This is a prop its its its empty. Like my part, i know the kona evie is not new news, but owners of these cars absolutely love them, so it deserves a closer look first and foremost price and range. This machine. With its 64 kilowatt hour, battery pack will set you back 71 365 dollars. For that, itll do 484ks on a charge, but my problem is, is how do i make an interesting video about a car thats, so normal ill work on that? In the meantime, let me run you through the specs of this very sensible electric vehicle, starting with what you cant see a large 64 kilowatt hour battery underneath the car and a 150 kilowatt motor driving the front wheels, which is not bad for a family car. But its inside, where youre spending your time and its not a bad place to be so long as you dont mind, dark plastic with every option imaginable a touch screen display with apple carplay and android, auto lane keeping assist adaptive cruise control, heated leather seats, a great Safety rating – you name it now. I should point out that ive already driven a kona ev this one. In fact, when i made a review of a car sharing service, so i already know it has a great psc of 43, as well as reasonable, rear, legroom and even a fold down armrest for cupholders for rear seat passengers and 332 litres of storage space in the Boot, more than big enough for a misbehaving child, all in all its everything, youd want in a sensible family car which doesnt emit any carbon, which is obviously what youd want.

If you actually like your kids and want them to have a future, but as a car whats it like to drive okay. First of all, i just want to address the name hyundai kona. This is a korean car from from the safe korea, not the crazy one and theres nothing remotely hawaiian about this kona its about as hawaiian as pineapple on pizza, which is another thing that will be stopped when i come to power, but the car itself, the seating Position is comfortable, its more set up and big than a tesla model. 3. The lateral support is better than a lot of sportier cars. Ive been in its a really practical car. Its buttons not touch screen display everythings buttons, its its really normal, its a really normal car, its not pretentious it doesnt try to be anything its, not its spacious, its comfortable. It just seems like the perfect family vehicle. The thing is: is it, though, to find out? I need some children now i dont have kids because back in 1998, i had a tamagotchi and i kept that alive for about three minutes, thats, probably for the best, but i do have the next best thing de facto children. Yes, im exploiting the elderly again because theyre often small, just like children in an effort to see if this really is a decent family car all right. So, first of all, how is the leg room back there? Yes, yeah were not very cool, oh good! Okay, so you guys are going to be my de facto children ill.

Try my best to keep you all alive. Okay, so youre going to be the son i never had. I should introduce you so so dennis this is my grandmother patricia, and this is ann alright. So you know each other. Now youve been in a tesla youve been in an electric car, but dennis you have not been in an electric car before no its straight away: theres, no sound its very quiet. What i found dan when youre a backseat passenger, you can hear whats being said in the front because theres no, no, yes, usually you cant it! No! No! I struggled yes, we said wed be good. This time, yes, youre, better behavior im turning this car right back. We wont be going to the picture. Show oh yeah. I remember i remember those days. Oh, how much longer are we going now youve all been to the toilet? I hope yeah yeah its so smooth its very smooth. Well thats, just it are you comfortable back there? Yes good, so there is enough room and enough leg room for both of you. After all, yes, okay, good, very good, youre, just youre appropriately child sized thats good, its true whats uh whats, your verdict, kids, yes seriously! If you want to give it away well, take it all right, so weve got the kids our sale of approval, thats good. That went very well now its time to put the car through another test. For this i need to stop at a dairy.

The next family focused test aimed to see how durable the interior really is against children. So i rocked up to the beach armed with an ice cream. All right, im already very uncomfortable about this idea. I think, as kids tear up interiors right if youve got kids, you know that you know theres chip, wrappers and chips themselves and ice cream and everything blobbed all over the carpet in the interior. So what im gon na do is eat an ice cream. The idea of doing this makes me uncomfortable eat an ice cream and splod some onto the interior. Okay. Here we go oh its leaking already. Honestly, chalk bars are the best ice cream and i have not had one in about three years: the very idea of splobbing ice cream onto a beautiful car interior that has been cleaned just for me. It makes me very uncomfortable if you think this is sad. Look at yourself youre, watching a video of a middle aged man eating ice cream. Oh oh, oh, oh weve got some drops going on and this thing is colder than the other side of the bed. Oh, oh, oh here we go yay. The ice cream experiment was taking too long, so i sped things up a bit and i got a bit carried away all right now, im going to leave it in the sun for a bit. Let it melt, let it really get into that interior and then the ultimate test will be to see if i can clean it as if nothing ever happened.

