I cover all the latest tech news surrounding electric cars. I cover the background, feel and drive the current selling price and the specs and engineering that go into making each car. If you have an electric car that youd like me to cover, let me know in the comments below, because in todays video im reviewing the new volvo xc40 ill, be covering the most important features to see whether it crushes the competition or not, with this luxurious interior. Unlike the minimalism that we find in most evs, oh and one more thing before i start, how does an electric car meditate? I guess it goes. Okay, now back to the video volvo cars produces the volvo xc40. A compact premium crossover suv on september 21, 2017. It was introduced, orders began to be taken in september of 2017 and production began in november of the same year. It was first offered with a conventional petrol and diesel engine, followed by a plug in hybrid variant in 2019 and battery electric vehicle type. The xc40 recharge in 2020. at the 2018 geneva motor show the xc40 was named european car of the year and the car was selected 2018 2019 car of the year in japan in january 2018. The magazine, what car named the xc40 car of the year as well as car sales car of the year in 2018, an irish car of the year in 2019 to fulfill worldwide demand the business boosted manufacturing from 2018 to 2019.

. Volvo is a little late to the ev party for a company that prides itself on innovation, but that doesnt matter, because the fully electric volvo xc40 recharge is poised to dominate an entire market in 2021. The recharge, as its name implies, is based on the xc40, which is a terrific place. To start the normal xc40 is pleasant and practical, and the 2022 volvo xc40 recharge preserves those qualities. The tesla model y and the mercedes benz eqb are among the compact ev crossovers that the boxy baby suv competes with the tesla has a longer driving range, but it isnt as attractive or well designed as the volvo design and engineering speaking of design. When a company releases its first electric vehicle, it wants to make a big statement. Porsche and ford both created whole new models, even going so far as to use their most precious nomenclature. Volvo seemed unconcerned about causing a stir. You could stroll right past the recharge and not notice the little variations between it and a typical small suv, because theres no engine to cool down the outward alterations are quite minor, including a blocked off front. Grille. Recharge badges are also seen on the sides and tailgate as well as model specific 19 inch alloy wheels, a panoramic sunroof active, led headlights and the distinctive thors. Hammer daytime running lights are all standard. The understated style is appealing, but will it appeal to the die hard ev crowd? After all, the only thing an eevee driver enjoys more than the car is letting others know that they own one, its similar to crossfit and vegetarianism, but with automobiles.

The xc40 recharge has nearly identical proportions as the conventional xc40, with the exception of curb weight. The gas powered xc40 has a top weight of 3837 pounds, while the xc40 recharge has a curb weight of 4741 pounds thanks to the twin electric engine and battery pack. Although this crossover has a small footprint, its heavier than the non hybrid xc90, which is a significantly larger suv with the mirrors folded, this small crossover is 174.2 inches, long 65 inches tall and 80.1 inches wide because of the battery in its belly, ground clearance has been Reduced drastically from the conventional models, 8.3 inches to only 6.9 inches interior. The process of electrification has no effect on interior space. Its a good match for small crossover type with enough accommodation for a family of four passengers in the front, get 40.9 inches of legroom and ‘ inches of headroom, while those in the back have 36.1 inches of legroom and ‘.1 inches of headroom. Because of the black leather and strong seat pillars, the cabin might be very gloomy, but the standard panoramic sunroof brightens things up well during the day. The appealing charcoal new big cloth, napa leather upholstery adds to the roomy cabins appeal. As previously stated, switching electric has no negative impact on space. The cargo capacity of the volvo xc40 is 16 cubic feet to the top and rear seat back 20.4 cubic feet to the headliner and 46.9 cubic feet. When the rear seats are folded down.

