When you talk ev pickup trucks in america, then you can be sure the ford f, 150 and the chevrolet silverado would find their way into the conversation they may be. Perhaps the best selling ev, pickups and whats more, they are yet to be delivered at least the eevee versions. In 2021 alone, ford recorded over 726 0004 sales of its f series, while the silverado grossed 529 7765 sales. In the same year. Now, with the electric powertrain version of the f 150 set to debut in may of 2022 and the silverado in 2024, we attempt to explore, which is better in todays video. We do an expert review of the 2022 ford, lightning f, 150 versus the 2024 chevrolet silverado, and we ask the question which one is better hello and welcome to your favorite hub: the go to channel for all tech advancement, ev news and new technologies to stay updated On all the latest info be sure to subscribe to the channel and turn on notifications, so you dont miss out on any of our new videos and, if youre enjoying the video, then go ahead and smash that like button and let the youtube algorithm understand your preferences. So you can get suggestions on related content now for the battle for ev pickup supremacy, the 2022 ford, lightning, f, 150 versus the 2024 chevrolet silverado, which is better round one exterior and interior designs in accomplishing their aesthetically stunning designs. Both ev manufacturers took different routes to achieve their trucks.

On the one hand, the lightning evolved from the 14th generation f, 150 hybrid and gasoline powertrain. This ev upgrade stands out from its predecessors with exterior lights on both ends of the truck and a powertrain specific exterior design. There is also the distinct mid gate demarcation between the cab and cargo box and the lightning which allows users to be able to haul lengthy items of up to nine feet long by folding at this partition, the 2022 lightning f. 150 stands at 78.9 inches tall 232.7, inches long and 80 inches wide measurements, excluding the truck mirrors. On the other hand, the silverado ev bears almost no resemblance to the existing 2022 ces. Currently, in showrooms, it rather appears to be a distant successor of the avalanche rather than the silverado and its futuristic design, minimalistic headlights and the absence of a demarcation between the cab and cargo box, amongst other features, only seem to support this claim. The dimensions of the 2024 chevrolet silverado havent been released yet, but we can expect to see a relatively big truck similar to the gmc hummer ev, in considering the internal design of these trucks. There are some marked similarities in their design. Both pickup trucks have adopted a modern design structure with heads up displays and infotainment systems installed. On the one hand, the base models of the ford lightning – f, 150 pickup truck – will come equipped with a ford sync for infotainment unit hooked to a 12 inch touchscreen, a navigation system equipped with fords copilot 360 2.

0 suite driver assist package, wi fi connectivity, android, auto And apple carplay support, more advanced models of the lightning will also include a bang and olufsen sound system, as well as a 15 inch portrait oriented touchscreen to complement the features included in the base models. On the other hand, there is the 2024 chevrolet silverado, whose interior specs are yet to be revealed in some clear detail. However, we know for a fact that the silverado pickup ev would come equipped with the gm supercruise hands off drivetech a 17 inch infotainment touch screen an 11 inch digital instrument cluster, as well as 14 inch head up display, though it is unclear if these features would Feature in the base models, we can be sure to expect them in the higher trims of the ev round 2 power rating. Now let us compare the power output for these pick evs. However, before we proceed, we should mention that chevrolet has released significantly less specs about its 2024 silverado ev than the 2022 ford lightning, so bear with us for this round. We estimate this disparity exists because of the closeness to delivery for the lightning, and since the silverado still has some more time left, they are less pressured to say more about their product. But here is what we know so far. The lightning packs dual inboard motors, capable of generating up to 775 lbft of torque and 426 to 536 horsepower achieving 230 to 300 miles of range from its 98 to 131 kilowatt hour batteries respectively.

This allows the lightning to go from zero to sixty in a time frame forward. Calls the mid four second range. The lightning is also capable of towing up to ten thousand pounds of load and can carry up to 2000 pounds of payload the silverado ev work, truck or wt packs, front and rear motors that are capable of generating 510 horsepower and 625 lbft of torque. It also comes with standard all wheel drive and a steel suspension that is capable of towing up to eight thousand pounds and carrying up to one thousand two hundred pounds of payload. Chevy has also commented that the top rst first edition trim to be released later than the silverado wt would have a zero to 60 miles per hour in less than 4.5 seconds. A towing capacity of 10 000 pounds with a max payload of 1 300 pounds. That is less than the lightning round 3 battery and charging now lets talk. The main issue of every ev battery and charging capabilities for this round were just going to be upfront to say the chevy ev stands tall. The silverado would be able to add 100 miles of range for a 10 minutes charge compared to a 54 miles. Addition with the lightning chevy achieves this by accommodating charging rates of up to 350 kilowatts thats 200 kilowatts more than for fords lightning. However, you shouldnt count out the lightning just yet ford claims. Its ev would be able to act as a backup, home generator and charge appliances with output, ranging from 2.

4 kilowatts in the base versions to 9.6 kilowatts in higher trims of the ev chevy. On the other hand, is yet top make such bold claims, but with its promising power capabilities, we can expect to see this feature being incorporated before the silverados release in 2024 round four bed functionality as we explore bed functionality its safe to say that both car models Have crew cabs, though the silverado ev has a larger 5 foot 11 bed size, making it versatile. The f, 150 lightning only comes with a 5 foot 5 bed, its waterproof drainable frunk is capable of supporting up to 400 pounds and 14 cubic feet of space. With support for two usb chargers and four electrical outlets round, five price and availability, as earlier mentioned, the ford f, 150 lightning would hit the streets in may of 2022 and we can expect the silverado to show up in the spring of 2023. However, you can already make reservations for both evs recently ford announced. It would be increasing production of the lightning to 150 000 cars per year to meet up with ever expanding demand. Thats, a 110 000 increase from its initial announcement of 40 000 at the trucks reveal in may of 2021 the base model for the f 150 lightning with the 98. What battery would cost forty one thousand six hundred and sixty nine dollars, including one thousand six hundred and ninety five dollar destination? There would be four existing trims for the lightning, the pro xlt lariat and platinum trims, with the platinum trim costing ninety two thousand five hundred and sixty nine dollars and fitted with a larger 131 kilowatt hours battery.

We should mention that these prices do not account for the federal ev tax credit that gm no longer qualifies for the silverado ev, on the other hand, would be sold in only one trim. The wt trim, though they havent, declared the price of this premium trim. Yet we know that chevy would develop a base model after this wt trim is released and it would sell for thirty nine thousand nine hundred dollars, including destination production. Estimates are yet to be disclosed, so there you have it. What do you think, given that both of these trucks were to be released about the same time, which would you go for and why? Let us hear from you down in the comments and if you enjoyed the video, then be sure to give it a thumbs up and be sure to subscribe to the channel. So you dont miss out on any of our new videos.