That will really determine how hard wearing this beautiful leather interior is and fast forward an hour. I got out the car cleaning heavy artillery all right. I have a bucket of mild soapy water, which is to get rid of the sugar residue. Then i have some leather conditioner lets see if this is going to bring that back to its former glory. I did my best to remove the oils and sugar residue on the soft leather, but i was getting worried well, thats, not good, not good, not good, its leaving stains from where the fats and oils were had the kona ev met its match. Nervously i kept on cleaning, oh yeah, look at that even the chocolate and the stitching has come out and, lastly, i applied some leather conditioner and there we have the perfect crime. Second test passed with flying colours. It is safe for families with the leather coming up. As good as new, it was time for the final test involving pedestrian safety. Recreating the famous euro end cap automatic braking test and, as you can see, the ecotricity engineering department spared no expense. This next test is a real world test, and what i want to do is see if the emergency braking system works as it should. According to hyundai, this car will detect cyclists and pedestrians and heres my child size, pedestrian, which im going to throw out onto the road, make sure it stops in time if this test is successful, its fantastic, if not then, im down a cool electric toy, which i Never got to review so lets, give it a shot, obviously im not using a real size doll because they use heavy plastics and if this test fails, itll damage the car.

So i used an inflatable child sized adult because obviously inflatable children for very many good reasons. Dont exist all right here we go well that answers that question right. I think we need a bigger doll. How bad is it i dont know its. It might be: fixable yeah! Well, um. We might try, try that test again at a later date yeah. This is obviously a prototype yeah, okay, anyway, onto something a bit more serious. That serious thing is climate change, but theres, something you can do, which does make a difference, can save you bucket loads of cash and can be done with just a few mouse clicks and that is joining ecotricity. Its new zealands. Only carbon xero certified electricity provider enabling you to get on the right side of history head to, now to make a positive change and while youre, there click on the ev buyers guide to find the specs and prices of every electric vehicle on sale in new Zealand right now, including this one, which was about to take me on a massive long distance journey. This is it im now starting the longest ever drive on one charge in my life. Ive! Never driven this far and you plymouths kind of like a pilgrimage for me because back in 2007, i saw a movie while i was living in new plymouth called who killed the electric car and it spurred me into wanting an electric vehicle. But this is 2007.

. The nissan leaf didnt even exist, yet tesla was just still starting out with the early roadster, so i had no choice but to buy an old mitsubishi that had a blown gearbox and a blown engine dragged it home with the help of a good mate of mine And then, over the next nine months, i spent the arduous task of converting this dead gas burner into pure electric power, and it was an absolute adventure. But i got there in the end and i ended up having one of the first few electric cars in new zealand, but i had to make it myself because you know legacy car makers like this werent making them at the time. So its kind of like an adventure to go back to my electric car routes and what better car to do than a car that can do 484ks on a charge incredible. The problem is its a hot day. The forecast said it was going to be cold and miserable, but its hot and sweaty. So im going to have to turn on the air conditioning. I notice this car has driver only as an option which is brilliant thats going to save me some electricity because boom already, i can see 30 odd ks, have just disappeared off the gaso meter. Let me put it on to driver only turn the fan down a bit. All right, thats got me back. Another 10ks of range, and another thing i can do is change the driving mode to no its, not sport to eco.

Here we go so now were in eco mode and already thats bumped the range up another 10ks. So we should be okay, but right now, ive got to get this thing on the motorway and play with some of the features. Something interesting about this car is that hyundai have called it. The kona theyve named it after the place in hawaii hyundai, say that theyve done this, because the sort of person that buys this car reflects that sort of hawaiian lifestyle. That being said in portugal, the name kona has a very different meaning im, not going to tell you what it is, because this is a family show. That might be why its so popular this is the fifth best selling electric car in new zealand and thats, probably because it has a lot of features, it has lane keeping assist adaptive cruise its a very safe car full of cup holders. All the things a family could want, but it also has 150 kilowatts at its front wheels. So what im going to do now is were settling into a long drive, is put the adaptive cruise on put the lane. Keeping assist on and settle in lets give it a go. Okay, so, first of all adaptive cruise lets set that to boom. Okay were now doing about, oh, were doing 93 ks an hour and lets put the lane keeping assist on boom. Okay, i have to keep my hands on the wheel, but its essentially now driving itself.

This is really a comfortable car, maybe thats, because the suspension is designed for the korean market, its a little bit softer than a lot of cars designed for the new zealand or australian market, but thats. Okay, because i like a comfy car on a road trip. So lets settle in get comfortable because weve got four and a half hours of driving ahead of us. It wasnt hard to settle into this car, considering the suspension is set up for comfort rather than cornering, which could be a pro or a con depending on your driving style, and that brings me to my next point: why do owners love these cars? So much honestly, this car handles well for what it is its, not a sports car, its a regular family car, but because the battery pack, the majority of its weight, is slung right down low against the road it handles much better than it should. As far as i can tell, this has suspension designed for the korean market, so its typically a little bit softer than cars designed for the new zealand market. Well, figure that out when i get into the aokino gorge later ill know ill be stuck behind a truck. But id like to throw it into some corners and see how it fares. As for the car itself, i asked hyundai kona ev owners what they like so much about this vehicle, and some of the responses were interesting. The most popular reason people like this car is because its normal, its conventional, for example.

