Today i am here at sanatnagar, hyderabad telangana state, to know the full information and genuine ownership review of avera retrosa. So lets start the video Music. Now mr prasad is with us hello, mr prasad. How are you yeah im good? How are you yeah im, fine, so ill start with the basic question? Why did you choose this? Electric vehicle? Electric vehicles is uh uh environmental friendly. That is why its using electric vehicles – okay – there are a lot of electric vehicles in the market right yeah, then, why did you specially choose this average retro electric vehicle yeah? Actually its a good and tough coaching as well? Actually, i did book this in the era for 2018, okay yeah. At that moment we have okinawa and also uh they are flying to kamatari is planning to come, but they not yet started even website as well. I guess i did some uh r d and i google for uh the best electric vehicles thats. Why i found the avera is one of the one that is also it is made in vijayawada. It is very nearby yes, that is why it should have era. Okay, at what price you got this vehicle, sir, it is uh one like 16 000 under price. Okay, it is, is it including accessories or not? No, no. No uh exclude a access race, one day, uh, but uh. I took five weeks of your insurance. That is why it is costing it around one lakh in one extreme, okay, yeah after booking how much time it will take uh to deliver to get delivered this vehicle.

Actually, i booked this in the era for 2018 november, okay, but uh. They delivered it in uh june 2019., okay, so it took at around seven months of time. Okay till now how many kilometers you have traveled on this vehicle. Here i told 6300 kilometers. Basically, i dont want to run the city, so it is 6300 km, its very less right. You have purchased this vehicle three years ago, right yeah, three years back, i took this vehicle, but uh we had a pan make and the first page and second pages, these two are very dangerous and also we had we are in the lockdown as well. That is why the two i dont want to roam the city in the normal days. I will usually go on saturday and sunday. These two days only thats why it is at around 600 300 kilometers, 6300 6300 kilometers, okay on an average uh daily basis. How many kilometers you will travel average? It is at around 20 kilometers per day, okay yeah, how much time it will take uh to charge this vehicle fully at zero to 200. It is taking it around two and a half to three hours of time. Okay, how much electricity is consuming for this, its consuming very less? I guess it is at around one and a half unit to two units. Electricity is consumed. Is it any maintenance cost for this? No, no! No totally. Not only this one, any electric, you can go for any uh electric vehicle.

Those are all uh: zero maintenance, uh things, okay, yeah and uh. How much you are getting the electricity bill while you for using this electric vehicle uh only at around eighty to ninety rupees of uh build is uh uh for one month, yeah per month, uh 80 to 90 rupees, so it is taking okay, yeah well, coming to The modes of this vehicle, how many modes are there and in each mode how much rain it is giving it is, having uh parking mode that is by default, yes, diverse mode in device mode, we will uh travel at a five kilometers per uh over and out. Okay, five kilometers per hour and the uh drive mode uh. It is giving it around the 65 kilometers as per the odometer and first mode. It is giving it around 98 to 100 kilometers as per the odometer. So what is the exact trend? They have told to you uh, before purchasing this electric vehicle yeah. They are climbing uh 120 to 130 kilometers. Okay, it is in economy mode, okay, but uh. We are uh riding in the both modes, right drive mode and sports mode. Yes, so uh coming to the real world, it is giving it around 85 to 90 kilometers of speed range. So, okay yeah. What about top speed of this vehicle top speed as per the odometer? It is giving 9800, but in real it is giving 75 to 80 kilometers of speed. You have purchased this vehicle for one lakh, sixteen thousand rupees right yeah, is it with subsidy or without subsidy, actually its without subsidy only because they didnt mention anything in the invoice.

So it is uh without subsidy, one without subsidy. Only and do we have any uh emi options available in the showroom yeah they had the tie up with uh, okay, yeah well coming to seat uh. These vehicle seat is comfortable to you, uh coming to this uh seat. It is a kirby uh design. Yes, so uh the pillion rider may feel like as they are skidding if you go up uh upwards, okay, so that is one of the disadvantages of this vehicle. Have you ever traveled on uphill road, like slant, roads, yeah at a travel because uh my office? Is there in kachbali we have okay yeah. There will be no problem. No, no! No! No problem at all! You can die anyway. Have you ever tried uh riding this vehicle in village, roads yeah below this means uh city outskirts. I travel uh, no issues, but we have the issue with the suspension. Okay, maybe if the road is in the buppy road, we may feel a bit uh in comfort. In rainy seasons traveling on this vehicle, do we get any kind of problems? No, not at all? Okay, i did write this in very huge range as well, but i did not face any issue with this well coming to the suspension of this vehicle. They have provided telescope suspensions uh in front in front dual coil spring suspension in rear wheel right, so are they comfortable to you actually uh? No, not if we go in a bumpy road, we may feel like its uncomfortable with the suspension, so they have to replace the suspension and they have provided disc brakes for both wheels right.

