This is the s class of mercedes electric series, so im just have a quick look around and take it for a quick drive. Just to give you a brief idea of what this car is like Music. There we go, this is the new eqs and basically this is a ground up design. All electric, like i said its, the s class of the mercedes range, its a good looking design kind of you know very, very sleek. Very aerodynamic lets have a quick look at the boot. You just press the mercedes logo and you get a pretty massive massive boot there with split folding seats as well and under the floor, you have a small compartment there. Quite a deep bin and thats pretty much it so there you go lets close that and lets have a look at the rear space as well. Here we are in the back of this thing and, as you can imagine, loads and loads of space, so you got there loads and loads of space to see ive just set. For me, i dont know if it moves back and forth, but ive got tanzania not that it would make any difference. A little bit could do a little bit more foot room, but lots of the room. Lots of elbow room headroom – is not an issue either. Despite the fact that its got a panoramic roof on here, nice wood, paneling, beautiful uh, burmester speakers – oh heated seats in the back thats, quite handy isnt, it uh vents lights, uh own ac system, theres, probably a lot more stuff in here anyway.

These drivers are going to be very quick because were at an event, and so i dont have much time with the cars so lets get in the front. Show you that and lets take it for a drive here. We are check this out. This is amazing. This is the screen that also comes with another one, with a big screen here: mbx system, its got fingerprint recognition from there and its also got face recognition from there and its basically its like a learning ai and it figures out what you want. What your preferences are and all of that stuff, beautiful design here very, very unique, this leather. This feels, like a wood effect beautifully done. The seats are nice, look at the headrests on this thing and, of course, the typical mercedes layout there, but this is a very different system. Um very, very nicely set up im very comfortable in here lets. Take it for a drive, so here we are moving along, of course, its very, very quiet, obviously, but then its doubly quiet because its a mercedes and its refined and its you know nicely insulated and the ride is a little bit fidgety. But actually quite nice. I mean the rear surface. Here is a little because were actually at the millbrook testing facility and there they can have some unusual road surfaces because its all about testing the cars im quite comfortable in this ive got an upright position at the moment, its all adjustable through this typical mercedes.

You know 3d seat thats on the door and then you can just uh basically adjust the bits and pieces to how you want it um. I seem to be comfortable, so i think im going to leave it as it is. I think its all fine um very light steering not a problem at all, very quiet, very, very smooth ill, tell you and its a large car you can tell, but you cant see the bonnet. So, unlike a mercedes s, class, for example, you cant really see the bonnet. You can just like see: okay, well theres, something out there but thats about it. You know lets pick up a little bit of speed. Now um were on the circuit and uh yeah, a nice bit of compression there. So again, this is not a real world test, so its not like were going to be able to uh look at these theres, quite a bit of convenience here. Actually, its not like were going to be able to see the uh range or anything like that, its just a case of trying out the car, and, oh, my goodness it does, it does move for a big old thing. Ill. Tell you that much! You know thats for sure um handles quite well. I mean this is a tight corner that were going into now, avoiding the rumble strips on that side stay on the right side. I think um and you know its. Oh, it moves a little bit now.

This one also has four wheel steering, so it has a very, very tight low speed turning circle because it has the rear wheels that turn in the opposite direction. To give you a greater pivot, um around as you as you, you know, negotiating tight spaces and stuff like that, but then, obviously at high speed it has the steering the rear wheel that turn in the same direction. Now one thing i did see because i saw one of the other cars leaving just before i left, and i noticed that the angle on the rear was quite extraordinary. It was, it was much tighter than ive ever seen on a on a four wheel, steering uh sort of car before so really quite significant difference. So it means like this big car um is quite maneuverable in quite tight spaces, but its quite maneuverable out here as well. To be honest, its doing pretty well on this circuit um were doing about just over 50 up to we get up to about 50 miles per hour on here, really um its quite a bit of traffic, because we are at a test day and basically a lot Of manufacturers bring cars to this event and where journalists can basically try them. So you push that to that corner a little bit, and this is just a little bit noise. This typical thing that you know i always talk about with electric cars is that you do get a little bit of a slight rigidity that you can feel in the in the chassis um.