You now have a frunk since theres no engine up front and the electric motor is situated low down. The xc40s frank, on the other hand, is less than one cube in capacity still its a usable area that didnt exist before and its large enough to hold all the items. Youll need to recharge at work. Small goods can be placed in a regular glove box or in a large bin under the armrest water balls can be stored in the deep and spacious door pockets all around for your child lattes. There are two cup holders up front and two more in the back of the rear seat. Armrest the recharge is more luxurious model in the xc40 lineup featuring a long list of comfort and driver 8 options. It comes standard with keyless entry and drive, heated and power, adjustable front seats, dual zone temperature control and a new 12 inch digital instrument cluster. There are three display modes available on the ladder. The comm mode is simple and gives one of the most important information, whereas the navi mode includes step by step navigation direction, theres also a car centric mode that concentrates on the driving assistance systems when you use pilot assist, for example, itll show you that the car From the top and the lines is detected on both sides, the recharge boasts a number of driver assistance systems, including frontal collision, warning, a rear view, camera blind, spot monitoring and cross traffic alert. Volvos, simple interior design has been kept, but it has been modernized for improved performance.

The recharge has a nine inch touchscreen with four vertical blocks and conventional button shortcuts beneath the screen. Volvos previous system was beginning to show its age, but the company did something fantastic. To make. A new system seem more like a smartphone. It really sought assistance from a smartphone developer. Googles, android, automotive os is installed on a new touchscreen. That means you can use google maps, google assistant, google keyboard get over the air updates and install more correlated. Applications from the google play store. Dont worry if youre an apple fanboy. The system may also be used with an iphone. Although a 14 speaker, harman kardon sound system with subwoofer is available, the conventional 8 speaker system suffices bluetooth. Connection is also provided, as expected. Volvo deserves credit for making such a wise decision because they work in the same way. Switching between a phone and a vehicle interface has never been easier. Heres. A piece of advice for all other manufacturers go to the individuals who design and build smartphones. If you want your infotainment system to operate as well as smartphones performance, the p8awd engine is what volvo calls the recharges engine. It is powered by two electric motors one for each axle: a 78kwh lithium ion battery powers, these motors, resulting in a tremendous power output of 300 kw and 486 pound feet of torque. As with other modern, volvo, automobiles, the transmission is a single speed and peak speed. Is limited to 112 miles per hour, the ev motor spin at 14 000 rpm at peak speed in case you were wondering because youre only permitted to drive at 85 miles per hour in some regions of the united states thats completely.

Okay, the xc40 recharge has an electric all wheel, drive system, thats, always on the motors arent linked, but power is generally distributed, 50 50 between the front and the back wheels. However, the cars brain may instantaneously adjust torque depending on driving circumstances. The recharges power output may make you think its insanely quick, but thats not the case. The reported time from 0 to 60 miles per hour is 4.7 seconds that used to be quick before current evs, but in a world where a tesla model s played can get there under 2 seconds. We need a new set of rules. Nonetheless, test drivers claim that the volvo xc40 recharge suv offers immediate ev thrust. The two electric motors provide quick feedback, no matter what the speed is. The model y performance is a tenth of a second faster to 60 than the model by long range, but its easily faster. The 2021 volvo xc40 recharge can tow up to 2000 pounds according to volvo thats, not a lot but its a start. Battery life, the xc40 recharge comes standard with a 75 kwh battery pack and the epa estimates a range of 223 miles per charge. With that range promised, the xc40 recharge can compete with the audi e tron and jaguar. I pace, but it falls short of the model y, which can go more than 300 miles on a single charge. The xc40 recharge will be able to charge a dc fast charging terminals, as well as 240 volt home chargers.

However, charging at home is preferable. The volvo adds 32 to 37 miles per hour, using a three phase: 11kw wall box for a completely empty battery. This approach will take eight hours to fully charge. However, bear in mind that you wont be depleting the battery every day and it will be charged from roughly 40 to 50 percent of the time its the same charging routine. You use for your phone. Is there even a point when it reaches zero price and model range? The xc40 recharge is offered in two trims heres, the price of each trim, the plus trim cost fifty six thousand three hundred and ninety five dollars. The ultimate trim cost fifty nine thousand two hundred and forty five dollars. Although there are just two models, it is worthwhile to consider the options. A nice metallic color will set you back 695 dollars because the recharge is already well equipped. The 1 300 advanced package, which includes headlamp cleaning pilot, assist driver assistance with adaptive cruise control a 360 degree video system, a 12 volt connection in the trunk and wireless charging is the sole choice and this wraps up my review of the volvo xc40. Let me know what you think of it. Thank you for sticking it out through the very end of this video. Nothing helps out my channel more than yall watching the entire video. These videos take a long time to make and they are a labor of love.