Originally i didnt have any intention of doing a review video on this car. I thought perhaps it might be a little bit niche, maybe not a particularly big seller. However, that will change. When one arrived on the forecourt and the uh, the immediate excitement i saw amongst the team, all of which you absolutely love the car, its commonly believed that the electric fiat 500 has only recently been launched in 2020. However, the truth is, fiat did make an electric fiat 500 all the way back in 2014.. It was, however, only a short run they did and it was only made available to sale in california. I think it is indeed a perfect compact city car platform for an ev and im really pleased that fear have taken their early experience in california and used this to produce this lovely electric car. Now that the ev market has finally evolved a bit more stalin looks is what its all about with the 500e its just such a pretty and stylized car. There is aesthetic attention to detail everywhere. It is simply a beautiful little thing how it manages to look modern and yet so retro at the same time is just genius, in my mind, is without doubt the prettiest little eevee out there. It is style everywhere, looking good from every single angle and every bit of it from the lights the door handles have been designed by someone who really understands aesthetics. Personally, i think style is where the fiat 500 wins over its other competitors, its such a beautiful little thing, its such an iconic design, and it shouldnt come as such a surprise.

Of course, the italians are very big on beauty, and this really is a beautiful little car when you compare it to some of its obvious competitors such as the renault zoe, the volkswageny up and even the electric mini. If you were to ask yourself, which is the prettiest car im, pretty sure the fiat 500 would be almost everyones answer. Clearly, this is a small car, its designed and sized to be perfect for dating around tiny, packed continental streets beeping its little horn. Some might argue this car isnt very practical because of its size. However, i would counter argue that its in fact super practical because of its size thats, if its going to be used as a city, car and youd like your car, easy to maneuver and easy to park, it does only have four seats and, to be honest, its Pretty tight on leg room in the rear, unless you have a short leg, driver its even a bit of a squeeze in the front and definitely not a car for a tall person. We did in fact really struggle to get our big six foot. Three sales advisor ed into the car. It was a bit like trying to squeeze a sausage into a match box. The boot is also really tiny, but it is what it is its compact city car. Now the interior is almost as gorgeous as the exterior of this car today, im driving the top spec la prima model and the interior is simply lush like the outside its very stylish indeed, but unlike the outside it isnt quite style everywhere.

Youve got these wonderful two tone: faux leather seats, lovely detailing and patterning and theyre all embossed, really really nice seats. Youve got this lovely two tone steering wheel, theres two tones in the door card as well, together with the lovely pale headliner which really sets off this interior, beautifully its nice and bright with this lovely pound roof its also available with a fully opening sunroof, which is A really nice option to have available alongside a full convertible version, youve got this nice looking sort of weave texture on the dash. However, there is quite a lot of kind of slightly cheap, looking sort of hard plastics throughout the car. That being said, weve also got some really nice stylized buttons like these buttons for opening the door. However, the overall impression of the interior is a really good one and its sure to impress – and it certainly beats the interiors of some of its obvious competitors such as the zoe or the e up, for example, Music. The 500e is available in four different trim levels. The very bottom trim is the action trim uh slightly different from the others as its very much a stripped back kind of version and its only got a smaller 24 kilowatt hour battery. Then, up from there you move up to the passion trim. Then the iconic and at the very top youve got the top spec la prima model. Now the lowest trim is the action model, which really is a is budget spec.

