So lets get into the video Music were going to look at this kia esol, which is a full electric car today. So you can get that in two different versions compared to the x seat, which you could get three for, which is a video right up there, which you can check out if you want to so this one has the vision and the spirit. The spirit is the more expensive one which this is fully equipped with, that, apart from two features, um, which it does not have equipped. So the speared version is going to set you back around 44 000 euros and thats going to get you around 470 or 452 kilometers of range, because it has this 64 kilowatt hour battery. If you want to get the lower version, which is the vision its going to set you back around 38 000 with no extras in there but theres a lot of standard features in here, just like every kia has um so 38 000. For that and you can also get the upgraded battery which is gon na, be jesus christ, 42, 42, 000 euros. Um lets take a look at the front and then well go and look at everything else. Lets take a look at the exterior. So the first thing you cannotice is: it still has the old kia logo. This is the 2021 model and it still has the old one down here. We also have our headlights, which are led headlights, standard and theyre, not your typical kia lights, because they dont go back that far, but they still look pretty nice.

I think it looks pretty aggressive all in all in the front down here. We still have our well. We dont still but its our plastic grille with the sensor, which is going to sensor stuff in the front, looks pretty nice down as well. We do have our battery port in here, which is a type 2 charger which is probably going to charge or is charging at 100 kilowatt hour or if you charge it, 100 kilowatt hours can take almost an hour to fully charge um. But if you had a wall box can take a lot longer to charge that 64 kilowatt hour battery, depending on your battery size. Obviously up here we also have our boot, not a boot or a franc. We cant place stuff in there because theres, actually the e motor in there or the motor in general and thats basically the front. I think it looks pretty nice and lets move on to the side. So what we have down here is our 17 inch wheels, which you can get in two different versions, and these are still winter tires, even though its pretty warm, so these need to get changed soon. One thing we do have is our side or front side, and also our front window is in uv, protected glass, which is pretty nice, also says down there uv tested for 2021 up here we have our blinkers integrated into our side mirrors, which are also automatically foldable And then moving further down, we obviously have our touchy thing there for our keyless go and then we have our privacy glass in the back, which goes um through the back windows.

Moving for the back, i think it just looks a little boxy, which is a good thing. If you have an suv, obviously up here, we also have our rails, where you can have a roof capacity of around 100 kilograms, which is pretty good and then obviously our sole logo in there as well. Just so, you notice that its an electric car moving further to the back. The worst thing about this car is the back. It just looks like a it just looks stupid in my opinion. I i honestly hate how it looks because of these lights, like what is this, who came up in the design team and said: okay lets lets put the real lights, but lets just extend them all the way. So it looks like one integrated thing. It just looks like the front looks good, but the back is just now at night. It does look a little bit better because you cant obviously see that it goes all the way through, apart from when youre breaking um the trunk. Well, look at that in a second as well, but before we do that we have our red sole um logo on there as well. Also, this is the cassie black metallic color, which there is a total of seven eleven different colors and four two tone colors, which you usually see on, like a bentley of rolls royce, which is gon na set you back 920 euros extra. So lets look at the trunk which you open down here once the car is unlocked and it goes up pretty easily.

Also. Another nice thing is that you have this big, like ledge, right down here, which, when youre trying to load something you do have to pull it up pretty high, because you obviously have this like thing in there. Dont know why they have that, because when you look down further theres around whats, that like 20 centimeters of drop down and but in general, its a pretty good space in there around 400 liters. And if you remove the top theres, obviously more space in there. And if you flip it over those are both flippable. You can store some more stuff in there, but you obviously lose the rear seats, um, so good in general theres the battery down there as well – and that is basically the back what we have in here. So obviously there is a couple of different options. Also automatically goes up, which is pretty nice thats. One thing we do have our electric motor in here, which obviously you can get different versions, depending on which one you want to choose the 64 kilowatt hour battery or also the ‘.2 kilowatt hour battery um. Obviously, like i said range of this, one is around 452 kilometers, depending on how you drive and its going to get you from 0 200 in around 7.9 seconds. The other thing is that you have a top speed of where you can go 180, which weve personally tested, and that is basically all there is to say about the engine.

It does look pretty nice with that nice little um ev cover on there, so it is pretty nicely covered up. That is the thats, the one thing but theres. One thing i actually want to show is compared to the x seed, which there was a big flaw. Well, not a flaw, but it just it was stupid. You can actually move these things up and change them without having to go inside flip a button or flip a switch and then change them so thats. One thing i like about this and lets go into the interior and then ill give you my final thoughts on the car. Taking a look at the back on first sight, it doesnt look as nice as the kia x seat did that we reviewed. Obviously, you can check that out up there or up there. I dont know which side it is um, because theres, a couple of features that you dont have that the xc did have. For instance, you dont have climb control down here for the back um, which is unfortunate. You also cant fold down the seat down here, so you can have like a nice little armrest and a cup holder in there and be because of cup holders. You cant actually fit anything in there. If you take this bottle and try to fit it in there, it doesnt fit in there. It falls out which is not nice, so you cant put anything in there apart from down here, you could no, you cant even put that in there and thats.

