Everyone today were taking a look at the 2022 hyundai kona electric. The kona first came to market for 2019 and gets a refresh for 2022. The kona electric gets some new exterior updates, such as the all new front, fascia and new headlights. Under the hood. It has a 150 kilowatt electric motor to deliver 201 horsepower. It uses a standard level, 2 onboard charging system and gets approximately 250 miles of electric range. In eco mode, when connected to a level 3 fast charger, it will charge from 10 to 80 percent. In approximately 45 minutes, the kona electric comes in two different trim levels, known as the sel and limited sel models start at thirty four thousand dollars, while the limited comes in at forty to five hundred this model here is the kona electric limited that clocks in just Under 44 000 out, the door lets hop in and take a closer look at the 2022 hyundai kona electric. The refresh styling gives the kona a more simple aerodynamic. Look the new front fascia takes on the tesla minimalist approach. The ev port is located within the front. Bumper on the drivers side and is not as seamlessly hidden as it is on other evs, the split lighting style remains with a thin slit of daytime running leds up top and the actual headlights on the bottom, both featuring a new led signature. The side profile remains the same with a stretched wheelbase that minimizes overhangs around back the corner remains full of character, with new led lighting, cladding on the c pillar and separated turn and reverse lights that follow the lines of the hatch.

The kona electric offers a fair amount of pep in its acceleration, delivering 201 horsepower and 291 pound feet of torque, which is enough to propel it from 0 60. In around 7.6 seconds. There are three different driving modes known as comfort, eco and sport, which can be easily adjusted. Its compact size makes it easy to handle around corners, though the steering tends to be on the softer side. The regenerative braking system is available in multiple levels, allowing for nearly one pedal driving. However, it wont come to a complete stop without hitting the brakes when fully charged. It will deliver a range of approximately 258 miles, which is a pretty solid number and on par with competitors such as the chevy bolt ev kia, niro ev and volkswagen id4. The kona delivers over 100 miles more range than the nissan leaf and mazda mx. 30 epa. Estimates, the kona electric to get a combined rating of 120 miles per gallon electric hopping inside the layout is simple. At the center of the dash is a reachable 10.25 inch touchscreen that includes dials for audio and tuning, as well as a menu of navigation buttons. For quick access, the center console features a bridge design thanks to an electronic push button gear selector below the main console is additional storage. Space drivers will face a 10.25 inch digital cluster with visual graphics that will update with the various drive modes. The infotainment system integrates with both apple carplay and android, auto accord is required on higher chin models like the limited which uses the 10.

25 inch screen. Sel models will integrate with these systems wirelessly on the 8 inch touchscreen. The kona also offers wireless charging in a functional location at the top of the center console built in navigation and 8 speaker harman kardon premium, audio system, cameras and hyundais digital key all add to the overall package. The kona is fairly roomy up front with comfortable seats. The limited comes with heated and ventilated seats and the leather seats were supportive and well padded head and leg room was impressive up front and will accommodate adults of all sizes. Second row seats will be much tighter for adults with minimal leg room. However, all three of my kids managed all right in the back. The kona electric offers 19.2 cubic feet of space behind the second row and 45.8 cubic feet with the seats folded flat. This is neither best nor worst in the class cargo space is a mixed bag. In this segment and will require some visits to the dealerships to determine what is most important to the buyer, kona electric is packed with a range of safety and driver assist features regardless of the trim level. Standard active assist, features include blind spot collision avoidance, rear cross traffic collision avoidance forward collision avoidance with pedestrian detection. Lane keep and follow, driver attention, warning, safe exit and rear seat occupant alert stepping up to the limited most notably adds highway driving assist the kona electric offers. An affordable entry into the world of electric vehicles with its sel model, it comes well equipped with a long list of safety features, updated technology and good range power is good for the sel models price point, but i would hope for more when shopping in the limiteds Mid 40 thousand dollar range i enjoyed the kona overall and would recommend opting for the sel, its a stylish vehicle that would be ideal for an urban environment thats a wrap of my review of the 2022 hyundai kona electric.

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