Yeah about that hello, electro heads im, tish and welcome back to the channel in todays video were going to be taking a closer look at lexuss, first, electric car offering the ux 300e. So if that sounds good, then please make sure you stay tuned and if you like, electric content, everything from bikes to cars then make sure youre subscribed to the channel okay. So maybe i was a little bit harsh with that opening its not all bad, the lexus. Actually does two of those three things very well: its reliable, its still got very good, build quality, its just not very good at all the electric bits, yeah thats uh, quite important in an electric car. Why do you think were here, but there are other good points as well and ill talk about the electric bits later, but to start with lets talk about the exterior design of the lexus lexus have chosen to take the same path as some other manufacturers like peugeot And they dont want to stand out their electric ux crossover compared to its petrol diesel and hybrid variants. In fact, the only way you can tell is the flash of electric badging down the side, but thats not a bad thing for me personally anyway, i love the look of the lexus, but i completely understand that looks are perceptive and not everyone is going to be Into this kind of thing, but i like the sharp edges and lines that massive front lexus grille, i, like the different materials used, the chrome detailing along the bottom, the gloss on the grill and also these little side vents and also the silver roof rails.

Its pretty interesting to look at we dont actually get many lexuses on the uk roads, let alone electric ones, its amazing, the number of lexi you see around anything because thats the plural. So every time i see one im quite interested things, like the shape of the wing mirrors, are just a little bit different lexus claims a range of up to 196 miles for the ux 300e, a figure calculated for the lower spec models on 17 inch wheels. The bigger 18 inch rims dont, make a huge amount of difference. Range from this model officially falls to 190 miles. During my test week, i found the lexus to offer a range of 165 miles on a full charge. A little out of the way of the manufacturers claims hard to justify when a similarly priced, polestar, 2 long range offers 335 miles, looks can sometimes be deceiving and those flared wheel, arches and the large wheel gap might make. You think that this car would be good off road, but unfortunately not due to the batteries being quite low down to the floor. Theres not actually much ground clearance. Ux stands for urban crossover, highlighting that this is an suv built for the city, its not been designed to tow a boat or forward a river like you might do with a traditional 4×4 lets talk about something very important and something that probably all lexus employees cringe At when its mentioned and thats charging, the lexus can charge one of two ways with charge: ports on either side of the car.

The first is your type 2 charger for your at home charging and thats pretty consistent with other brands overnight. It will take you around. Eight and a half to nine hours to charge your lexus to full. However, on the other side is a chademo, oh, i know we all hate chademo now this is really annoying and it has a maximum charge rate of 50 kilowatts, which is almost half of most other brands on the market. That really is a real shame and though there is a lot of chademo charge ports out there at the moment, which will get your car from five to eighty percent in around 90 minutes. Theres not going to be that many more built, because ccs is now the standard charging type, so that could be a bit of an issue. Rear space is once again not this cars strong point, but to be fair watching other youtube reviews. I dont think its quite as bad as other people have made out im around 55 and im right back here, its quite comfortable as well: ive got heated, rear seats, two usb ports and a pull out armrest with two cupholders. The main thing id say, though, is these rear tinted windows dont? Let a lot of light in so it does feel just a bit claustrophobic, but i dont think it feels any smaller back here than on the voxel mockery. I guess the main issue is because the batteries are under the floor.

Your knees sit up quite high boot space on the electric lexus is actually better than that of the hybrid. You have 367 litres compared to 320 in the hybrid or less than 300. If you go for the all wheel, drive hybrid, although its still not great compared to competitors of other electric crossovers, its, not all that usable either this load lip is quite high. There is some underfloor boot storage, however, but heres something i didnt expect from lexus this boot floor feels really cheap and theres no way of holding it up, and the same can be said about the parcel shelf. Plus you have to go for the top spec model. If you want to get an electric boot, the inside of this car, just like the exterior, is really funky and interesting. Youve got these great two tone: leather seats, which are heated and cooled. I quite like these youve got a lever wrapped arm rest, which can be opened from both sides. Thats pretty funky right youve got a strange kind of denim on the dashboard doesnt. Quite do it for me, but it will appeal to some people and that lexus quality is here everything you touch feels really well screwed together. Just unfortunately, some things are feeling quite old fashioned like this steering wheel, its not particularly nice, but thats not offensive. What is offensive the infotainment system, its really not great, its, not a touch screen at all, not even when youre stationary.

