Juicebox runs off a juicenet, nlx smart charging platform and lets you optimize your charging schedule to fill up your car with the greenest possible electricity in your area and no matter where you live, add ons, like juice, net, green and juice eco can help you eliminate your Transportation, carbon footprint by automatically charging when the carbon intensity of your electricity is at its lowest or by offsetting your ghg emissions. You can reduce your electric bill by participating in your utilities, smart charging programs and by leveraging utility rebates that cover the cost of the station and installation. Juicebox also happens to be affordable, save time and money with this smart home charger. Its no hassle charging at its best ev charging is quick and effortless with our electron charging. Cable compact and durable its the perfect charging cable for home use its a charging station with a 21 foot, long cable for most driveways or garages, and can be used both as a level 1 and level 2 charger. Electron chargers are rugged and robust equipped with over voltage overheat and over current protection. The indicator light on the charging station shows current charge status and acts as a warning indicator. Electron level 2 ev charging station. It is compatible with j1772 electric vehicles, press the power button to get started. The charging station comes in two versions: 32 amp and 40 amp plug the charging coupler into your j1772 electric vehicle. Its ip66 rating makes it perfect for indoor and outdoor use works with nemo 1450 or 650 wall outlets and charges as fast as 36 miles range per hour, sit back and relax while charging your ev at home Music, so Music, Music Applause, Music, Music, Music, do Music.

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