was very easy for her to climb in theres a very wide door.

Opening there and yeah. I think ingress egress is really easy. As for safety, the nhtsa has not raided the ev6, but it does include a standard suite of active driver assists, including lane keeping assist automatic emergency braking with pedestrian and cyclist detection. Also, as mentioned that thick c and d pillar isnt that big of an issue, because you do have standard blind spot monitoring, oh and seven airbags standard, including a drivers knee im, still learning how to break while you learn how to break uh. What do you think is this family friendly family friendly family friendly, but is it mountain friendly, Music? Well, were gon na sit at this light for a good long while may as well talk about mountain friendliness, um any thoughts? Well, there is optional: all wheel drive, which is excellent. Um adds an extra motor to the front, so the all wheel, drive version is actually uh quicker than the rear, wheel, drive version, which is another good reason to get it and by the way, using this on screen text. This is how much it costs to add. All wheel drive to the two trims where you can add it. Also ground clearance is 6.1 inches, which is not big if youre, comparing it to suvs, which is another hint that this is not actually an suv, even though thats how they bill it. But weve kind of backed off from that ground clearance thing a little bit in as much as for our mountain friendliness needs.

We do have the bronco and i think, a lot of people up here get by just fine with normal cars. So i would say if we needed, oh cool uh mercier is taking off im a man in his 40s and every time a helicopter goes by. I do have to look so. What do you think is this thing mountain friendly mountain friendly, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah? Do you think its mountain friendly? I i do. I think this is more of a threshold thing. Could you drive this if you live in the mountains as a single car, okay, im gon na establish a new standard for mountain friendliness. The question is: if this was our only car, could we live like normal human beings, on the mountain and and by that standard? Is this mountain friendly mountain friendly mountain friendly? I love the mountains all right. Eventually, this light will change and when it does were going to get into my favorite segment, sweetie potpourri Music, oh good, a green light diving into the potpourri lets talk about infotainment screens. You have two 12.3 inch screens, one on infotainment duty and the other with the gauge cluster. What do you think about the infotainment interface? I like that, its a touch screen, which makes the interface easy to use for me. I wish the icons were a bit more distinct. They are all the same size and color, so you really have to read whats happening. One interesting aspect of the ev6 is this kind of multi function display, so it toggles back and forth between climate control and audio controls and its all capacitive.

How do you find using this? So when i am looking at it with my eyes, it works great, but when youre looking at with your mind, man, i like that they were able to take up less physical space in the vehicle. But when im trying to use it while im driving its very difficult to tell where i am yeah, that is the kind of interface that demands. You look because theres no tactile way to find your way around sleek interface. But usability does suffer a little bit, but it looks so cool and really isnt that eighty percent of driving electric car a couple more details, apple, carplay and android – auto comes standard, but they are both wired because for some reason, hyundai kia cant figure out how to Do wireless smartphone connectivity in their larger format, infotainment screens, five usb ports come standard, including one usb c port, and then oh man, that 360 cam is cool, its so crisp and clear looking and it does the cool thing where it swoops around the vehicle. That is the kind of thing that would have been like a mind: blowing novelty in a mercedes five years ago and now its in ikea and to me that is like a really really cool yet genuinely helpful bit of technology, and that is the secret right. Not just doing gimmicky stuff thats like wow, this is weird but like doing stuff, that is wow. This is cool and i can actually use it.

So i think thats really worth noting. How was your charging experience? Oh, that was a real letdown go on. We did not have the equipment required to charge it at our home, so i had to take it to a charge, point charger. It took me 23 minutes to drive there and i think, by the time i spent an hour charging it. It was as charged as before i left home. Yes, it was basically like a wash yes, the charge point charger that you used is basically just a level two charger, which is what you would use at home. If you use that at home, you could charge up overnight and have a completely charged battery. However, when we got this from the press fleet, there was no home charging trickle uh charger, so you can like plug it into a normal outlet and itd get a modest charge, but something overnight just through the power of your hours. So that is specific to our particular situation, where we are not close to a lot of chargers. Yes, but that does speak to a broader issue, which is that, without a way to charge at home, if you live in an apartment or a condo, that does not have easy access to somewhere to plug in your car at night or you, dont have a workspace Where, when you go to work you charge in and easily charge it having an electric car becomes a much dicier proposition.

