This is exactly what ola is. They have not done their research as per indian climate. Now the people who have actually done their homework is a company like etho and the problem with electric fire. Unlike petrol fire diesel fire, it does not require oxygen, so the chemical reaction is such that it just so welcome back to my channel. This is a dilemma. Thats going on, should you or should you not invest in an electric mode of transport, especially in the two wheeler market, see you have established companies like tata mahindra that have invested heavily in research and development and have got reliable enough four wheelers in the market? Obviously, if you can increase your budget, you always have the mg and the hyundai as well. You will never see any of them burning up, but the question is for normal people like you and me, who have a budget of say: 80, 000 to 1 lakh, who need to travel from point a to point b and the price of petrol is really pinching Them is it really worth considering a two wheeler. Well ive made a video with my friend sherman. Unfortunately, most of the video is unusable because of the quality, but whatever can be used im trying to explain this dilemma in the most unconventional way. So i hope you do like this video. I hope this video makes sense and please do continue watching. Thank you. So i mean fire has not been a new thing.

There have been quite a few internal combustion engines that have caught fire. Quite a few cng blasts that have caught fire quite a few stationed or brand new royal enfields when they were delivering them, they had caught fire, but evie is in the news and obviously anything thats in the news gets spread now very rightfully. This should not happen, irrespective um the problem with evie. Is there a few people who have cheated in class and few people have actually done their homework, but that entire class has got a bad name because of the people of cheetah. Now, when i mention people who are cheated im talking companies, i dont want to mention names, but there are so many companies that say its a made in india product nobody, but ordering stuff and yes assembling it its chinese products theres no, two ways about it. Even the recently launched okinawa scooter, they proudly say its a made in india product, but it is an exact clone of a chinese photo. I mean design wise everything yeah. You may actually see purchase the print from there or you may purchase the rights from there copy paste it in india and start producing. But the problem is the climate in china, the climate in india theres a massive difference yeah with reference to the ola. Also what they have done is they have officially purchased the manufacturer of the original, the original manufacturer of the ola s1 pro and ola s1 xyz.

That manufacturers, from a cold climate they have designed the cooling system. As for that climate, now you bring it to india, it will overwhelm you exactly nation, so it now to give you the most easiest. Example. You have these guys who get same siberian huskies just for the fact that it looks pretty and its like a trophy dog but neighbors have an alaskan value exactly and they proudly say i have to keep the air conditioning on 24 7 for them. But when you take that alaskan dog on indian streets, they will start puffing and panting and they will just want to come back to the air conditioned group. This is exactly what ola is. They have not done their research as per indian climate. Now the people who have actually done their homework is a company like etho ether. You can consider this as an indian street dog that was meant for the roads and it will survive a condition. Now i want an indie breed. The indian breed renaissance have adopted a puppy from the streets, and i have raised her. She has absolutely no issues because she is built for a climate. It may be, its summers, may be winters shes perfectly fine. That is what the ether is. They spent more than four years to four to five years in research and development. They built it from ground up. I can guarantee you no vehicle in china, or europe looks like because thats an authentic product, so the problem is even those products come under the bad limelight.

Now there are various types of batteries: uh, the and im not going to get into the specifications. We have multiple youtube channels im trying to keep this as simple as possible. So why do these fires take place? The fires basically take place because of the default in the battery. The chassis doesnt catch fire, the body doesnt catch fire theres, something always a thermal runaway. What that means is just assume, say: 50, double a or aaa cells back together to make a particular battery. Okay, with im talking about the current, what you call battery technology, obviously battery technology will increase and improve in the future, but say one of the battery cells go wrong if theres a heat defect in one of the cells and that cell catches fire its just a Chain reaction, thats a thermogram now the problem is these: batteries are packed in cases and these cases are made in such a way that theres no damage to the cells. Now, when the fire brigade comes with the special foam, even with water, the foam or water cannot reach those uh because yeah the weight seal and the problem with electric fire. Unlike petrol fire diesel fire, it does not require oxygen. So the chemical reaction is such that it just keeps keep on happening and the heat intensity in short by a proper primary product youll, never see a bajaj catching fire. They have invested their time and money in the product. You will never see your tvs iq catching fire, because its tvs youll never see an ether catching fire, even though its a startup theyve done their homework.

Surprisingly, revolt is the only brand with a removable battery that has still not got fire, which is great. Even the revolt is technically a copy as well, but irrespective apart from the design, the specifications is different from you know its original original brother, so revolt is a good brand but yeah. If you want to go for electric, please go, but with proper brands and this another issue that will come up in with reference to electric scooters. You have the swappable batteries, which is really good its a really good concept, but lets say i assume one guy, a clumsy guy drops the battery. Nothing happens over there. The battery is internally damaged, keeps it back in the charging station. Then you swap your really good battery put that battery. In your scooter the battery is damaged and because of heat heat is one of the main issues: the batteries overheat and catch fire. Your scooter may catch fire im, not saying this issue has happened, but i can just focus. This could be an issue as well in the future, so china without exaggeration is like 40 years ahead with reference to electric vehicles, at least as compared to india.