Also one thing: you only have um storage on the right side. The left side doesnt actually have any storage on there um, but theres a nice little charger down here. Where you can have a usb port in there you can charge some stuff. The the seats are pretty comfortable as well, we do have lots of headroom theres around 10, centimeters or so, and the legroom is phenomenal, as you can see, theres ton of legroom and you can also put your seat, you can put your foot down pretty far the Seats also adjusted to around uh meter and 70 percent. So if you take meter 80, you probably have around two centimeters less of space, something like that up here. We do have a nice little integrated um, like whatever, that is like a nice little touch there to the side. The door opener is also pretty interesting. You have to open it like that. The material up here, not that bad moving further down. It is a little bit um, cheaper though, but we do have the nice upgraded, harman kardon sound system in here, which also gives you a subwoofer on the back and some more speakers in general. I think around 11 speakers in general um. Obviously you have your automated windows as well, and that is basically the back. You obviously also have more legroom down here, which is nice, because you dont have that driving train in there as well. That is the back, and i think you could be comfortably sitting in here with three people for a good amount of time, so lets go into the front and check that out.

Lets take a look at the front, so we do have a nice little key in here, which is pretty nice. You do have a couple of different options in here: clothes open and your hold for your trunk, and that is basically it first thing. You notice is this beautiful leather, um, wrapped steering wheel, which does feel pretty nice. Its also heated, if you press this button right down here for a heated steering which is standard instead of pedals, you actually well. You still have pedals but theyre for your recuperating system. So when you press this, the recuperating is less and when you press this its more so when you put your foot off the throttle and press this theres going to be more recuperation happening so for more distance when youre driving in town on here, you have a Nice little controls for your for your sound system, for instance, skipping the songs and also um for your mute button up here. We do have cruise control and stuff like that down. Here we have a nice little amount of your assist. For instance, the heads up display lamenesses and also your light settings up here. We have automatic windows which you can change on every single one up here we have a nice little integrated, um kind of styling, which has ambient lighting on that side and on that side, and also down by the harman kardon sound system, which is a 11 speaker, Sound system which is very nice and is very integrated, theres also a subwoofer in the back, which we didnt show um.

We do have that nice little um opening for your door up here. We also have a nice little air conditioning air control, which, instead of having that stupid little wheel, they actually integrated. So if you flip it all the way to the left it closes and then you can open it the same up here as well down here. We have our climate control, which is not well. It is physical, which im a big fan of instead of having it all in the infotainment system. Lets actually open that up real quick. So you press the start button. You get your heads up display up there and which should come out and there you go. It goes out and then you also have your nice little full digital, cockpit. And then, as you can see, there is the kia logo right in there and then it changes to wait for it. Your kilometer an hour and stuff like that, and everything in there also, your navigation should show up in there as well um down. Here we have our gear selector, which you have is um, this kind of wheel thing which is pretty nice. So you have a real your reverse, neutral and drive, which you all select by that and then you press the p. And then you also have the p for your release, so your parking brake, you press that to release it. You have heated seatings on these seats which are pretty nice.

These are not the leather seats which you can get optionally, but instead theyre just your normal fabric. The other options, also you can have them as massage. You have your drive mode, which are different ones. So you have eco, you have sport and you have eco and then, if you press it down, you have eco plus, which limits your kilometers to a 90 kilometers. An hour as you can see right up there, so you get the optimal amount of range and recuperation. You have also an integrated phone charging spot right in there, so inductive loading instead of having to select it while used or connected by a usb cable. You can just go in there and put it on there. You dont have a physical parking brake, but instead of you have this lever a good amount of space down here for your cups, because you cant actually fit anything in the side which im not a big fan of, and just like in the egg seed. You do have enough space down here for full human head. We did go more into in depth in the infotainment system in the xc. So if you want to check that out, make sure to press on the top right for that video, so the material up here pretty nice, but the further you go down um it gets cheaper and cheaper and cheaper. Oh, that is very cheap and also theres. The gloss black finish, which im not a big fan of other than that it is very comfortable and you could sit in here for a very long time, because the seats are very comfortable and aligned to your body very nicely.

So that is the interior very nice and lets give my final verdict now. So what is my final verdict? Its a pretty nice kind general apart from the back, which is doesnt, look good um. Also, the back doesnt have the nicest of storage space in there when youre trying to get stuff in there, because you do have to lift it up pretty high, but in general its a very nice car. It does have a lot of standard features which are nice in kia. That is the general thing um from nowadays. I guess it looks pretty nice from the interior. You sit in there pretty nicely. You have your heated steering and everything like that. The view out the back is not the greatest, because you do have that big pillar in the back, and also when youre trying to look down you do have to rely on the rear view camera in front. It looks very nice. The one thing im, not a big fan of is that you cant actually tow anything, because the car is not allowed to tow anything um. So that is one thing im, not a big fan of, but other than that it does have very good range. It drives pretty nicely, and that is basically what i think of the car.