Not only do you get a smaller 24 kilowatt hour battery, its really is quite a stripped back car, so theres no inbuilt infotainment system and you dont even get alloy wheels. It is, however, very very budget friendly and its for four and a half thousand pounds cheaper than the next step up, which takes you into one of the bigger battery versions. Obviously its a lower spec. It is good value uh, but if youre using the car just for kind of local city journeys, it may still be suitable for you, particularly if youre buying on a tight budget, its still a beautiful little car. Of course. Now the next trim level up is the passion. Now that comes with a seven inch, infotainment screen you get android, auto and apple carplay youve got electronic handbrake, youve got auto, hold youve, got rear parking, sensors, youve got led lights and a variety of driver assistance features. Now the next trim level up is the icon uh. It might cost an extra 1500 pounds, but theres some nice extra features in there. You get a bigger 10 and a half inch infotainment screen, which is very, very nice and gives you sort of split screen. Things like that. Youve got a variety of different upholstered seat options which are great, add another sensor style to the car. You get 16 inch. Alloy wheels auto wipers and keyless entry now the keyless entry. You use this little pebble thing um, instead of a normal key fear, had it in mind that this is something perhaps you might wear around your neck, which is like a lovely idea and to be fair.

As a key, its a very nice tactile nice looking thing, however, its a bit big and its not quite beautiful enough, i dont think to be a piece of jewellery but yeah. I do like the idea of what theyve done here and then youve got the top specular prima model. This has got some really nice touches and some good extra speck on it. It does cost an extra two thousand pounds. However, i think its well worth it as it does elevate this car a bit to something very cool, as well as these lovely two tones or faux leather seats. You also get some lovely big, 17 inch diamond cut alloys. You get this lovely panoramic glass, sunroof wireless charging pad led lights with auto high beams. Youve got an adaptive cruise control with a steering assist which is really nice and its on the cusp of being almost like a self driving mode, and you also get a reversing camera. There are also some additional spec items that are available: the passion, the icon and the laprima are all available as a cabriolet, the icon version you can spec on this panoramic glass sunroof and on the laprima model. You can actually have a fully opening sunroof, which is a really nice thing to add. You can also get heated seats and quite a number of the sort of additional specs you have on the top spectroprima model. You can spec individually on the lower ones.

There are some very nice features available, but for me, this car always remains more about style than spec Music. The car is available with a nice app, which is which is great, and certainly what id expect from a nice modern ev. You can also get a fair rf id card which you can use to rapid charge. This car there are a number of different or public charging network chargers. I would, however, urge you not to rely on that solely and id certainly try and watch our public charging guide and follow the advice within that as well. For true stress, free public charging, whilst the fiat 500e is, i guess predominantly intended to be a city car. Its appeal goes beyond that, i think, and as a result range and battery size remains important when judging it against its competitors. The very base spec action model comes with a 24 kilowatt hour battery and thats, going to give you around about 80 to 90 miles worth of driving range. Not really the 120, which fiat sort of suggests, which, whilst is a you know, is a low range for a modern ev. Actually, it may be perfectly suitable for most people in their daily driving habits like any ev purchase. I think that the first thing to do is address your driving lifestyle and what you actually need the car to do, and if the car is only going to be doing predominantly short range driving with very rare, long occasional journeys, then this lower level might still be Right for you, as well as the extra spec they carry having a larger battery, will reduce the number of charging cycles you do, which is a positive thing, plus it also future proofs.

The car for future owners who might actually well want the car to have a bigger range than the lower 24 kilowatt model provides for all the other trims. The fiat 500e comes with a 42 kilowatt hour battery, which is great and allows the 500e to compete with its obvious competitors in terms of range now, the 42 kilowatt battery is going to give you somewhere in the region about 160 to 170 miles of driving range. I think you know fiat reckon itll do about 200 miles and whilst i think that is possible with you know, a very experienced ev driver taking it easy at the right time of year, i think 160 miles. This is probably more attainable on your average daily basis. Now i think at 160 miles worth of driving range. Thats perfectly ample for most peoples needs obviously on a daily basis, thats going to ball and cover what youre doing, and even if you do a bit of long distance driving, you know, 160 miles is quite a long way. You know, and if you happen to be doing a long drive thats longer than 160 miles, then you just need to do a quick, rapid charging. Stop. If you cant charge at home, then the extra range will be great because it may mean you only need to do one public charge a week, which is great for the city driver when you compare it to some of its obvious competitors. Its got a much bigger battery in a much bigger range than the electric mini, for example, its got a bigger battery and a better range than the volkswagen here.