Are they comfortable yeah? For us it is okay, but for the ladies are the teenage guys. It is uh coming to safe side. It is uh uh, not good, one should be displayed and one should be a drum bag that could be better more than the dual uh discretes: okay, yeah. The battery that they have provided in this vehicle is lithium ion password right, yeah, lithium ion phosphate yeah, and is it removable or non removable its a removable? We can remove it, okay and how much time it is taking to charge this vehicle uh zero. Two hundred it is taking at around two hour party, five minutes to three hours of time: yeah, okay, its very less time when compared to other vehicles right, yes, exactly uh in initial days, they provided the firm charger, but as per our demand, they replaced with that 10 amp charger, okay yeah, so we are charging with 10 amps. That is why it is taking at around the three hours of time for the single charge. Okay, actually, i have seen the display, but the display is not comfortable to me because its a its having a low light. Is it comfortable to you yeah water pattern? It is good for a low light and also in the rides but coming to in the midday. If you go outside, it may not visible clearly, okay yeah. This is the negative point. Yeah, yes and one more thing coming to boot: space uh how much space they have provided uh.

It is very less boot space exactly we cannot keep the helmet as well. Our own helmet, also, we cant, keep there. Yes, we cannot keep the helmet and coming to food space. Is it comfortable? Yeah food space is very good compared with the activa also access. It is good as there and what kind of features they are giving in this vehicle, futures, uh, regular features only but uh. What i have said is here: we have the side stand sensor. If we keep in a size stand up, we try to ride. It. May not allow us to the right, okay, yeah and coming to the build the quality of this vehicle. Is this uh? It is a plastic fiber right yeah, it is a fiber body only, but the bull quality is very good. Okay uh, i had three or four accidents uh. If you observe here here, we have the some scratches as well, but it didnt uh, break the fiber body, so build quality device. It is very good, is the pickup of this vehicle? Is it okay for you yeah its superb okay yeah in traffic time? We need to have a good pickup. Yes, we have a good pickup, even uh uh. We can easily overtake activa or axis 125. okay, because it is too good okay and they have provided both front and rear wheel uh with alloy wheels right and one more thing they have provided for uh two plastics also they have pro they have provided tubeless tires.

Also yeah, exactly yes and one more thing that i just want to ask you is about to whom you will suggest this kind of vehicles. This retro vehicle, yeah, obviously uh its for everyone who wants to buy a electric vehicle uh easily. They can blindly go for the average okay, but here we have two issues. One major issue is with the suspension and another one is with the volometer. Volumetric is not at all accurate. If you see in the sports mode, it is showing at around 90 to 100 kilometers, but in real world it is at around 75 to 80 kilometers of range. So maybe they have to modify the odometer and also suspension. They need to change otherwise compared with the battery and also motor. These two are super because they are providing the boss, motor and also lithium, ion phosphate battery. They are providing. It is safety wise compared with the lithium ion batteries. Lithium phosphate batteries are more safe. So blindly you can go for the average vehicle, okay at which showroom you have purchased this vehicle. I bought from vijayawada, okay yeah, so what kind of services they are offering because you stay in hyderabad right? Yes, uh, while patchy thing they said like is until we open this rubina diver city, they will do the doorstep. Those type of services – okay, but uh. The last service uh did on november 2020. After that uh they are not provided any services and they are asking us to give it to a transport and send it to vijayawada for the any kind of services that is a bit native thing to retrosa right, okay, well, coming to the ground clearance of this Vehicle is it comfortable while riding while riding it is comfortable but uh.

If the feedback is more than the normal height uh, it may easily touch the base. Okay, because uh at the initial days they plan to keep their battery here. But after that, what they realize it is if they kept the battery here, they may see some safety related issues. That is where they move to battery design in boots. So yeah uh its better to uh. Remove this uh uh arsenal the thing here: if they remove it uh we may could, with the boost space as well sorry, ground, clear down, clearance, yeah and one more thing i just want to ask you is what are the three positives and three negatives of this Vehicle three past two things are uh enter. The build quality is very good. Okay, the battery is also very good and they are providing the boss patty. That is also fine, so these three are the fastest things coming to nature. Pines odometry is not accurate and uh. The suspension is also too bad and also uh. This uh light is also not giving the too much brightness. They have to improve the brightness as well. The three uh, and also the major thing, is uh seat. They have to increase the seat back, rest, okay and because uh, the pillion rider may feel like as they may skip the vehicle while doing the ride. They have to increase the height, or else they have to change the uh. The seat, design right, okay and you have traveled 6, 300 plus kilometers on this vehicle right.

What are the problems you have faced and how company uh how come showroom poses? They have sorted it out. Uh till now, i did not have any major issues. Okay, one time i faced one issue uh, that thing is: it is showing that around 30 percentage of charge, i dont, know how to drive if the battery reaches 30 percentage. So immediately, i want to uh go very fastly. I do. I dont want to waste my time. That is why i kept in the sports mode, and i raised the vehicle. It suddenly stopped. Okay. That is why, uh, i think, volume material. We had the issues with the odometer and also they need to uh modify some parameters in the bms as well. Okay, if they made those changes uh, we are good. Everything is good yeah. Everything is fine, uh, no major issues with the uh retrosafe yeah. Only the thing is the suspension and also seat design, and that wordometer these three are the major issues. These three are the major issues. The three are the major issues. Thank you very much, uh, processor uh. Thank you very much for your time and valuable information. Mr prasad is saying that there are some minor issues. Are there in this vehicle that need to be sorted out? Overall ease experience is uh. This vehicle is very good, yeah and thats all for now, if you like this video, give it a big thumbs up and also share this video to friends and family members for more such videos.

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