It can only be controlled with this funny little touch pad here, which does tend to dart about all over the place. Satellite navigation is also only standard on the top spec car, which is really bad for a car that starts at over 40 000 pounds. It does come with apple, carplay and android, auto as standard, which is my preference, but it is always nice to have a satellite navigation standard. Things are like front and rear parking, sensors, a rear view, camera you get keyless entry and start cruise control, automatic lights and wipers. There are some nice bits, but then it is missing. Others as well speaking of no touchscreen. This car is like the automotive version of a fidget spinner everywhere you look theres something to press or touch. Youve got buttons on your steering wheel. Youve got buttons down the right hand, side youve got little scrolly bits on your dials here. Youve also got little scrolly things up here to control your drive modes and also your traction control. How strange is that youve got piano key buttons for your climate control? Youve got little buttons down here for your heated seats and heated steering wheel, youve got the touchpad that controls the central, touchscreen and youve even got down here little buttons and scrolly things to control your radio. Okay, i understand that people dont like touchscreen sometimes, but this is going the other way something i really like about. The lexus is the soundtrack, the driving soundtrack now a lot of electric cars either dont have much of a soundtrack or some even try to replicate that of a combustion car.

Now, for me, i, like my electric cars to sound electric and thats, exactly what the lexus does it has that kind of futuristic wor as you pull off. Of course, i would love to be able to capture that and show you, but its always super difficult, but just trust me its actually quite nice. As with a lot of electric cars, the lexus has regenerative braking which can be accessed by tipping down once more on your gear stick and then it can be controlled and turned up and down using your paddles on the steering wheel where your manual paddles would be On an automatic gearbox, i really like this and i like the ability to turn it up and down and again with all of the controls. It is quite nice to be interactive. The only problem is, is the regenerative braking wont actually bring you to a complete stop? So if youre used to a one pedal drive, then it might feel a bit alien, but it is nice to be able to adjust it. Build quality is once again apparent when youre on the road. Everything feels really solid, theres, no rattles or creeks from anywhere in the cabin and its really well insulated as well. I know wed expect nothing to be rattling and creaking in a car thats over 40 000 pounds. But we know from other manufacturers that actually, that is quite normal for cars to creak and its a real shame so its nice to see that the lexus feels really solid and paired together with the steering which is well weighted.

It just feels like a solid car. Power comes from a 201 brake horsepower motor drawing energy from a 54 kilowatt hour, battery or 50 of which is actually usable, and it puts power down through the front wheels in all situations. The lexus has good power to weight ratio, its sharp and nippy that instant power and torque it feels like you can be confident in every situation. The lexus ux 300e range now starts from 42 645 pounds for the base model. Standard equipment is generous with a number of active safety features, are joined by front and rear parking, sensors, a rear view, camera 8 way adjustable front seats, led headlights and standard roof rails. The premium plus pack adds leather seats, heated and ventilated, front seats, heated rear seats, keyless entry and a wireless phone charger. Amongst other features. We think that its worth picking the premium pack, if you want a more luxurious experience. However, you have to bear in mind that it will set you back 3 500 pounds for it. Crazily, if you want satnav, youll, have to go for the top spec takumi model, which deep breath will cost you 52 245 pounds, and it does also come with a mark. Leveson sound system head up, display a 360 degree camera and a keyless boot, but still madness. What madness is this? Just like a lamborghini, the lexus ux 300e wont make sense to everybody, but its one of those cars like the lamborghini thats, an emotional purchase, probably everyone, thats gone for.

One of these cars has had a string of positive experiences in lexus dealerships and theres. A lot of that about these cars are seriously reliable and their customer service is fantastic as well. I can see why somebody would want to stick with the brand, despite the fact that this car has quite a few flaws, but at the end of the day, if youre not going far – and you have a home charger – theres – not really that much to dislike about This car, but let us know what do you think about it in the comments below if youve enjoyed this video, please go ahead and give it a thumbs up.