For the say at me, or the skoda city go for example, and whilst its got a slightly smaller battery and a slightly lower range than the renault zoe, i think its close enough to still be a comparable car Music at drivewise. This is a really fun little car to drive. Ive really enjoyed my time with it. It does an order 60 in nine seconds, which puts it quicker than the the ear, but the renault zoe, for example, but the fun is in the handling. You can really throw this little car about it. Corners really well, it handles great and its got a nice sound generator to boost in terms of regen adjustability. There isnt a great deal, and rather than having paddles or obvious or regen changes. This cars got three different driving modes with a different regen status, the normal drive mode, the car will coast just like a normal car. So when you lift off the accelerator, theres no automatic regen braking there itll also crawl a bit like an automatic. So that might be the mode that youll use when youre stuck in traffic or if youre, driving on the motorway or fast a road, then youve got the range mode. Now the range mode is more like a bumper car mode, and this is where your one pedal driving lives. You push down on the throttle to go and you lift off to brake and its quite severe, and you do get to enjoy that.

One pedal driving, which i think is quintessential with the electric car that would be the mode that i would have the car driving in most of the time Music. Then youve got what fiat referred to as the sherpa mode in most cars. You would call this the eco mode, it reduces the power of the motor and it puts the speed limiter on it. Therefore, extending your range – the only thing i really dont like about this car – is the lack of space in the drivers foot well, where i would normally put my redundant left foot. Actually, it interferes with the brake and it sort of catches on my foot, which i think is a bit of a shame. Given this fact that this car has only been designed is only going to be available as an ev. You think they would have made a little bit more space, so you could rest your foot comfortably without interfering with your braking when youre driving. This is a very fun little car to drive and i would actually suggest its probably actually more enjoyable than its obvious competitors, which are almost a little bit dull by comparison. This is a car full of personality, and not just in how it looks, but also in how it drives when it comes to charging. It has a ccs rapid charge connection with the ccs. It is capable of 85 kilowatts of charge, which is nice and quick making. It possible to fully charge the car almost in about half an hour of charging time at the right charging station.

The action model with its smaller battery, however, can only accept a maximum of 50 kilowatts of charge. It makes it slow to charge, but its still rapid chargeable. Whilst i try not to draw too many direct comparisons with other other little electric cars, i think its kind of important to understand where the fiat 500 sits and where its actually going to be quite a major player to see where it sits, price wise. And when you look at the the lower spec action model with the smaller battery thats, a supremely good value, car, more or less the only things available on the market that are cheaper than that are the smart cars and, as a result, i would you know. I would argue that the the action fiat 500 model is probably the best value buy at the bottom end of the market. Then, when you compare the bigger battery version with say the volkswagen ear or the set me youve got slightly better range and certainly a better drive and at the same time its only a little bit more expensive. Then perhaps when you compare it against the electric mini, the fiat 500 is loads, cheaper and you know, even when you compare it against the renault zoe, which i think is probably the giant within this space um. Actually, this little fiat 500 is several thousand pounds cheaper. Music, this is a really nice little electric car and its certainly able to compete against any of the other cars operating in this compact car space in terms of price in terms of range in terms of spec and even in terms of finish, its a beautiful little Car, both inside and out, i always think cars are a little bit like clothes and different things, suit.

Different people and 100 think that the fiat 500 is going to be the perfect tv for lots of people out there purely based on its looks alone. This is a brilliant looking car, full of style, full of personality and definitely a car to fall in love with. If youre looking for a super stylish fun to drive great value compact ev, then you know, i think the fiat 500e could well be the right electric car for you. I hope this video has been useful in helping you find out a little bit more about the fiat 500e, if youd like to find out more or if youd like to arrange a test drive, please do get in touch. Please also be sure to subscribe to our channel, so you can check out our other review videos and hopefully we can help you find the right ev for you.