Yes, it has a girthy 8 inch display here and a 10 inch display there, but otherwise everything else is using knobs and buttons. Its traditional you dont have to learn how to reuse the car again and theres no fixation on it being all touch screen. This touchscreen, that, like so many vehicles, have been in another thing people like about it is the guess, oh meter, that guesses, how far you can go per charge, is supposedly very accurate. Well find that out. Another thing people like about it is the range 484 ks per charge, supposedly well figure that out as well and another thing people like about it is the efficiency. It is using 11.7 kilowatt hours per 100k right now, which is very good overall, its just a decent machine im struggling to find too many faults with it. It seems to do its job. Well, i mean: what more can you ask for out of a car? I guess, and before long i was about halfway in my big electric car journey from auckland to new plymouth on one charge, and here we are antiquity and what id normally do. When i lived in new plymouth and made this journey many many times a year, is id stop and get gas holy cracker barrel? Have you seen the price of fuel? No! Thank you, but yeah. I dont need to stop. This thing has plenty of range remaining ks of range remaining. This is brilliant man.

This is the future and its available. Today, you can buy one now all right so now were into the more windy part. This is where its going to eat up a lot of that range and im also going to have a lot of fun with the twisty tiny bits so lets crack into it. With the windows down and some k pop turned up, i threw this korean sofa on wheels into some new zealand corners, which was great fun as it was way out of its comfort zone. You, oh im in new plymouth. I made it far out five hour journey, so im a bit zonked now im going to go and use the rapid charger which is in here somewhere, oh there, it is ah what a sight for sore eyes. This is. Ah, okay, lets get this thing charged up. We have 29 state of charge, which is much more than i thought we would. That is pretty impressive. Okay time to refuel this beast swipe the key fob plug it in and were good to go. Okay, we are charging and the car air conditioning is running. Just fine its now sipping away 40 kilowatts from this rapid charger, and it says its going to take me 40 minutes to reach 80 charge. 80 charge is more than enough for me to drive five hours back home to auckland, but im not going to do that because i am exhausted. Now. Normally i take electric cars to charge nets 300 kilowatt charges, theyre hyper, rapid charges that can recharge cars like the audi e tron gt in 20 minutes.

But theres no point because this car one of my criticisms about this car, is that it can only charge a maximum 77 kilowatts, so theres no point taking it to a hyper rapid charger. One of the hundreds of these regular rapid charges around new zealand will do absolutely fine and in 40 minutes ill be able to do another five hours, 355 ks north to auckland. But i wont because, unlike the car im out of energy im going to stay the night here in new plymouth, im zonked, that being said, while this might have just been an interesting video for you, it has been revolutionary for me: ive just driven five hours, 355 Kilometers on one charge now keep in mind my first electric car that i told you about earlier. I could maybe do 20ks on that max then the second electric car i had back in europe – maybe i could do 120ks on that and now here i am a few years later in a car that can do 500 kilometers per charge. If you drive it economically. This is a monumental deal because ive been following electric car technology for about 20 years and to see how far theyve come in. That time is mind blowing, and it makes me so excited about where the technology is going and where itll be in another 20 years. If you were wanting to charge this thing at home with the trickle charger that comes with the car you can but youre looking at about 36 or so hours to charge it so its not worth it.

My advice to you what i tell everyone get a 7 kilowatt wall charger from any company. Ive heard good things about these guys ev next. If they want to buy me a cup of tea for all this promotion im doing for them, thats cool theyre, not paying me a cent for this ive just heard really good things about them, but otherwise im a thai little kiwi. It has been a long day. Ive got just enough time to go and grab myself a drink and then go and catch up with a mate of mine im going to spend the night here in euclina because im far too tired to drive all the way back. The carbon based meat bag behind the wheel is the weak point in all of this, not the car, the cars full of energy, its almost ready to rock and roll now. But i can see why this is the fifth best selling electric car in new zealand, because its a car designed for exactly what the average motorist wants. They want something thats, reliable, something that costs virtually nothing to operate and something thats safe and comfortable and has all the gadgets you could want, and this has it all the only thing it doesnt have is coolness factor. You cant really look cool in a kona, ev im. Sorry kona ev owners, but you know it deep down on your heart, its an excellent car, but its not a cool car.

Trying to look cool in one of these is like trying to look cool while walking through a spider web. You know its you just cant. Do it. Having said that, im done, it has been a superb machine. Well done. Hyundai youve made a real real winner of a car, may not be the most exciting thing on wheels, but its an excellent vehicle all around. I think for the case of the hyundai kona, its strength lies in its normalness gosh.