I guess because of the platform its so stiff because thats, where all the batteries are, so you know you are getting that in this car as well again, just pushing it through that sort of slightly bank corner and its not too bad at all. So again, one of those cars that actually uh does it shrink around you, maybe yeah. I mean at this sort of in these sort of conditions. It does. I dont know how it would fare in a city environment. There might feel like a like the big car that it is, but considering you know the luxury and the space and the capacity of this thing and also the performance i mean boy, it picks up. I mean just a little bit of a prod on the throttle. Um and it really really picks up um in terms of its its go ability so thats, pretty cool steering. There is no feel, of course, whatsoever its actually quite a light steering um and again you have to sort of adapt to a little bit because again, as the corner tightens – and i think you know, the rear wheels are doing something that you may not be expecting It to do like i said you just have to sort of uh adjust to that a little bit but heavy car. So just on that little crest there it felt like it wanted to lift a little bit but uh just too much weight holding it down.

But quite maneuverable, and actually i dont know if i would say its a sporty thing in terms of like, were on these quite tight twisty roads, its the alpine or hill circuit um, as they say, theres, something the car did just there and had a little bit Of a warning im not sure what it did there detected something. So this is the car. This is the thing with these cars they have all of these. You know systems and um the ai thats in the car and the fact that theyre scanning the road ahead and doing all these sort of things so its quite a few things thats going on its one of those cars. I really need to spend a little bit of time with to learn all of this technology um, but i do find it quite interesting that its the same system that basically they use to detect driver drowsiness, is the system that theyre using to basically unlock your protocols Or your settings um actually in the in the system um to how you want them. So thats thats quite interesting, its just like a hum theres a little bit of a hum a little bit of a whine that it does just to let you know that its doing things but other than that, its eerily quiet, not a lot going on at all. Theres, a little bit of body movement a little bit of uh the way the body just moves around a little bit um as it takes the load um to one side or the other, but generally its remarkably flat.

Considering that its a big old barge that where the brake the brake pedal, the brake, is definitely doing something, i think its uh its theres some kind of an assist system or something thats happening there every now and then, which i do feel um. It does have regen in this car, so you can do that from the paddles, so yeah the braking suddenly increases. So i can. I dont know if thats one uh pedal mode, its almost like it feels like one pedal mode, so um its a little bit deceptive. When youre doing a road like this, because you know you dont want to be um not using the brakes when you need to use the brake sort of thing, you know its just the acceleration its like very impressive. You know um that something so big can suddenly like pick up its skirts and off. It goes sort of thing. You know um and its. You know its reasonably around corners and stuff like that. It likes to do that. Yeah hold on pretty well so not really an issue, its just kind of settles down. Theres theres a lot. You know its one of those cars im starting to understand its one of those cars where actually there seems to be a lot going on and because theres a lot going on um its trying to second, i mean either youre trying to second guess what the car Is doing or the car is trying to second guess what youre doing one way or the other, but its all good, and i think its one of those cars that i guess the more time that you spend with it.

The more youll get to learn it and the more youll get to understand. You know what it does and how it does it, and all these little foibles and stuff and the better youll get to understand the car, and i think thats uh its one of those machines. Really. But overall i got ta say so, serene so quiet so capable um. You know definitely one worth considering when uh thinking of a new ev thats got a three pointed star on the front. Of course, it hasnt got the traditional mercedes, look about it, the traditional mercedes s class. Look it hasnt got that so, if thats, what youre after youre not gon na get it but other than that i mean from behind here. I certainly still do feel like im sitting in a mercedes, so thats, pretty cool speed bump ahead is what it did. I see so it detected the speed bump thats what it did on the same corner last time it detected the speed bump and then it was like okay theres, a speed bump there and it started to apply the brakes because it thought that maybe i was entering Uh that junction a little bit too quicker so thats what happened last time. So i think this time i was a little bit slower into that corner and it didnt do that so its thats very interesting, very, very clever and deep. So there you go. There is a quick drive of the new mercedes eqs, very impressive, a very luxurious, very top end lots and lots of equipment, lots and lots of features in this car.

I will take you a week just to learn all the things that it can do: um, but also very competent, not only in terms of performance, but also in terms of just even handling tight, corners and stuff, like that, but also very maneuverable and practical as well. So uh thumbs up yeah sure why not thumbs up very good car. Let me know what you think of the mercedes eqs in the comments below a big shout out and thanks to jay williams over at air technic, who are top tier sponsors of brown car guy check them out at air technic, co, uk for exhausts brakes, suspension and Body kits plus our other major sponsor naijan solutions, much appreciation also to tier four sponsors: muhammad ali humay, tom conway, gordon and reza deal. And, of course, all these other guys who supporting on patreon brown car guy is eternally grateful, hey think about joining them over at the three and com brown car guy.