I will add that kia and hyundai with this platform have done something very clever theyre using an 800 volt architecture and what that allows is very rapid charging times. So if you have a dc fast charger like a 350 kilowatt charger, itll charge from 10 to 80 percent in 18 minutes whoa and based on what ive seen from the current charging network in america, um finding uh that kind of charger and having it actually be Functional might be a dicey proposition as well, but uh. Nonetheless, if you have like a 50 kilowatt charger, which is pretty common now um, you know youre gon na look at a little bit more than an hour to get up to that 80 charge, but uh. If you can charge it quickly, it will charge quickly cool theres, a couple of features. I wanted to draw attention to um dynamic cruise control, full speed, dynamic cruise control comes standard which is cool. Another standard feature is a junction turning assist. Basically, if you try to turn into a vehicle as its approaching you like make a left in front of you or in front of it, it will stop you, oh god, which is a really cool thing. I got into an accident where i almost died when i was a kid because the guy turned in front of me if he had had junction turning assist that probably wouldnt happen, oh and then the other one highway driving assist um.

I used that uh on my way back from the kelly blue book offices driving this thing. It does a really good job, maintaining its speed on the freeway keeping you in the center of the lane. Um you could. If kia was a more permissive company with um uh chill lawyers, they could probably just let you drive around all the time, almost like its some sort of autonomous driving feature. It would probably get it right most of the time, but they dont do that because of liability concerns and that kind of stuff. Oh look tesla one question: how do you feel about the door handles? Oh, i really dont like using them. I always felt like i was waiting for them to reveal themselves to me like that guy over there on the subway car, its, like, you know its coming, but speed it up. We hit on it before, but the base battery is a 58 kilowatt hour unit and puts out 168 horsepower its good for 0 60 runs of about 8 seconds, which is reasonably zippy theres. Also the 77.4 kilowatt hour battery thats in the higher trims. As you might expect, with the bigger battery, you get more range and you also get the option to add all wheel drive. Can i offer a trim recommendation? Please do honestly the base car comes pretty well equipped. Youve got smart key access. Youve got these cool big screens dual zone, climate control, heated front seats.

That said, i would really recommend going with one of the higher trims that has that larger battery pack. It would kind of suck to have the less capable battery a couple years down the road when that seems um like not quite enough range for a proper electric car. But i also like going up to the um. Oh gosh, heaven help me. The wind trim weve got the light trim at the base one and then the wind trim is one notch up. I, like the wind all wheel, drive all wheel drive, gives you a little more speed that wind trim also comes with leatherettes, ventilated front seats, a smart lift gate where you can just stand back there for three seconds and itll automatically open up and vehicle to load Abilities so you get a little accessory, you plug it into the charge port, and then you can use that outlet to oh, my golden example: sweetie. Would you like to have a margarita machine with us sure? Well, you can power that with your kia ev6, a more realistic use case might be something like an e bike. Popcorn machine bounce house youre putting on a party whatever you got going on. You can power it with your kia ev6. As for competitors, we got the ford mustang machi, the volkswagen id4, the tesla model y. The federal government in the united states offers the 7 500 federal tax incentive. You have to have a high enough tax burden in order to exploit that tax incentive, but tesla is no longer eligible for that tax incentive, which puts vehicles like the kia ev6 and the mustang maki, and that id4 at a bit of an advantage price wise and Just to really spike that engagement, what do you guys think? Which one would you go with? Would you go with the tesla model y or the kia ev6 i dont know.

I have no opinion on this, but i wonder if you guys might last thing depending on the state you live in, you might also get an additional incentive. California offers an additional two thousand dollars for a vehicle like the kia ev6. Just something to know. I think weve covered it pretty well. The big question that remains, though, would have you drive it: Music, sweetie, yes, no, maybe so would you drive the kia ev6? I sure. Would i really enjoy driving this around its more expensive than i would normally spend on a vehicle, but with those rebates and with the lower cost of fuel and not having to get oil changes im in, and you know what i love about that at no point In that big, hearty yes, you gave, did we mention anything about saving the planet or some any sort of ideology? It was completely about usability and emotion and how much you liked the driving experience, and that is what it takes to make electric cars a reality. You cant just eat your vegetables. You got to have a little bit of uh sizzling stuff. I want chica, you want cheese sauce on your automotive broccoli. What do you think is any crazy for saying yes to the kia ev6 be nice or dont, either way its engagement. If youre curious, what were doing between youtube videos, you can give us a follow over on instagram. I am over on tick tock. If thats, the thing you want to delve into, if you havent subscribed to our channel, please do.

At 100, 000 subs were gon na review, a windowless white van, all right weve done it. All that remains is the awkward goodbye hi.